Bharatji’s Prayag and Bharat Bharadwaj Dialogue

Bharatji’s Prayag and Bharat Bharadwaj Dialogue  -Saying joy in love, Sitaram and Sitaram, Bharatji entered Prayag in the third quarter How the blisters glow at their feet like dew drops on a lotus bud. Bharatji has come on foot today, the whole society became sad after hearing this news.

When Bharatji came to know that everyone had taken bath, he came to Triveni and bowed to him. Then methodically (of Ganga-Yamuna) bathed in white and black water and donated and honored the Brahmins.
Because Seeing the waves of black and white (Yamunaji and Gangaji), Bharatji’s body got pulsed and he folded his hands and said – O Tirtharaj! You are about to fulfill all wishes. Your influence is famous in the Vedas and manifested in the world.
 So I leave my religion (Kshatriya religion not asking) and beg of you. What malicious act does not Arta do? Knowing this in the heart, Sujan Uttam Dani makes the voice of the person asking in the world successful (ie, the one who asks, he gives the sleep).
I am neither interested in desire (desire) nor religion, nor work, nor do I want salvation. In birth after birth, I have love at the feet of Shri Ramji, that’s all, I ask for this boon, nothing else.
Even Shri Ramchandraji himself may consider me to be crooked and people may call me Gurudrohi and Swami malevolent, but at the feet of Shri Sita-Ramji, my love will continue to grow day by day with your grace.
The cloud may forget the chaatak throughout its birth and if it wants to drop the thunderbolt and stone (hail) on asking for water, but the decrease in the rattan of the chaatak will only decrease it (reputation will be destroyed). It is good for him to grow in love all the way.
Just as austerity brings gold (brightness) to sleep, in the same way, the love of the servant increases the pride of the lover by loving the law of love at the feet of the beloved. Hearing the words of Bharatji, there was a soft voice giving beautiful Mars from the middle of the Triveni.
Hey Tat Bharat! You are a monk in every way. At the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, you have a great love. You are in vain in guilt. There is no one dear to you like Shri Ramchandraji.
So Hearing the favorable word of Triveniji, Bharatji’s body flushed, there was joy in his heart. Bharatji is blessed, saying that the deity was happy and started showering flowers.
 Because The Vanaprastha, Brahmachari, householder, and indifferent (ascetic) living in Tirtha Raja Prayag are all very happy and together say ten to five that the love and modesty of Bharatji are holy and true.
Because Listening to the beautiful quality groups of Shri Ramchandraji, he came to Munishreshtha Bhardwajji. The sage saw Bharatji bowing prostrately and considered him his idolized good fortune.
He ran and picked Bharatji and took it to his heart and gave his blessings with gratitude. The sage gave him a seat. They sit in such a way as if they want to run away and enter the house of hesitation.
There is a big-thinking in his mind that the sage will ask something (so what answer will I give). So Seeing the modesty and shyness of Bharatji, the sage said – Bharata! So  Listen, we have all received the news. Because Nothing beats the duty of the creator.
By not understanding (remembering) the handiwork of the mother, do not defame the heart. Hey Tat There is no fault of Kaikeyi, Saraswati was spoiled by his intellect.
Nobody would say it well, because both folk and Vedas are accepted by scholars, but O Tat! By singing your pure fame, both the folk and the Vedas will boast.
This is valid for both folk and Vedas, and everyone says that only the father who gives the kingdom gets it. King Satyavrati used to call you and give you the kingdom, then you would get happiness, religion would prevail and be magnified.
Because The root of all the misfortune is the exodus of Shri Ramchandraji, which caused the whole world to hear. He also became dependent on Shri Rama. The unhappy queen misguided and repented at the end.
Even in that, if you say even a little crime, then it is half, ignorant and inauspicious. Even if you ruled, you would not be guilty. Hearing this, Shri Ramchandraji also felt satisfied.
So Hey Bharata!  Because Now you have done very well, this opinion was right for you. So  Love at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji is the root of all the beautiful forests in the world.
So that (love of the feet of Shri Ramachandraji) is your wealth, life, and life, who is a big partner like you? Hey Tat It is not surprising for you, because you are the son of Dashrathji and the beloved brother of Shri Ramchandraji.
SO Hey Bharata!Because  Listen, there is no other love character like you in Shri Ramchandra’s mind. So Laxmanji, Shri Ramji, and Sitaji spent the whole night admiring you with great love on that day.
While in Bath in Prayagraj, I knew his heart. Because They were engrossed in your love.Because You have the same (unfathomable) affection of Shri Ramchandraji, as the foolish (sensual) man has a happy life in the world.
