Atri meet and praise aranyakaand

Atri meet and praise –(So) both the brothers, including Sitaji, took leave from all the sages. When Prabhu went to Atriji’s ashram, Mahamuni was overjoyed on hearing his arrival.

The body pulsed, Atriji got up and ran. Seeing them coming, Shri Ramji came more quickly. While worshiping, the monk took Shri Ramji (with a lift) from his heart and bathed the two men (both brothers) with the waters of the courts
Muni’s eyes became cold after seeing the image of Shri Ramji. Then they respectfully brought him to his ashram. After worshiping and saying beautiful words, the sage gave the origin and fruits, which made the mind of the Lord very much.
The Lord sits on the seat. Seeing his beauty with full eyes, Param Praveen Muni started praising with folded hands.
So Hey devotee Vatsal! Hey, kind! O Gentle! I greet you I offer your blessings to the innocent men who give their supreme abode.
Because You are about to free the beautiful beautiful Shyam, the Mandarachal form to churn the world of the world (traffic), the eyes with the same lotus as the bloated lotus, and the items etc.
So Oh, Lord! The might of your long arms and your opulence are inexpressible (beyond or beyond the intellect). You are the lord of the three worlds wearing the tarkus and bow and arrow.
Because Bhushan of Suryavansha, who breaks the bow of Mahadevji, gives pleasure to the monarchs and saints and the enemies of the gods are about to destroy the group of Asuras.
You are about to destroy the deities, pure enlightened Deities and all the doshas, served by Goddess Kamdev’s enemy Mahadevji, Vandit, Brahma etc.
Hey Lakshmipate! O mine of pleasures and the only speed of the saints! I greet you! O dear little brother (Vamanji) of Shachipati (Indra)! I send you with Swaroopa-Shakti Shri Sitaji and younger brother Laxmanji.
Those humans who are devoid of Matsar (jealousy) and take your lotus feet, do not fall into the ocean of the whole world (do not get confused by the movement of the waves) due to waves of reasoning (many kinds of doubts).
Because Those solitary men who send you happily for liberation, by gratifying the senses (removing them from the subjects), they attain self-transcendence (their form).
Those (you) who are one (unique), wonderful (unique from the mystic world), Prabhu (all-powerful), desireless, God (lord of all), comprehensive, Jagadguru, Sanatana (eternal), Turiya (beyond all three qualities) and Only (located in its form) are.
(And) those who are sentimental, extremely rare for the Kuyogis (men of the subject), Kalpavriksha for their devotees (that is, who fulfills all their desires), Sama (uninterested) and always pleasantly pleasurable, I pray constantly.
Hey Anupam Sundar! O earthly man! Hey Janakinath! I bow to you Cheer on me, I greet you. Give me devotion to your step lotus.
Those people who read this praise respectfully, they are filled with your devotion and attain your supreme position, no doubt.
The Muni (thus) begged and then bowed his head, folded hands and said – O Nath! So May my wisdom never leave your feet.

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