Bharatji’s pilgrimage water establishment and Chitrakoot tour

Bharatji’s pilgrimage water establishment and Chitrakoot tour –Atriji then told Bharatji – There is a beautiful well near this mountain. Establish this holy, anupam and nectar-like pilgrim water in it.

Bharatji, after getting the permission of Artrimuni, sent all the vessels of water and you went there with the younger brother Shatrughan, Atri Muni and other saints and saints, where he was a bottomless well.
And put that holy water in that holy place. Then Atri Rishi said in exultation with love – O Tat! This is the eternal site. It was omitted from chronology, so no one knew about it.
Then (Bharati’s) servants saw that watery place and made a special well for that beautiful (of the pilgrims) water. The world was benefited with divine help. The idea of religion which was extremely inaccessible (by the influence of this coup) became smooth.
Now people will call it Bharatkup. By the coincidence of the water of the pilgrimages, it became very holy. In this, after bathing lovingly, beings will be purified with mind, word and deed.
Saying the glory of the well, everyone went to where Shri Raghunathji was. Atriji narrated the virtuous effect of that shrine to Shri Raghunathji.
Lovingly, history says that the night passed happily and became dawn. Bharata-Shatrughna, by completing the routine action of both the brothers, after getting the permission of Shri Ramji, Atriji and Guru Vasishthaji,
Everyone, including the society, walked on foot to tour (pradakshina) of Shri Ramji in the forest. Seeing that there are soft feet and walking without shoes, seeing this, the earth became soft and relaxed.
Hiding bitter, hard and bad things like kush, thorns, cucumber, cracks etc., the earth made a beautiful and gentle path. Along with the pleasures (soothing), the air is soft, dim, fragrant.
When even an ordinary person (with laziness) utters ‘Rama’ while yielding, all the attainments are accessible, then it is not a big (surprise) thing for Shri Ramchandraji’s soul beloved Bharatji.
In this way, Bharatji is staying in the forest again. Munis are also compelled to see their rules and love. Places of holy water (river, baoli, pool, etc.), isolated parts of the earth, birds, animals, trees, trunks (grasses), mountains, forests and gardens.
Seeing all the particularly beautiful, bizarre, holy and divine, Bharatji asks and after listening to his question, Rishiraj Atriji says with a happy heart the cause, name, virtue and virtuous effect of everyone.
Bharatji takes a bath somewhere, praises somewhere, visits some beautiful places, and somewhere sits on the orders of Muni Atriji, remembers Sri Rama-Lakshmana, both brothers including Sitaji ॥3॥. So there seemed to be more profit and less loss, but the queens had the same sadness (happiness should remain in Rama-Laxman forest or Bharata-Shatrughna, the separation of two sons), realizing that they all started crying.
Seeing the nature, love and beautiful service of Bharatji, the deity is blessed and blessed. In this way, after two and a half days, we return and come and see the feet of Lord Raghunathji.
Bharatji saw all the pilgrimage places in five days. The beautiful glory of Lord Vishnu and Mahadevji while listening and saying that (fifth) day also passed, it was evening.
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