Bhajan glory

Bhajan glory

Bhakti of Shri Raghunathji is a Sanjeevani herd. Full of wisdom is reverence (Anupana (taken with medicine, honey etc.)). If such a coincidence happens, then even if those diseases are destroyed, otherwise they do not go through crores of efforts.

Hey Gosain! The mind should know when it is sick, when the strength of quietness in the heart increases, the hunger of the best intellect continues to grow and the weakness of hope of the subjects is erased.

Thus, after getting rid of all diseases, when a person takes a bath in the water of pure knowledge, then Rama devotion prevails in his heart. Shivji, Brahmaji, Shukdevji, Sanakadi and Narada, etc. are the best masters in Brahmavichara.
Hey Birds! The opinion of all of them is that one should love at the feet of Shri Ramji. Shruti, Purana and all the texts say that there is no happiness without devotion to Shri Raghunathji.
Even though hair grows on the back of a turtle, even if the son of a sterile kills someone, many kinds of flowers bloom in the sky, but the creature cannot get happiness by being alienated from Shri Hari.
Even if the thirst quenches by drinking the water of the mirage, even though the horn comes out on the head of the rabbit, even though the darkness may destroy the sun, the creature cannot get happiness by being alienated from Shri Ram
Even though fire can be manifested by snow (all these untoward things may happen), but no one can get happiness by turning away from Shri Ram.
Even if the ghee is produced by churning water, even if oil comes out from the sand, but the hymns of Shri Hari cannot be fixed from the sea without the world, this principle is unalterable.
Prabhu can make mosquito Brahma and Brahma can also be despised by a mosquito. Thinking this, clever men abandon all doubts and send them to Shri Ramji.
I say to you the well-established principle – My words are not otherwise (false) that the people who worship Shri Hari, they cross the very high world ocean (spontaneously).
Hey Nath! I told Mr. Hari’s unique character according to his intelligence in some detail and briefly. Garuda, the enemy of snakes! This is the principle of the Shrutis that forgetting all work (except) should worship Bhagwan Ramji.
Who else should be consumed (bhajan) except Lord Shri Raghunathji, who has mamtva (affection) even on a fool like me. Hey Nath! You are a science, you are not fascinated. You have been very kind to me.

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