Bharat Virah

Bharat Virah and Bharat-Hanuman union, Anand in Ayodhya

Religious story

Bharat Virah and Bharat-Hanuman union, Anand in Ayodhya

Only one day remains for the period of Shri Ramji’s return, so the people of the city are becoming very impatient. In the disconnection of Rama, the thin men and women are thinking (thoughts) wherever they are (why Mr. Ramji did not come).

In this time, everyone started getting beautiful and everyone was happy. The city also became beautiful from all four sides. As if all these signs are marking the (auspicious) arrival of the Lord.

Kausalya etc. is becoming such a joy in the minds of all the mothers as if someone wants to say that Lord Sri Ramachandra along with Sitaji and Lakshmanji have come.
Bharatji’s right eye and right arm are bursting repeatedly. Seeing this as an auspicious thing, they were very happy and they started thinking –
Only one day remained in the base form of life. Bharatji felt immense grief at the thought of this. What is the reason that Nath did not come? Knowing the crooked God has not forgotten me?
Aha ha! Lakshmana is very blessed and great, who is the lover of Shri Ramchandraji’s Charanaravind (ie, did not separate from him). God recognized me as hypocritical and devious, so Nath did not take me along.
(The same is true, because) if the Lord pays attention to my actions, I cannot get rid of even a hundred crores (innumerable) kalpas (but there is hope so much), I never consider the demerit of the Lord servant. They are Deenbandhu and very tender in nature.
Therefore, there is such a strong belief in my heart that Shri Ramji will surely meet, (because) I am getting very good, but if my life remains after the end of the period, then who will be like me in the world?
Bharatji’s mind was sinking in the sea against Shri Ramji, at the same time Pawanaputra Hanumanji came in the form of a Brahmin, as if the boat had come (to save him from drowning).
Hanumanji made the weak body Bharatji the crown of jatas, Ram! RAM! Raghupati! Like the chanting and lotus, the eyes (Premashrush) were seen sitting on the seat of Kush while flowing.
Hanumanji was very happy on seeing him. His body became pulsed, water started pouring in from the eyes (of Premashru). Considering the pleasures of the mind in many ways, he spoke like a nectar to the ears.
Those against whom you keep thinking (day-to-day) and whose qualities you keep rote in the rows of groups, it is Tilak of Raghukul, the one who hurts gentlemen, and the protector of gods and sages, Shri Ramji came safely
Prabhu, along with Sitaji and Lakshmanji are coming after winning the enemy in the battle, the gods are singing their beautiful fame. On hearing these words (to Bharatji), he forgot all the sorrows. Like a thirsty man forgets the sorrow of thirst after getting nectar.
(Bharatji asked-) O Tat! Who are you? Where else have you come from? (Which) you have told me (these) utmost dear (very pleasing) words. (Hanumanji said) O Kripadhanan! Listen, I am the son of Pawan and the monkey of the caste, my name is Hanuman.
I am the slave of the Deen brothers Shri Raghunathji. Hearing this, Bharatji got up and hugged Hanumanji respectfully. Love does not get in the heart while meeting. Water started flowing from the eyes (of tears of joy and love) and the body pulsed.
(Bharatji said-) O Hanuman- With your vision all my sorrows are over (sorrows are over). (As you) I got only dear Ramji today. Bharatji repeatedly asked Kushal (and said-) O brother! Listen, (in exchange for this auspicious dialogue) what should I give you?
There is nothing in the world similar to this message (the material to be given in exchange for this), I have considered this thought. (Therefore) O Tat! I can not borrow from you in any way. Now tell me the character of God.
Then Hanumanji told the whole story of Shri Raghunathji by bowing at the feet of Bharatji. (Bharatji asked-) Hey Hanuman! Say, Kripalu Swami Shri Ramchandraji, do you ever remember me as your slave?
Bhushan Shri Ramji of Raghuvansh has he ever remembered me like his slave? Hearing the very humble words of Bharatji, Hanumanji fell on his feet as a pulkit body (and began to think in mind) that the lord of the pasture, Shri Raghuveer, whose virtues he describes to his Shrimukh, is that Bharatji is such a humble, supremely holy and Why not have seas of virtues?
(Hanumanji said-) O Nath! You love Shri Ramji like a soul, O Tat! My word is true Hearing this, Bharatji meets again and again, there is no joy in the heart.
Then, bowing his head at the feet of Bharatji, Hanumanji immediately went (returned) to Shri Ramji and went and said all the best. Then the Lord rejoiced and went on board the plane.
Here Bharatji also came to Ayodhyapuri with joy and told all the news to Guruji! Then in the palace, news was made that Shri Raghunathji was coming to the city efficiently.

Wearing robes of Vibhishan and wearing them of apes

All the mothers ran up as soon as they heard the news. Bharatji explained to everyone by calling him Lord’s master. When the residents of the city got this news, then both men and women ran in joy.
(To welcome Shri Ramji) Yogurt, cabbage, gorochan, fruits, flowers and the original new Tulsidal of Mangal, etc., filled the gold plate and sang the fortunate women of the elephant’s hand (carrying them).
Whatever they are (where they are in), they run up from there (in the same condition). (For fear of being late) do not bring children and old men together. Ask each other- Brother! Have you seen kind Mr. Raghunathji?
Knowing the arrival of Prabhu, Awadhpuri became the mine of all glory. All three types of beautiful air started flowing. Saryuji became very clean water. (That is, the water of Saryuji became very clean).
Enthralled with Guru Vasishthaji, Kutumbi, younger brother Shatrughan and a group of Brahmins, Bharatji moved with great love to Kripadham Sri Ramji, that is, to receive him.
Many women climbed the attic, looking at the plane in the sky, and seeing it, they were happy and singing beautiful Mars songs with sweet voice.
Shri Raghunathji is the moon of the full moon and Avadhpur is the sea, which is glad to see that full moon and is growing noisy (running here and there), the women look like her waves.
Here (from the plane), Surya Shri Ramji, who swells the lotus in the form of Surya Kul, is showing the apes to Manohar Nagar. (They say-) O Sugriva! Hey Angad! Hey Lankapati Vibhishan! listen. This Puri is sacred and this country is beautiful.
Although everyone has praised Vaikuntha – it is famous in the Vedas and Puranas and knows the world, but like Avadhpuri, I do not love that one either. Many (rarely) know this thing (distinction).
This beautiful Puri is my birthplace. To its north flows the river Saryu, which purifies the living beings, in which, without bathing, the human beings get to live near me (hard-earned freedom) without hard work.
The residents here love me very much. This puri is going to give amount of happiness and to my supreme abode. Hearing the voice of the Lord, all the apes were delighted (and started saying that) The Awadh which Shri Ramji himself magnified is (surely) blessed.

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