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the Best religious story: A priest who used to worship himself very well had great faith in God, he felt that if God wants to do so much, his life can be blessed but whatever happens, It was not visible because of the trouble in his life was not decreasing but was increasing. He was facing many problems in his life. There was also trouble in his house and the same was going on outside.

He goes to the temple and prays to God, my problem is increasing, he is not getting reduced, the wife in the house is also worried about this, she always says that how long our life will go on like this How long will we continue to face trouble, how will everything go away, if someone will show us the way, then I will keep telling you like this, now I have gone for a long time, I do not think life is going to be good, then a man comes to the temple Is he listens to the priest

Best religious story

After that comes to the priest and says that I have also brought my problem to God but listening to your talk, it seems that I am not going to get anything because when your God is not listening than my talk How can you hear that you are always in the temple, God listens to your words, but he is not removing your problem, then what will happen by praying to me, then only the priest says that it is not that he also listens to you and speaks to me Too,

But we get the fruit only after some time because till our luck is not happy then we will have to spend time like this, we will have to wait till God is happy with us till then we cannot do anything. We will get fruit only after some time, you will have to pray to God, maybe he will be happy with you soon and your wish is fulfilled, now that man understands this, the priest is saying the right thing, he says his thing to God

Moral of the story: –

After some time a man comes to the priest and says that you are given another job, you will have to go to this temple as well as other temple so that your problem will also go away. That priest tells you not to worry at all I can see the work, slowly the priest’s problem also reduces, after some time the man also comes who had listened to the priest, now his problem is also getting reduced slowly. The religious story tells us that God must trust

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