Bharatji’s Mandakini bath, reaching Chitrakoot, Bharata’s mutual union, father’s grief and shraddha

Bharatji’s Mandakini bath –Lakshmanji, Shri Ramchandraji and Sitaji found great happiness by listening to the speech of the gods, which cannot be described. Here Bharatha along with all the society took a bath in the holy Mandakini.

Then after putting everyone near the river and asking for the permission of Mother, Guru and Minister, Nishadraj and Shatrughna went with them to Bharatji where Shri Sitaji and Shri Raghunathji were there.

Bharatji understands (remembering) the deeds of his mother Kaikeyi and does crores (many) in his mind (think) Shri Ram, Laxman and Sitaji, after hearing my name, do not leave the place and get up somewhere else.

Whatever they do by obeying me in mother’s opinion is little, but they will respect me by forgiving my sins and demerits by understanding them (looking at their virgins and relations).

Whether knowing me and leaving me, and respecting me as my servant, (do anything), my shoes of Shri Ramchandraji are the only refuge Shri Ramchandraji is a good lord, the blame is all of the slave.

In the world, the characters of fame are the chatak and the fish, who are adept at keeping their name and love forever new. Thinking this in mind, Bharatji goes in the way. All their parts are loosened with hesitance and love.

As if the evil done by the mother returns them, but Bharatji, who bears the axis of endurance, goes away with the force of devotion. When you understand (remember) the nature of Shri Raghunathji, then his feet start falling on the way.

How is Bharat’s condition at that time? Like the flow of water in the flow of water bark. Seeing the thinking and love of Bharat ji, Nishad became dead at that time (forgot the body and mind).

Mangal started getting pregnant. Hearing them and thinking, Nishad started saying – thinking will be erased, but there will be sadness in the end.

Bharatji knew all the words of the servant (Guh) and he reached near the ashram. When we saw the group of forests and mountains there, Bharatji was so happy as if a hungry person had got good food (food).

As * grieved by the fear of iti and the three (spiritual, semi-spiritual and semi-physical) heat and the people suffering from cruel planets and pandemics, go happy in some best country and best state, Bharati’s movement (condition) is happening in the same way .2. (* More raining, no showering, mice hatching, locusts, parrots and other king’s ascent – these six nuisances that obstruct fields are called ‘Eti’)

The property of the forest is so beautiful from the residence of Shri Ramchandraji as if the people are happy after getting a good king. A beautiful forest is a holy country. Vivek is its king and the minister of disinterest.

Yama (Ahimsa, Satya, Astey, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha) and Niyam (Shoucha, Santosh, Tapa, Swadhyaya and Ishwar Pranidhan) are warriors. The mountain is the capital, Peace and Subudhi are two beautiful holy queens. That superior king is full of all parts of the kingdom and is dependent on the feet of Sri Ramachandraji in his mind (bliss or ecstasy) ॥4॥. (Swami, Amatya, Suhrid, Kosh, Rashtra, Durg and Sena are the seven parts of the state.)

By winning the Raja of Moh with the army, the king of prudence is ruling the kingdom flawlessly. Happiness, wealth and prosperity are present in his city.

In the forest-like provinces, which are inhabited by many sages, it is as if a group of cities, towns, villages and villages. Many strange birds and many animals, as if the society of the subjects, which can not be described.

Seeing rhinoceros, elephants, lions, tigers, pigs, buffaloes and oxen makes the king’s instrument admire. All of them leave their hatred and wander together everywhere. It is as if Chaturangini Army.

Waterfalls are springs and drunken elephants are chirping. It is as if there are many types of drums playing. Chakwa, Chakor, Papiha, Parrot and groups of coals and beautiful swans are cooing with a happy heart.

Groups of eyebrows are humming and peacocks are dancing. As if Mars is going around in that good state. Vines, trees, trunks are all full of fruits and flowers. The whole society is becoming the root of Anand and Mars.

Seeing the beauty of Shri Ramji’s mountain, Bharatji felt great love in his heart. For example, at the end of the ascetic rule, the fruit of austerity is happy.

Masparayan, twentieth rest
Navahanparayan, fifth rest

Then Kewat ran up and climbed up and lifted his arm and said to Bharaji – O Nath! These trees, which appear to be huge trees of berries, mangoes and tamal,

In the midst of the best trees, there is a beautiful huge large tree which is beautiful, which attracts the mind, its leaves are blue and dense and there are red fruits in it. His thick shadow will give happiness in all the seasons.

