Bharat Kausalya dialogue and Dasharatha’s funeral

Bharat Kausalya dialogue and Dasharatha’s funeral –Kausalaji is wearing dirty clothes, the face has changed color, is getting distraught, the body has become dry due to the burden of sorrow. It is as if the beautiful imagery of gold has been brought up in the forest.

Mata Kausalyaji ran to see Bharat. But due to being dizzy, he fell unconscious on the earth. On seeing this, Bharatji became very distraught and forgot the body and fell at the feet.
Mata Kausalyaji ran to see Bharat. But due to being dizzy, he fell unconscious on the earth. On seeing this, Bharatji became very distraught and forgot the body and fell at the feet.
(Then said-) Mother! Where is dad Show them? Where are Sitaji and my two brothers Shri Ram-Laxman? (Show them.) Why was born in Kaikeyi world! And if Janma was born then why not be sterile? –
Which created a son like me, the stigma of the clan, the buffalo of apeyash and the malevolence of loved ones. Who is unfortunate like me in all the three worlds? Because of which, O Mother! This is your situation!
Hearing the soft words of Bharatji, Mother Kausalyaji got up again. He lifted Bharat and took it from the chest and started shedding tears from his eyes.
A mother with a simple temper, with great affection, took Bharatji to her chest, as if Shri Ramji had returned. Then he planted Laxmanji’s younger brother Shatrughan with his heart. Mourning and affection do not fit in the heart.
Seeing the nature of Kausalyaji, everyone is saying – Why should not the nature of Shri Ram’s mother. Mother took Bharatji in her lap and wiped her tears and said soft words.
O, son! I take care You still be patient Quit mourning knowing bad times. Knowing the speed of time and action, do not accept loss and guilt in the heart.
Hey Tat Do not blame anyone. The Creator has gone all the way back for me, which has kept me alive even after so much sorrow. Who still knows what is pleasing him?
Hey Tat On the father’s orders, Shri Raghuveer renounced the Bhushan-cloth and wore Valkal clothes. There was neither sadness nor joy in his heart!
His face was happy, there was no attachment in mind, nor anger (malice). After making everyone satisfied in every way, they went to the forest. Hearing this, Sita also joined him. She was not a follower of Shri Ram’s feet.
On hearing this, Lakshman also got up. Shri Raghunath tried very hard to stop him, but he did not stay. Then Shri Raghunathji brought everyone to the head and took Sita and younger brother Laxman along.
Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita went to the forest. I neither went along nor did I send my life with them. All this happened in front of these eyes, even though the unfortunate creature did not leave the body.
Looking at my affection, I am not ashamed; I am the mother of a son like Ram! The king has known enough to live and die. My heart is as hard as hundreds of thunderbolts.
Listening to the words of Kausalyaji, the entire Ranivas including Bharata became distraught and mourned. It is as if the palace became a residence for mourning.
Bharata and Shatrughan both brothers started mourning with a shout. Then Kausalaji embraced them from the heart. He explained to Bharatji in many ways and told him many wise things.
Bharatji also explained to all mothers the beautiful stories of Puranas and Vedas. Bharatji with both hands folded, the holy and simple beautiful voice said- ||
The sins which are caused by the killing of the parents and the sons, and those which are caused by the burning of the cowsheds and the cities of the Brahmins, the sins which are committed by killing the woman and the child and those who poison the friend and the king.
There are as many Pathak as and upapatakas (big and small sins) of karma, promise and mind, which the poets call, O Creator! If I am not in this work, then mother! Let me commit all those sins.
Those who leave the feet of Shri Hari and Shri Shankarji, worship the terrible ghosts, O Mother! If I have no opinion in this, then the creator gives me their speed.
Those who sell the Vedas, indulge in religion, chew the people, say the sins of others, who are hypocritical, devious, slanderous and angry and who are condemners of the Vedas and opposed to the world.
Those who are greedy, lustful and conduct of greed, who live in the eyes of foreign money and foreign women, O mother! If I have my consent in this work, then I can get to their terrible speed.
Those who do not have love in the Satsang, who are alienated from the path of unfortunate charitableness, who do not worship Shri Hari after getting a human body, who do not have the happiness of Hari-Hara (Lord Vishnu and Shankarji),
Those who leave the Veda path and walk on the Vam (adverse Veda) route, who are thugs and make rags and cheat the world, O Mother! Even if I knew this distinction, Shankarji should give me the speed of those people.
Mother Kausalyaji listened to the naturally true and simple words of Bharatji and said – O Tat! You are always dear to Shri Ramchandra with mind, speech and body.
Shri Ram is more dear to your life than your life, and you too are more dear to Shri Raghunath than life. Whether the moon starts poisoning and frosting, the aquatic creatures become disillusioned with water.
And even if you have the knowledge, you may not be tempted, but you can never be adverse to Shri Ramchandra. Your opinion is in this, whoever says this in the world, they will not find happiness and good speed even in a dream.
Saying this, Mother Kausalya took Bharatji to heart. Milk started flowing from their breasts and water flooded into the eyes (of the premature). Thus, the whole night passed away sitting mourning very much.
Then came Vamdevji and Vashisthaji. He called all the ministers and Mahajans. Then Muni Vasisthaji preached to Bharatji in many ways, saying the beautiful punctual words of Paramarth.

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