Bhishma-abhimanyu slaughter -Mahabharata

Bhishma-Abhimanyu slaughter

Bhishma-Abhimanyu slaughter -From the very first day, the war of Mahabharata started in a terrible way. The war on the eighth day was also heavy. On this day Maharthi Irawan, son of Arjuna’s second wife Ulupi, was killed.

Arjun became very angry with his death. He destroyed a vast army of Kauravas. Seeing today’s fierce war, Duryodhana went to Karna. Karna consoles him that when Bhishma ends, he will end the Pandavas with his divine weapons.

Duryodhana also went to Bhishma Pitamah and said- “Pitamah, it seems you are not fighting hard. If you are supporting the Pandavas within yourself, then let me make Karna the commander.” Bhishma Pitamah said to Duryodhana- “The warrior fights till the end. You have seen the valor of Karna in Virat Nagar. I will leave nothing to the battle of tomorrow.”

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Arjuna was also injured by Bhishma’s arrows on the ninth day of the war. Shri Krishna’s parts also fell into disrepair. Shri Krishna, forgetting his vow, picked up a wheel of chariot and ran to kill Bhishma. Arjuna too jumped from the chariot and clung to Krishna’s feet. It was evening and the war ended.

Yudhishthira consulted Krishna at night. Krishna said- “Why don’t we ask Bhishma the way to overcome them.” Shri Krishna and the Pandavas reached Bhishma. Bhishma said that “As long as I am alive, the Kaurava Paksha is invincible.

Bhishma Pitamah revealed the secret of his death. Shikhandi, son of Drupada, is a woman of previous birth. He did penance to Shiva for my slaughter. He was born as a girl in Drupada’s house but became male again from the demon’s groom. If Arjuna shoots an arrow at me, I will not fire.

On the tenth day of the war, Shikhandi stood in front of Bhishma Pitamah on behalf of the Pandavas, upon seeing Bhishma gave up the weapon. At the behest of Shri Krishna, Arjuna, with the guise of Shikhandi, dismembered Bhishma with his arrows and he fell down from the chariot, but not on earth, but on the bed of arrows.

There was chaos on both sides as soon as Bhishma fell. Both Kauravas and Pandavas started mourning. Bhishma said- “My head is hanging, remedy it.” Duryodhana brought a pillow, but Arjuna hit three arrows under Bhishma’s head in such a way that they became the base of the head.

Then Bhishma said – “I am thirsty”. Duryodhana asked for water in a gold vessel, but Bhishma looked again towards Arjuna. Arjuna hit an arrow on the earth, causing a clean water stream to burst and fall on Bhishma’s mouth. After drinking the water, Bhishma ordered the Kaurava-Pandavas to go and said- “I will give up my life when the sun is Uttarayan.”

Hearing the news of Bhishma falling on Shashiya, Karna forgot his enmity and went to meet Bhishma. He bowed to the grandfather. Bhishma blessed Karna and explained that the war can stop if you want. Duryodhana understands that with your help he will be victorious, but it is not possible to win Arjuna. You explain to Duryodhana. You are the brother of the Pandavas and the son of Kunti. Make peace on both sides. Karna said- “Father, now the struggle has reached far. I am now the son of Sut Adhirath, who has raised me.” Having said this, Karna returned to his camp. (Bhishma-Abhimanyu slaughter)

When Duryodhana was distraught with grief after Bhishma fell on his bed, Acharya Dronacharya assumed the charge of generalship. On the other hand, celebrating the joy, the army of Pandavas became the Dhritadhyuman commanders. Both of them had a fierce war, which was to increase the population of Yamlok.

Chakravyuh was created to capture Yudhishthira by Guru Dronacharya, the commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army in the thirteenth-day war. On the Pandava side, only Shri Krishna and Arjuna knew the Chakravyuh penetrations. But on that day, the Trisht Naresh brothers took him far away from the site of Chakravyuh while fighting.

Trigat was a kingdom under the rule of Duryodhana. Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu knew only to enter the Chakravyuh, he did not know to leave. Chakravyuh Bhedan Abhimanyu had heard when he was in his mother’s womb and his father Arjuna was explaining this method to his mother, but he could not know how to get out of the Chakravyuh as his mother slept.

As soon as Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh, Sindhu Naresh Jayadratha blocked the entryway and did not allow other Pandavas to enter. Now Abhimanyu fell alone in the enemy cycle. He fought valiantly even when he was alone and he single-handedly defeated the great warriors of the Kaurava army, including Karna, Drona, and Duryodhana himself.

Karna and Duryodhana decided to kill Abhimanyu as instructed by Guru Drona. They all forgot the rules of war and started attacking Abhimanyu together. Karna fired an arrow and broke Abhimanyu’s bow and a wheel of a chariot, causing him to fall to the ground and the other Kauravas attacked him.

Everyone surrounded him and put Abhimanyu to sleep. At the end of the war, when Arjuna finds out that Jayadratha has the biggest hand in killing Abhimanyu, he vows that “before the sunset of the next day, he will kill Jayadratha, otherwise he will take fire.” (Bhishma-abhimanyu slaughter)

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