Bharat Nishad Milan and dialogue and love of Bharatji and the townspeople

Bharat Nishad Milan and dialogue and love of Bharatji and the townspeople Seeing the prostration, Bharatji picked him up and hooked him to his chest. There is no love in the heart as if you have met Laxmanji himself.

Bharatji is embracing Guh with great love. Everyone is adoring the custom of love (praising jealously). The gods are showering flowers praising Mars by sounding the original ‘blessed-blessed’.
(They say-) Which is considered to be inferior in all respects in both folk and Vedas, whose shadow has to be bathed even after touching it, by filling the ankara with the same Nishad (clinging to the heart) Shri Ramchandraji’s younger brother Bharatji (Anand And lovingly) are being filled with Pulkavali in the body.
Those who yawn by saying Rama-Rama (that is, even with laziness, whose name is pronounced Rama), groups of sins (any sins) do not come before them. Then Shri Ramchandraji himself took this cavity with his heart and made it Jagatpavan (purifier of the world) along with the family.
The water of the river Karmnasha falls (gets) in Gangaji, then say, who does not wear it on the head? The world knows that the inverted name (Mara-Mara) chanting Valmiki ji became like Brahma.
Fool and Palmer Chandal, Shabar, Khas, Yavan, Kol and Kirat also become famous in the Supreme and Tribhuvan as soon as they say Rama-naam.
There is no wonder, this tradition has been going on since ages. Who did Mr. Raghunathji not magnify? In this way, the deity is saying the glory of the name Ram and after listening to it, the people of Ayodhya are getting happiness.
In association with Ram Sakha Nishadraj, Bharatji asked Kushal, Mangal and Kshem. Seeing the modesty and love of Bharatji, Nishad became dead at that time.
His hesitance, love and joy grew so much that he kept looking at Bharatji with a stare. Then after enduring Bharatji’s feet, he started praying with folded hands with love.
Oh, Lord! I saw your skill in all the three periods by seeing your step lotus root. Now with your supreme grace, I have become Mangal (welfare) with crores of clans (generations).
By understanding my actions and clans and seeing the glory of Lord Shri Ramchandraji in mind (think), that is, where I am a lowly caste and a low-performing creature, and where Lord Shri Ramachandraji, the lord of the infinite universe, he gave me such lowly He also took control of his unhappy kindness – assuming that Raghuveer does not worship the feet of Shri Ramji, he is cheated by the Creator in the world.
I am hypocritical, cowardly, malevolent and Kujati and I am out of all forms from both the folk Vedas. But ever since Shri Ramachandraji has adopted me, I have become the Bhushan of the world.
Seeing the love of Nishad Raj and hearing the beautiful pleas, then Bharatji’s younger brother Shatrughanji met him. Then Nishad took his name and gave a respectful call to all the queens with a beautiful (gentle and sweet) voice.
Everyone says that he has got the benefit of life, which Mr. Ramchandraji has tied in his arms and embraced as a welfare. Nishad, listening to the greatness of his destiny, be extremely happy in his mind and take everyone with him.
He gestured to all his servants. He followed Swami’s stand and made places to stay in homes, under trees, on ponds and in gardens and forests.
He gestured to all his servants. He followed Swami’s stand and made places to stay in homes, under trees, on ponds and in gardens and forests.
When Bharatji saw Shringverpur, all his limbs were relaxed due to love. He is giving Nishad (i.e. walking with his hand on his shoulder) that he is adorned as if wearing a body of humility and love.
In this way, Bharatji saw Gangaji, who took all the army together and sanctified the world. Saluted Shri Ramghat (where Shri Ramji had taken a bath evening). His mind became so blissful, as if he had got Shri Ramji himself.
The men and women of the city are bowing down and are delighted to see the Brahma form of Ganga. Taking a bath in Ganga ji, adding a hand, everyone asks that our love should not be diminished (that is, much) at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji.
Bharatji said- O Ganges! Your king is the one who gives happiness to all and is a servant to the servant. With folded hands, I ask for this boon that I have a natural love at the feet of Sita-Ramji.
In this way Bharatha should take a bath and after taking Guruji’s orders and knowing that all the mothers have taken bath, take up the camp.
People camped everywhere. Bharatji discovers everyone (whether everyone has come and been comfortable or not). Then after worshiping the Lord, after getting the order, both the brothers went to Shri Ramchandraji’s mother Kausalyaji.
Bharatji welcomed all the mothers by pressing the steps and saying soft words. Then by handing over the service of mothers to brother Shatrughan, you called Nishad.
Bharatha walked with the hand of Sakha Nishad Raj. Love is nothing (ie there is too much love), causing their body to relax. Bharatji asks Sakha to show me that place and cool the eyes and the mind a little -॥
Where Sitaji, Shri Ramji and Lakshman slept at night. As soon as he said this, water came in the eyes of his eyes (of Premashru). Nishad was very sad to hear the words of Bharatji. He immediately took them there.
Where Shri Ramji rested under the sacred Ashoka tree. Bharatji bowed respectfully there with great love.
