Best step- Ravana

Best step- Ravana unconsciousness, Ravana sacrifice sacrifice, Rama-Ravana war

Religious story

Best step- Ravana unconsciousness, Ravana sacrifice sacrifice, Rama-Ravana war

Seeing this, Pawanaputra Hanumanji ran while uttering harsh words. As soon as Hanumanji came, Ravana attacked him with a fierce punch.
Hanumanji remained on his knees, did not fall on the earth and then woke up filled with anger. Hanumanji gave Ravana a punch. He fell as if a mountain had fallen due to thunderbolt.
When the unconsciousness dissolved, he then awakened and began to appreciate the great force of Hanumanji. (Hanumanji said-) My prostitute is cursing, cursing and I am also cursed, who are deities! You still live
Having said this and picked up Lakshmanji, Hanumanji brought him to Shri Raghunathji. Ravana was surprised to see this. Mr. Raghuveer (to Laxmanji) said- O brother! Understand in the heart, you are the eater of the times and the protector of the gods.
Upon hearing these words Kripalu Laxmanji sat up. That great power went to the sky. Laxmanji then ran with a bow and arrow and quickly came in front of the enemy.
Then they quickly ruffled Ravana’s chariot and killed the charioteer and disturbed him (Ravana). Hundreds of arrows pierced his heart, causing Ravan to become extremely distraught and fell on the earth. Then the second charioteer immediately took him to Lanka by putting him in a chariot. Pratap’s group Shri Raghuveer’s brother Lakshmanji again came and bowed at Lord’s feet.
There (in Lanka) Ravana woke up from a hue and started a sacrifice. He foolish and extremely ignorant obstinately opposes Shri Raghunathji and wants victory.
Here Vibhishanji got all the news and immediately went and told Mr. Raghunathji that O Nath! Ravana is performing a yajna. He will not die unfortunate after being proved perfect.
Hey Nath! Immediately send monkey warriors, who destroy the yagna, so that Ravana enters the battle. As soon as dawn, the Lord sent brave warriors. Hanuman and Angad etc. all (head veers) ran.
The monkey jumped from the game and went to Lanka and fearlessly entered the palace of Ravana. As soon as he saw him sacrificing, all the apes were very angry.
(He said-) Oh O cheeky! Ran away from the battlefield and has come here and is sitting with the attention of heron? Angad kicked by saying so. But he did not even look at them, the mind of the evil one was attached to selfishness.

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When he did not see, the monkey became angry and grabbed him by the teeth (biting and) hitting him with sticks. The women grabbed hair and dragged them out of the house, they started crying very humbled. Then Ravana woke up in a rage like period and started banging the monkeys with feet. In the meantime, the monkeys destroyed the yagna, seeing that he started losing in the mind. (Started getting frustrated).
After demolishing the yajna, all clever apes came to Raghunathji. Then Ravana gave up hope of living and went on getting angry.
While walking, very terrible amalgams (ushkun) started happening. Gidha used to sit on his ends by flying, but he was under the rule of time, he did not accept any bad omen. He said – play the sting of war.
There was a huge army of nocturnals. It has many elephants, chariots, horsemen and pedestrians. How did they run before the evil lord, as groups of kites run towards the fire (to burn).
Here the gods praise that Shri Ramji! It has given us sorrows. Now do not play it (more). Janaki ji is getting very sad.
The Lord smiled upon hearing the words of the gods. Then Mr. Raghuveer got up and corrected the arrow. On the forehead is tied tightly to the jatas, the flowers are adorned in between.
Like the red eye and the cloud, the black-bodied ones and the eyes of the whole world are going to give pleasure. God threw him in the waist and tightened the quiver and took a stiff shark bow in his hand.
Prabhu took a sharpened bow in his hand and tightened the arrows in the waist (Akshay) of the beautiful hands His arms are athletic and the graceful sign of the Brahmin (Bhriguji) on his broad chest is beautiful. Tulsidasji says, as soon as the Lord started to move with the bow and arrow in his hand, as soon as the universe, the elephants of the directions, the tortoise, Seshaji, the earth, the sea and the mountain all woke up.
Seeing the glory of God, the Gods were happy and started showering flowers and the glory of beauty, strength and virtues, Karunanidhan Prabhu Jai, Jai Ho, Jai Ho (started crying like this).
In the meantime, a very dense army of noishers came in (swearing). On seeing him, the monkey warrior walked in front of him in such a way as to be a cluster of doomsday clouds.
Many graces and swords are shining. As if lightning is shining in ten directions. The harsh chirping of elephants, chariots and horses looks as if the clouds are roaring fiercely.
Many tails of apes are in the sky. (She adorns it) as if a beautiful rainbow has risen. Dust is rising as if there is a stream of water. The droplets of arrows got immense rain.
Warriors from both sides hit the mountains. As if there is a repeated thunderclap. Shri Raghunathji furiously planted arrows, (due to which) the army of demons was injured.
As soon as the arrow arrives, the valiant wakes up and after circling, falls anywhere on the earth. Their body is bleeding as if the water is flowing from the heavy springs of the mountain. In this way, the river of blood, which aroused the cowards, flowed..
A river of extremely unholy blood flowed fearing the cowards. Both parties are on both sides of it. The chariot is sand and the wheels are whirlpools. That river is very frightening. Elephants, pedestrians, horses, donkeys and many riders, who should count, are water animals of the river. Arrows, Shakti and Tomar are serpents, bows are waves and shields are many tortoises.
Veers are falling on the earth as if trees on the banks of the river are collapsing. A lot of pith is flowing, that is froth. Where the cowards are afraid to see it, there is happiness in the minds of the best warriors.
Ghosts, vampires and betals, great ghouls with great swings, and Pramath (Shivgana) bathe in that river. Crows and eagles fly with arms and snatch and eat from each other.
One (someone) says, Hey fools! Such is cheap (abundance), yet your poverty does not go? The wounded warriors are moaning on the coast, as if there are half-water (those who are kept in half-water at the time of death).
The vulture is pulling the bowels, as if playing fish (meditating) on the banks of the river by hitting fish (while fishing from the flute). Many warriors are being swept away and birds are going on them. As if they are playing the boat in the river.
Yoginis are depositing blood in the trenches. Ghost-vampire women are dancing in the sky. Chamundas are playing the playing of warriors’ skulls and singing in various ways.
Clusters of jackals cut each other out, scolding each other when they bite, eat, whip, and fill their stomachs. Millions of torso are moving without head and heads are lying on the earth shouting Jai Jai.
The mund (severed head) speaks jai-jai and the ragged rundas (torso) run without head. Birds die mutually fighting in skulls, the best warriors are destroying other warriors. Shree Ramachandraji casts the herds of the monkey demons, forcefully recorded. Dead warriors are sleeping on the battlefield from the arrows of Shri Ramji.
Ravana contemplated in the heart that the demons have perished. I am alone and there are many apes and bears, so now I create immense illusion.

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