Bharatji’s congregation welcomed by forest dwellers, Kaikeyi’s remorse

Bharatji’s congregation –Lotus are blooming in the ponds, water birds are cooing, bunches are humming and birds and animals of many colors are wandering in the forest unharmed.

The people living in the forest like Kol, Kirat and Bhil etc. make holy, beautiful and delicious honey-like honey, both by making them beautiful and filling them and the juices (ants) of tubers, roots, fruits and sprouts etc.
By pleading and saluting everyone, they give different tastes, distinctions (types), qualities and names of those things. People pay a lot for them, but they do not take it and they ask for Shri Ramji in return.

Engaged in love, they say with a soft voice that sadhus recognize and respect the love (that is, you are a monk, look at our love, do not despise our love by paying or returning things). You are virtuous, we are lowly Nishad. By the grace of Shri Ramji, we have seen your people.

Your views to us are very rare, like Ganges stream for desert is rare! (See) What kindness has been shown by Kripalu Shri Ramchandraji to Nishad. Just as kings are, so should their families and subjects.

Please feel free to leave such hesitance in our heart and seeing our love, and to gratify us, take fruits, grains and sprouts only.

Because Dear dear Pahune you have been in the forest. It is not our luck to serve you. So  Hey master! What will we give you The friendship of the Bhils is just as far as fuel, wood and leaves.

Because It is our heavy service that we do not steal your clothes and utensils. So We are the root creatures, we are the ones who commit violence, we are crooked, crooked, insubstantial, and illiterate.

Our days and nights pass as soon as we commit sins. Even then there is neither a cloth in our waist nor our stomach. How could we ever be enlightened even in dreams? All this is the effect of Shri Raghunathji’s philosophy.

Ever since seeing the lotus feet of the Lord, our sad sorrows and guilt have vanished. So Hearing the words of the forest dwellers, the people of Ayodhya were filled with love and started appreciating their fate.

Because Everyone started appreciating their fate and telling the words of love. Because Seeing the manner and manner of those people and seeing their love at the feet of Shri Sita-Ramji, everyone is getting happiness.Because All men and women disrespect their love by listening to the voice of those Kol-Bhils (curse them). Tulsidasji says that it is the grace of Raghuvanshmani Shri Ramchandraji that the iron float floated with itself.

Because Everybody wanders around in the forest, being extremely blissful day by day. For example, frogs and peacocks become fat by the first rainwater (dancing and jumping in delight).

Because Ayodhyapuri’s men and women are deeply engrosse in love. So Their days pass like a moment. As many mothers-in-law, Sita would respectfully serve all the mothers-in-law in the same way by making as many rashas (forms).

So No one knows this distinction except Sri Ramachandraji. Because All the Mayans (Parashakti Mahamaya) are in the Sita of Shri Sitaji. So Sitaji subdued the father-in-law from the service. So He learned and blessed with happiness.

Because Seeing the simple nature of both brothers (Sri Rama-Lakshmana) including Sitaji, they repented the devious queen Kaikeyi. She pleads with the earth and Yamraj, but the earth does not give the middle (the way to break away) and the creator does not give death.

Famous in folk and Vedas, and the poet (learned) also says that those who are alienated from Shri Ramji, do not even get into hell. So There was a doubt in everyone’s mind that O Creator! Because Will Shri Ramchandraji go to Ayodhya or not?

Bharatji neither sleeps at night nor feels hungry during the day. Because They are inflexible in pure thinking, like a fish submerge in the mud below (the bottom) is distraught by lack of water.

Because (Bharatji thinks that) Kaal has misled his mother’s miss. As the fear of iti is present while the paddy is cooking. So Now, how can the coronation of Shri Ram Chandraji, I do not think of a single solution.

By obeying Guruji, Shri Ramji will definitely return to Ayodhya, but Muni Vashistha will say something only after knowing the interest of Shri Ramchandraji. So  (That is, they will not ask to leave without seeing Shri Ramji’s interest). Shri Raghunathji can return even after Mother Kausalyaji says, but well, will the mother who gives birth to Shri Ramji ever stubbornly?

So How much is the matter of my servant? Time is also bad in that (my days are not good) and the Creator is unfavorable. If I persist, it will be gross misdeeds, because the servant’s religion is heavier (harder to handle) than Shivaji’s mountain Kailas.

Because Not a single tip stayed in Bharatji’s mind. The night passed while thinking. Because  Bharatji was sitting in the early morning after bathing and giving head to Lord Shri Ramchandraji that Rishi Vashistha sent him.

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Bharatji’s Mandakini bath, reaching Chitrakoot, Bharata’s mutual union, father’s grief and shraddha

Bharatji’s Mandakini bath, reaching Chitrakoot, Bharata’s mutual union, father’s grief and shraddha




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