Seeing the beautiful companionship of the Kushas, he bowed down by praising him. The eyes of Shri Ramchandraji’s footprints were put in the eyes. The excess of love does not become called.
When Bharatji saw two or four golden points (gold particles or stars etc. which had fallen from the jewels and clothes of Sitaji), considering them like Sitaji and placed them on the head. His eyes (of Premashru) are filled with water and the heart is filled with guilt. He said these words in a beautiful voice to Sakha.
These golden particles or stars are also becoming srihat (graceless) and chantless in the face of Sitaji, like (in Rama Vioge) the male-female villains of Ayodhya (weakened due to mourning). Whose Sita’s father is Raja Janak, whose pleasures and yoga are both in his fist in this world, to whom should I give adoration to Janakji?
Dasharathaji, the Sun King of Suryakul, whose father-in-law was also helped by Indra, the lord of Amravati. (Jealousy wanted to get the glory and majesty like him) and Lord Shree Raghunathji, who has Prannath, who is so big that whoever grows up is only due to (given) magnification of Shri Ramchandraji.
Seeing Shiromani Sitaji’s Sathri (Kush-bed) among those exalted husbandry women, my heart does not burst (sigh), O Shankar! It is harder than thunderbolt!
My younger brother Lakshmana is very beautiful and loveable. Such brothers are neither, nor are they, born to anyone. Those who love the people of Laxman Awadh, cherish the parents and the soul of Shri Sita-Ramji.
Those who have a soft idol and delicate nature, who never had hot air in their body, are facing all kinds of disasters in the forest. (Hi!) This my chest (in hardness) has also disrespected crores of thunderbolts (otherwise it would have been torn at some time).
Shri Ramchandraji took birth (avatar) and published (supremely beautiful) the world. They are seas of form, modesty, happiness and all virtues. Purusha, Kutumbi, Guru, Father and Mother are going to give happiness to Shri Ramji’s nature.
The enemy also praises Shri Ramji. Through speech, manner and modesty, they take the mind. Crores of Saraswati and billions of Sheshji too cannot count the property groups of Lord Shri Ramchandraji.
Raghuvansh Shiromani Shree Ramachandraji, who is a storehouse of joy and happiness, sleeps on the earth by laying a cushion. The speed of the Creator is very strong.
Shri Ramchandraji never heard the name of sorrow even by ears. Maharaj himself looked after them like a tree of life. All the mothers also took care of him night and day, like eyelids and snakes do their gem.
The same Shri Ramchandraji now walks in the jungles and takes food of tuber-root and fruit-flowers. Amangal’s core is Kaikeyi Dhikr, which became unfavorable even to her princely husband.
I am sorry for the sea of sins and the unfortunate, because of all these things. The creator created me with the stigma of the family and Kumata made me swami.
Hearing this, Nishadraj started lovingly explaining – O Nath! What do you do in vain? Shri Ramchandraji is dear to you and you are beloved to Shri Ramachandraji. This is the squeeze (definite principle), the fault lies with the unfavorable creator.
It is very difficult to do adverse hostility, which has made Mata Kaikeyi crazy (changed her mind). On that night, Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji repeatedly respected you with great respect. Tulsidasji says- (Nishadraj says-) There is no one else like Shri Ramchandraji very much like you, I say by tasting. Knowing that there will be Mars in the result, be patient in your heart.
Thinking that Shri Ramchandraji is the soul of inter-faith and hesitation, love and grace, and by bringing perseverance in mind, let us rest and rest
Hearing the words of Sakha, while patient in heart, remembering Shri Ramchandraji, Bharatji went to the camp. After getting the news of all the men and women of the city (Shri Ramji’s place of stay), he became very anxious and went to see that place.
They bow around the place and bow down and blame Kaikeyi a lot. They fill the eyes with water and pollute the adverse creator.
Some applaud Bharatha’s affection and some say that the king endured his love. All praise Nishad by condemning him. Who can say the disarray and gloom of that time?
In this way, everyone kept awake throughout the night. As soon as the morning broke, it started. After offering Guruji on the beautiful boat, then offered it to all the mothers on the new boat.
In four hours, everyone got across Gangaji. Then Bharatji descended and took care of everyone.
By doing the rituals in the morning, worshiping the feet of the mother and giving the head to Guruji, Bharatji took forward the ghasta gana (to show the way) and led the army.
Nishadraj was followed by the guardians of all the mothers. Called younger brother Shatrughanji and accompanied him. Then Guruji along with the Brahmins moved.
Subsequently, you (Bharatji) bowed down to Gangaji and remembered Sri Sita-Ramji along with Lakshmana. Bharatji walked on foot. Kotal (without rider) horses are going with them tied with the reins.
The best servants say repeatedly, O Nath! Get on a horse. (Bharatji replies that) Shri Ramchandraji went on foot and chariots, elephants and horses have been made for us.
I think it is appropriate that I go headlong. The religion of the servant is the most difficult. Seeing the condition of Bharatji and hearing a soft voice, all the servants are being hugged by guilt.


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