Bali-Sugriva war, Bali salvation, Tara’s mourning

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Bali-Sugriva war, Bali salvation, Tara’s mourning

Bali said- O Bheeru! (Sneaky) honey! Listen, Mr. Raghunathji is a visionary. Maybe if they kill me, then I will become alive (I will get the most)
Having said this, he went on considering the great arrogant Bali Sugriva as a straw. Both clashed. Bali threatened Sugriva very much and thundered loudly with a punch.
Sugriva then ran agitated. He got hurt like a thunderbolt (Sugriva came and said-) O compassionate Raghuvir! I already told you that Bali is not my brother, Kaal is.
(Shri Ramji said-) You are the same form of both brothers. I did not kill him with this confusion. Then Shri Ramji touched Sugriva’s body with his hand, so that his body became like a thunderbolt and all the pain went on.

Jatayu-Ravana-war, keeping Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika

Then Shri Ramji put a garland of flowers around Sugriva’s neck and then sent him with great force. Both of them again fought in many ways. Shri Raghunathji was watching from the cover of the tree.
Sugriva made a lot of deceit, but (finally) fearfully lost his heart. Then Shri Ramji fired and shot an arrow into the heart of Bali.
As soon as the arrow struck, Bali fell on the earth after being disturbed, but upon seeing Lord Shri Ramchandraji, he got up again. God has a black body, has carved hair on his head, has red eyes, has arrows and has given bow.
Bali kept looking at God again and again and placed Chitta at his feet. Recognizing the Lord, he considered his birth successful. He had love in his heart, but harsh words in his mouth. He looked at Shri Ramji and said-
Hey Gosain. You have incarnated to protect religion and hit me like a hunter (covertly)? I love Barry and Sugriva? Hey Nath! What defect did you kill me?
(Shri Ramji said-) O fool! Listen, younger brother’s woman, sister, son’s woman and daughter – all four are the same. Whoever looks at them with evil eyes, it is no sin to kill them.
Hey fool! You are very proud. You did not pay attention to your woman’s learning. Knowing Sugriva as the dependent of the strength of my arms, hey arrogant! You wanted to kill him
(Bali said-) O Shri Ramji! Listen, Swami (you) cannot handle my cleverness. Oh, Lord! I still remained a sinner after getting your speed (refuge) in the end?
Hearing the very soft voice of Bali, Ramji touched his head with his hand (and said-) Let me make your body immovable, keep your life. Bali said- O greed! Listen.

Onward departure of Shri Ramji, Viradha slaughter and sharabhang affair

The monks continue to perform (many types of) means in every birth (in every birth). Yet in the end, he does not know to say ‘Ram’ (Ram’s name does not come out of his mouth). On the strength of whose name Shankar ji gives everyone the same Avinashini speed (liberation) in Kashi.
That Shri Ramji himself has come before my eyes. Oh, Lord! Will such a coincidence ever happen again?
The Shrutis continue to sing the praises of ‘Neti-neti’ and the monks whose glimpses can be glimpsed in meditation by conquering the soul and mind and making the senses (by the juices of subjects) monotonous. Are revealed. Knowing me very arrogantly, you said that you keep the body, but who would be such a fool who would obstinately cut down the Kalpavriksha and fence it with Babur (that is, who would want to protect this mortal body from you except those who make Purnakam?).
Hey Nath! Now look at me and give me whatever I ask for. In the vagina in which I am born, I should love at the feet of Shri Ramji (you)! Oh my goodness! This my son Angad is like me in humility and strength, accept it and O God and man’s man! Hold your arm and make it your slave.
By having firm love at the feet of Shri Ramji, Bali renounced the body (easily) as if the elephant did not let the garland of flowers fall from his neck.
Shri Ramchandraji sent Bali to his supreme abode. All the people of the city ran agitated. Bali’s lady Tara started mourning in many ways. His hair is scattered and the body is not maintained.

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