Birth Of Bheeshm And Akhand Vow Story From Mahabharat

Birth of Bheeshm and Akhand Vow Story from Mahabharat

Birth Of Bheeshm And Akhand Vow –Once Maharat Pratipa of Hastinapur was doing penance on the banks of the Ganges. Fascinated by his beauty, Ganga sat on his thigh. Ganga said- “O Rajan! I am the daughter of Rishi Ganga and have come to marry you.” On this Maharaj Pratip said – “Ganges! You are sitting on my right thigh. The wife should be Vamangi, the right thigh is the symbol of the son, so I accept you as my daughter-in-law.” On hearing this, Ganga went away.

Now Maharaja Pratip started doing intense penance to get a son. As a result of his tenacity, he received a son, whom he named Shantanu.

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When Shantanu was young, Maharaja Pratipa went to heaven by ordering him to marry Ganga. To follow his father’s order, Shantanu went to Ganga and requested him to marry her.

Ganga said- “Rajan! I can marry you, but you have to promise that you will not interfere in any of my work.” Shantanu got married as promised by Ganga and married him. Maharaj Shantanu had eight sons from the womb of Ganga, out of which seven were taken away by Ganga in the river Ganges and due to their promise, Maharaj Shantanu could not speak anything. When Ganga had an eighth son and she also took him to the river for shed, King Shantanu did not stay away and he said, “Ganga! You shed my seven sons in the river, but according to your promise I have nothing Said. Now you are going to shed this eighth son of mine too. I pray you, please do not shed it in the river. ”

After listening to Maharaj Shantanu, Ganga said- “Rajan! You have broken your vow, so I can no longer be with you.” After saying this, Ganga became pregnant with her son. After that Maharaj Shantanu spent thirty-six years wearing Brahmacharya fast. Then one day he went to the banks of the Ganges and said to Ganga – “Ganges! Today I want to see the child whom you took with you.” Ganga appeared in the form of a beautiful woman with the child and said- “Rajan! This is your son and its name is ‘Devavrata’, take it. It will be a mighty and a scholar as well. In Parasrama this Parashurama Will be like. ” Maharaj Shantanu was very happy to find his son Devavrata and brought him with him to Hastinapur and declared him crown prince.

One day Maharaj Shantanu was walking on the banks of Yamuna that he saw a beautiful girl riding a boat in the river. Smell was coming out of his limbs. The Maharaj asked the girl- “O devi! Who are you?” The girl told- “Maharaj! My name is Satyavati and I am a Nishad girl.” Shantanu regained her form and reached her father immediately and proposed her marriage to Satyavati. Nishad said on this – “Rajan! I have no objection to my daughter marrying you, but you have to make only the son born of my daughter’s womb the heir to your kingdom.” On hearing these words of Nishad, Maharaj Shantanu returned quietly to Hastinapur. King Shantanu became distraught due to his separation with Satyavati. His body became weaker day by day. Seeing this condition of Maharaj, Devavrata got worried. When he came to know about the reason of this type of father’s condition by the ministers, he immediately went to Nishad’s house with all the ministers and he said to Nishad- “O Nishad! You are happy to marry your daughter Satyavati with my father Shantanu. Let me do it. I promise you that every child born from the womb of your daughter will be the heir of the state. Later on, none of my children should take away the rights of your daughter’s children, for this reason I pledge that I will be born. Will stay single. ”

Listening to this pledge of Devavrata, Nishad folded his hands and said – “O Devvrat! This promise of yours is unprecedented.” Having said this, Nishad immediately sent his daughter Satyavati along with Devavrata and his ministers to Hastinapur. Devavrata brought his mother Satyavati and handed it over to her father Shantanu. The father was pleased and said to the son, “Watts! You have pledged paternity, such as no one has done till today, nor will in future. I give you a boon that you will die by your will.” “Because of your vows, you will be called ‘Bhishma’ and your pledge will always be known as ‘Bhishma Pledge’.”

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