It is as if Brahmaji has collected the supreme glory and created the darkness and the red light. Hey goose! These trees are near the river, where Shri Rama’s foliage is under control.

There are many beautiful trees of Tulsi, which are decorated by Sitaji and some by Laxmanji. In the shadow of this bastion, Sitaji has made a beautiful altar with his karkamalas.

Where Sujan Shri Sita and Ramji sit with the sage of sages and listen to all the story-history of the daily scriptures, Vedas and Puranas.

Hearing Sakha’s words and looking at the trees, water flowed in Bharatji’s eyes. Both brothers walked in salutation. Saraswatiji is also reluctant to describe his love.

Seeing the footprints of Shri Ramachandraji, both brothers are delighted as if they have found the poor Paras. Put the Raja there on the forehead and put it in the heart and in the eyes and get happiness similar to meeting Shri Raghunathji.

Seeing the unspeakable condition of Bharatji, the animals, birds and roots of the forest became engrossed in love. Due to the special control of love, Sakha Nishadraj also forgot the way. Then the gods started showing flowers by showing beautiful path.

Seeing this state of Bharata’s love, the Siddhas and the seekers were also filled with affection and praised his natural love that if Bharata was not born (or loved) on this earth plane, then who is the root to the conscious and the conscious to the root Does?

Prem is nectar, Virah is Mandarachal mountain, Bharatji is deep sea. Shri Ramchandraji, the sea of grace, has manifested this nectar of love by churning himself (the deep sea of this Bharata with Mandarachal in its opposite form) for the benefit of the gods and sages.

Lakshmanji could not see this charming pair including Sakha Nishadraj due to the cover of dense forest. Bharatji saw the abode and beautiful holy ashram of all the Sumangals of Lord Shri Ramchandraji.

Bharatji’s grief and dah (jealousy) dissipated as soon as he entered the ashram, as if the yogi had attained Paramarth (Paramattva). Bharatji saw that Laxmanji is standing in front of the Lord and is lovingly saying the questions asked (answering the question lovingly).

He is fastened on the head, tied (vulcan) clothes of the sages at the waist and has tight tarkas in it. There is an arrow in the hand and a bow on the shoulder, a community of sages and sages is seated on the altar and Shri Raghunathji is seated along with Sitaji.

Shri Ramji has Valkal clothes, is wearing a jata, has a black body. (Sita-Ramji looks like this) as if Rati and Kamadeva have dressed as a monk. Shri Ramji is turning the bow and arrow from his hands and takes away his jealousy as soon as he laughs (that is, the one whom he smiles at once, gets the ultimate bliss and peace.)

Sitaji and Raghukulchandra Sri Ramachandra are embellishing in the midst of the beautiful Muni circle as if they are seated in the House of Knowledge, wearing visceral devotion and Sachchidananda’s body.

Bharatji’s mind (in love), including his younger brother Shatrughna and Sakha Nishadraj, is becoming engrossed. Everyone forgot happiness, sorrow, happiness and sorrow. Hey Nath! Protect, O Guys! Protect ‘, saying that he fell like a punishment on the earth.

Laxmanji recognized with love words and knew in his mind that Bharatji is bowing down. (He stood facing Sri Ramji, Bharatji was behind, he did not see it.) Now on this side, brother Bharat’s love for Saras and on the other hand there was a strong feeling of service of Swami Shri Ramchandraji.

Neither (even after being separated from service for a moment) is made to meet and neither (lovingly) leaves (neglecting). Only a superior poet can describe this motion (dilemma) of Lakshmanji’s mind. He left the burden on the service (considering the service as special and engaged in it) as if the player (the flyer) was pulling the climbed kite.

Laxmanji bowed head over earth with love and said- O Raghunathji! Bharatji is bowing. Hearing this, Shri Raghunathji woke up impatient in love. Somewhere the cloth fell, somewhere the tarkus, somewhere the bow and somewhere the arrow.

Kripa Nidhan Shri Ramchandraji took them forcefully and engaged them from the heart! Seeing the manner of union of Bharatji and Shri Ramji, everyone forgot his mind.

How to tell love of union? He is different from Karma, Mana, Vani, for Kavikul. Both brothers (Bharatji and Shri Ramji) forgetting the mind, intellect, mind and ego, are being filled with absolute love.

