Autumn description

Autumn description

Hey Laxman! Look, the rain has passed and the most beautiful autumn has come. The bloated Kas covered the entire earth. It is as if the rainy season (in the form of white hair) has revealed its old age.

Rainy season description

Agastya’s star rises and soaks up the water of the road, just as Santhosh absorbs greed. The pure water of the rivers and ponds is gracing it like the heart of saints devoid of item and attachment!

Seeing Manohar and Anupam Parvat, the emperor of the gods, Shri Ramji, stayed there along with the younger brother. Devas, Siddhas and sages started serving the Lord by wearing the bodies of eyebrows, birds and animals.

The water of the river and the ponds is slowly drying up. For example, wise men abandon Mamata. Knowing the autumn, the birds came. Like time, beautiful sukrit can come. (Merit appears))

There is neither mud nor dust? Due to this, the earth (being pure) is giving such beauty as the policy of the king of ethics. Fishes are getting distraught due to the scarcity of water, like a fool (void of discretion) Kutumbi (householder) is distraught without money.

The clear sky without clouds is going to look like a beautiful God who leaves all hopes and beautifies. Somewhere (in rare places), there is a little rain of autumn. Just like anyone rarely finds my devotion.

The king (ascetic), ascetic, merchant and beggar (for victory, penance, trade and begging, respectively) rejoiced and left the city. For example, having devotion to Shri Hari, he renounces the four ashrams (various types of means).

The fish that are in the bottomless waters are happy, as if there is not a single obstacle when Shri Hari goes to the shelter. How does the pond beautify with the flowering of lotuses, like Nirguna Brahma is adorned when it is attuned

Bumblebees are echoing with unique words and birds are becoming beautiful types of various types. Seeing the night, Chakve is suffering in the same way as the wicked one sees on the property of another.

The papiha is rotted, he is very thirsty, as Shri Shankar ji’s maleficent does not get pleasure (he bends for happiness) The moon takes away the heat of autumn at night, as sins are overcome by the sight of saints.

The communities of the Chakor gaze at the moon in such a way as the Bhagavadhaktas find the Lord and see him (with innocent eyes). Mosquitoes and dens were destroyed in the fear of winter in such a way that the family is destroyed by hating a Brahmin.

Bali-Sugriva war, Bali salvation, Tara’s mourning

(Due to the rainy season), the creatures that were filled on earth, they get destroyed in the autumn, just as groups of doubt and confusion are destroyed when Sadhguru is found.

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