This is not the great glory of Shri Raghunathji, because Shri Raghunathji is going to raise a family of refugees. So Hey Bharata!Because I am of the opinion that you are as if the body is the love of Shri Ramji.
So Hey Bharata! For you (in your understanding) this is stigma, but for all of us, there is preaching. This time has become Ganesha (very auspicious) for the accomplishment of Sri Rambhakti juice.
Because The Chakwa in the form of the Trilokya will have great love on this famous moon and the glorious sun of Lord Shri Ramchandraji will not kill its image.Because  This moon will always give happiness to everyone day and night. So  Rahu in the form of Kaikeyi’s misdeed will not erase it.
So This moon is filled with the nectar of the beautiful love of Shri Ramchandraji. Because  It is not corrupted by the blame of insult to the Guru. Because You created the moon like this fame and made the nectar accessible on the earth. So Now devotees of Shri Ramji should be satisfied with this nectar.
 Because King Bhagiratha brought Gangaji, the memory of Jin (Gangaji) is the mine of all the beautiful forests. Because The quality groups of Dasharathaji cannot be described at all, what else, there is no equal in the world.
Whose love and hesitation (modesty) came to reveal himself (Sachchidanandaghan), Lord Shri Rama, whom Shri Mahadevji could never see before the eyes of his heart (that is, in whose form Shivji was never satisfied by looking at the heart).
(But more than that) you have produced the Anupam Moon in the form of Kirti, in which Shri Rama Prem resides as a deer (sign). So, Hey Tat, You are defying your heart in vain. Even So  after getting the paras, you are afraid of poverty!
So Hey Bharata! Because Listen, we don’t lie. So We are indifferent (do not favor anyone), are ascetic (do not say anything to anyone’s face), and live in the forest (with nothing to do with anyone). Because We got the best fruit of all means, the philosophy of Lakshmanji, Shri Ramji, and Sitaji.
Because (Shree Ramdarshan form including Sita-Lakshman) This is your philosophy, the ultimate fruit of that great fruit! So We have a big fortune including Prayagraj. Because of Hey Bharata! So You are blessed, you have conquered the world with your fame. Because Saying this, the sage fell in love.
Because The councilor was pleased to hear the words of Bharadwaj Muni. So The Gods showered flowers by praising them as ‘Sadhus-Sadhus’.Because Hearing the sound of ‘Blessed, Blessed’ in the sky and in Prayagraj, Bharatji is engrossed in love.
So Bharatji’s body pulls it, there is Sri Sita-Ramji in the heart and the eye (like Premashru) is filled with water like a lotus. Because He bowed to the congregation of sages and said the words Gada-4.
There is a society of sages and then a pilgrim. There is also a lot of harm by eating true aroma here. If something is said to be made in this place, then there will be no great sin and inferiority like this.
Because I say it honestly. So  You are omniscient and Shri Raghunathji is a person deep within your heart (if I say anything untrue, you cannot be hidden from them). I do not think of doing anything for Mother Kaikeyi nor do I feel sad about the fact that the world will consider me inferior.
Nor is my fear that my hereafter will be spoiled, nor do I grieve for the death of my father, because his beautiful virtue and grace are beautiful all over the world. Because  He found sons like Shri Ram-Laxman.
Then who has to think about such a king, who gave up his fleeting body against Sri Ramachandraji? SO (Thinking about this) Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji, and Sita Ji walk in the forest one-on-one, without wearing a sage in their feet.
Because They wear vulgar clothes, eat fruits, sleep by laying kush and leaves on the earth, and live under the trees to endure constant cold, heat, rain, and wind.
So This chest of jealousy keeps on burning my chest continuously. I neither feel hungry during the day nor sleep at night. I have searched the whole world in my mind, but the medicine of this disease is nowhere.
Because Mother’s kumat (bad idea) is the original carpenter of sins. So  He made a basin of our Made him a dog of mischief in the form of discord and after reading a difficult Kumantra for a period of fourteen years, he buried it. So (Here the mother’s illiteracy is the carpenter, Bharata is the state busula, Rama’s exile is the kyantra and the period of fourteen years is Kumantra)
Even so  For me, he created all this kuthat (bad instrument) and destroyed the whole world by barhabat (shattered). This Kuyoga can be eradicated only after the return of Shri Ramchandraji and only then Ayodhya can be settled, by no other means.
BEcause Hearing the words of Bharatji, the sage found happiness and everyone praised him in many ways. So  (Muni said-) O Tat! So Do not over-think. All grief will be eradicated as soon as you see the feet of Shri Ramchandraji.

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