Birth Of Dhritrashtra

Birth Of Dhritrashtra, Pandu & Vidur Story From Mahabharat

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Birth Of Dhritrashtra, Pandu & Vidur Story From Mahabharat

Birth Of Dhritrashtra –Satyavati had two sons named Chitrangad and Vichitravirya after her marriage to Maharaj Shantanu. Shantanu died in the childhood of Chitrangad and Vichitravirya, so he was raised by Bhishma. Bhishma placed Chitrangad on the throne of Hastinapur when he was young, but in a short period of time Chitrangad died while fighting against Gandharvas. At this Bhishma handed over the kingdom to his Anuj Vichitravirya. Now Bhishma was worried about the marriage of Vichitravirya.

At the same time, the three girls of Kashiraj – Amba, Ambika and Ambalaika were about to be swayamvara. Going to his swayamvara, Bhishma alone defeated all the kings who came there and after killing all the three girls, brought them to Hastinapur.

The elder daughter Amba told Bhishma that she had given her body and heart to King Shalva. Hearing her, Bhishma sent her to King Shalva and got Ambika and Ambalika married to Vichitravirya.

King Shalva did not accept Amba, he said- “He does not accept the lost thing.” So she returned to Hastinapur and said to Bhishma – “Hey Arya! You have brought me everything, so you marry me.” But Bhishma did not accept his request because of his promise. Amba was angry and went to Parashurama and told him about his agony and asked for help.

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Maharishi Parshuram said to Amba – “Oh God! Do not worry, I will get you married with Bhishma.” Parshuram sent Bhishma, but Bhishma did not go to him. Angry at this, Parashurama reached Bhishma and a terrible war broke out between the two heroes. Both were unprecedented warriors, so the victory and victory could not be decided. Eventually the gods intervened and stopped this war. Disappointed, Amba went to do penance in the forest.

After marriage, Vichitravirya got engaged in indulgence with both her queens, but both of them had no children and died of tuberculosis. Now fearing total annihilation, Satyavati said to Bhishma one day – “Son! To save this dynasty from being destroyed, I command you to produce a son from these two queens.” Hearing Mata, Bhishma said – “Mother! I cannot break my vows under any circumstances.” Mother Satyavati felt very sad to hear this. Suddenly he remembered his son Ved Vyasa born of Maharishi Parashar. As soon as he remembered, Ved Vyas appeared there. Satyavati looked at them and said- “O son! All your brothers have gone childless. Therefore, to save my offspring from perishing, I command you to produce children from their wives.” Ved Vyas obeyed and said – “Mother! Tell them both of them that they keep following the fast for a year, then they will conceive.”

After a year had passed, Ved Vyasa first went to the elder queen Ambika. Ambika closed her eyes due to fear of his glory. After returning to Ved Vyas, he said to the mother – “Mother will be a great son of Ambika, but he will be blind due to defect of closing eyes.” Satyavati was very sad to hear this and sent Ved Vyas to the younger queen Ambalika. Ambalika was pale in fear upon seeing Ved Vyasa. On returning from her room, Ved Vyas said to Satyavati – “Mother! Ambalika will have a son suffering from Pandu disease from her womb.” This made Mata Satyavati even more sad and she ordered the elder queen Ambalika to go to Ved Vyas again. This time the elder queen did not go herself and sent her handmaid to Ved Vyas.

The maid made her enjoy the Ved Vyas with joy. This time Ved Vyas came to Mother Satyavati and said- “Mother! This maid’s womb will produce a very moral son who is well versed in Veda-Vedanta.” After saying this, Ved Vyas went to do penance. When the time came, Dhritarashtra was born from Ambika’s womb, Pandu suffering from Pandu disease from Ambalika’s womb, and Dharmatma Vidur from Maid’s womb.

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