Say, who should show that great love? Whose shadow should the poet’s intellect follow? The poet has only the true power of letters and meaning. Nat dances according to the tempo of the rhythm!

The love of Bharatji and Shri Raghunathji is impassable, where even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev cannot be touched. How can I say that love to a coward! Well, * Can a beautiful melody be played even by a gander? ॥3॥ (* There is a kind of grass in ponds and lakes, it is called gander.)

Seeing the manner of meeting of Bharatji and Shri Ramchandraji, the gods became frightened, their smoke began to beat. Dev Guru Brihaspati explained, then somewhere he started praising with foolish warnings and flowers.

Then Shri Ramji met Shatrughan with love and then met Kevat (Nishadraj). While praying, Bharatji met Lakshmanji with great love.

Then Laxmanji Lalkakar (with great enthusiasm) met younger brother Shatrughan. Then he engaged Nishadraj with his heart. Then both Bharata-Shatrughna brothers (present) paid obeisance to the sages and they rejoiced after getting the desired blessings.

Bharati, including younger brother Shatrughan, rose in love, wearing the feet of Sitaji on the head of the lotus, and started bowing repeatedly. Sitaji picked them up and touched their heads with his hand (turning his hands to the head) and seated them both.

Sita ji blessed his mind, because he is engrossed in affection, he does not have the mind of the body. Seeing Sitaji in all respects, Bharatji became uninterested and his heart felt afraid.

At that time, nobody says anything, nor does anyone ask anything! The mind is full of love, it is empty at its own pace (that is, void of resolution-choice and chanclya). On that occasion, Kewat (Nishadraj) endured and bowed with folded hands and started praying.

Hey Nath! All mothers, townspeople, servants, generals, ministers – all have come distraught with your disconnection with Muninath Vashistha.

Hearing the arrival of the Guru, the sea of Sheel, Shri Ramchandraji placed Shatrughnaji near Sitaji and he walked with great speed, Dharmadhurandhar, Deendayalu Shri Ramchandraji at the same time.

After seeing Guruji, Lord Ramchandraji along with Laxmanji was filled with love and started bowing prostrately. Munishrestha Vashistha ran and engaged him with his heart and he met the two brothers in love.

Then Kevat (Nishadraj), pulsed with love, prostrated himself to Vashistha from afar with his name. Sage Vashistha forcibly embraced Ramsakha and took him to heart. As if you have absorbed love while rolling on the ground.

Devotion to Shri Raghunathji is the origin of beautiful forests, thus saying that the deity started showering flowers from the sky. They started saying – there is absolutely no one like it in the world and who is as big as Vasishtha?

Seeing the (Nishad), Muniraj, Vasishthaji met him more than Laxmanji, and was happy with him. All this is the direct brilliance and impact of the hymn of Sitapati Shri Ramchandraji.

Lord Shri Ramji of mercy, sweetheart, made everyone sad (distraught to meet). Then the one who was willing to meet, keeping that kind of attitude (according to his interest).

He met with everyone, including Laxmanji, in a moment, and removed their grief and hard anguish. This is not a big deal for Shri Ramchandraji. For example, in millions of pitches, the (different) shadow (image) of the same sun is seen simultaneously.

All the priests meet in love and appreciate the (his) fate. Shri Ramchandraji saw all the mothers sad. As if the rows of beautiful vines have been reared

Ramji first met Kaikeyi and dented his intellect with his simple nature and devotion. Then by falling at the feet, Shri Ramji consoled him by putting blame on the head of Kaal, Karma and the Creator.

Then Mr. Raghunathji met all the mothers. He made everyone understand and extinguished that hey mother! The world is under God. No one should be blamed

Then the two brothers worshiped the feet of Guruji’s wife Arundhatiji, including the women of the Brahmins, who had come with Bharatji, and respected them like Gangaji and Gauriji. They all started to give blessings with gentle speech.

Then the two brothers held their feet and clung to Sumitraji’s lap. As if you have met the property of a very poor person. Then both brothers fell at the feet of Mother Kausalyaji. All their limbs are relaxed due to love.

With great affection, the mother took him to the heart and bathed him with the water of prematures flowing from his eyes. How can the poet describe the joy and sadness of that time? Like how to tell a dumb taste?

Shri Raghunathji, along with his younger brother Lakshmanji, met the mother Kausalya and told the Guru to visit the ashram. Later, after getting permission from Munishwar Vashistha, all the people of Ayodhya got down after seeing the beauty of water and land.

Brahmins, ministers, mothers and gurus etc. were accompanied by selected people, Bharatji, Lakshmanji and Shri Raghunathji went to the holy ashram.

When Sita came, Muni shook the feet of Shrestha Vashistha and asked for the appropriate blessing. Then along with the wives of the sages, the Guru met the wife Arundhatiji. His love was not called.

Sitaji worshiped all his feet separately and found blessings that seemed dear (favorable) to his heart. When Sukumari Sitaji saw all the mothers-in-law, then she closed her eyes with excitement.

(Seeing the bad condition of the mothers-in-law) They felt as if the flamingo had fallen into the power of the bade. (Started thinking in mind) What did the Kuchali creator do? He also got very sad seeing Sitaji. (Thought) whatever divine help we have to endure.

Then Janaki ji endured in the heart, filled water in her eyes like Neel Kamal and met all the in-laws. At that time, compassion (compassion) came on the earth.

Sita is lovingly meeting everyone’s feet with utmost love, and all the mothers-in-law are lovingly blessing her with the heart that you be full of happiness (that is, always stay good luck).

Sitaji and all the queens are distraught with affection. Then the learned Guru asked everyone to sit down. Then Muninath Vashistha called the movement of the world as myik (ie the world is of Maya, there is nothing constant in it, saying so).

Subsequently, Vashisthaji spoke of King Dasarathaji’s heaven movement. Hearing this, Raghunathji found sorrow sad and thinking of his affection towards him as the reason for his death, Dheeradhurandhar Shri Ramchandraji became very distraught.

Hearing a harsh, bitter voice like Vajra, Lakshmanji, Sitaji and all the queens started mourning. The whole society became very distraught with mourning! As if the king were dead today

Then Munishrestha Vasisthaji explained to Shri Ramji. Then he took a bath in Mandakiniji, the best river along with the society. On that day Lord Shri Ramchandraji fasted waterless. Even at the behest of Muni Vashistha, no one took water.

On the second day, when Lord Vashistha gave orders to Shree Raghunathji, Lord Ramchandraji did all the work with reverence and devotion.

According to the Vedas, according to the action of the father, Shri Ramchandraji, who destroyed the darkness of sin, was purified! Whose name is fire for (immediately burning) sin, and whose remembrance is the origin of all auspicious forests.

They (eternal pure-Buddha), Lord Shri Ramji became pure! Such is the opinion of the sadhus that their purification is the same as Gangaji is cleansed by the call of pilgrimages! (Gangaji is pure by nature, the pilgrimages that are invoked in him, on the contrary, they are purified by coming into contact with Gangaji. Similarly, Shri Ram is always pure in the form of Sachidanand; Karma is purified by his association. .) When two days were purified, Shri Ramchandraji spoke to Guruji with Preity.

Hey Nath! Everyone is grieving here. The tubers feed on the origin, fruits and water only. Seeing Bharat, brothers and ministers and all the mothers including brother Shatrughan, I am passing every moment like an era.

So with all of you come to Ayodhyapuri (go back). You are here and the king is in Amravati (heaven) (Ayodhya is deserted)! I have said a lot, it has done all this. Hey Gosain! Do as appropriate.

(Vasishthaji said-) O Ram! You are the bridge of religion and the abode of mercy, why don’t you say so? People are sad. Enjoy peace by seeing you for two days.

The whole society became frightened after hearing the words of Shri Ramji. It is as if the ship has drifted in the middle sea, but when they heard Guru Vashistha’s excellent voice, it was as if the wind was favorable for that ship.

Everybody bathes in the holy Payaswini river (or in the holy waters of the Payaswini river) for three times (in the morning, noon and evening), due to which the groups of sins are destroyed and by bowing down to the idol of Sri Mangal Look at them with full eyes.

Everyone goes to see Shri Ramachandraji’s mountain (Kamadgiri) and the forest, where all the pleasures are there and all the sorrows are lacking. Waterfalls are water springs like nectar and three types of (cool, dull, fragrant) air defy all three types of (spiritual, semi-physical, semi-spiritual) temperatures.

There are innumerable caste trees, vines and trunks and many kinds of fruits, flowers and leaves. There are beautiful rocks. The shade of trees is pleasing. Who can describe the beauty of the forest?

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To explain Shri Ramji to Lakshmanji and to say the glory of Bharatji

To explain Shri Ramji to Lakshmanji and to say the glory of Bharatji

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