Birth of Ravanadi,penance and his opulence and atrocities

Birth of Ravanadi –(Yajnavalkyaji says-) O Bharadwaj! Listen, when the creator is opposite, then for him, the dust becomes like Sumeru mountain (heavy and crushing), like father Yama (calorific) and rope-like snake (biting).

Hey, monkey! Listen, with the time, he became a demon named Ravana with the king’s family. He had ten heads and twenty arms and was a very strong knight.

The king’s younger brother, named Arimardan, became Kumbhakarna, the abode of force. His minister, whose name was Dharmruchi, became Ravana’s half-younger brother.

His name was Vibhishan, which the whole world knows. He was a Vishnubhakta and a repository of knowledge and all those who were the sons and servants of the king became great monsters.

They were of many castes, arbitrary, wicked, devious, fierce, irrational, merciless, violent, sinful, and sorrow all over the world, they cannot be described.

Although they originated in the holy, serene, and unique family of the sage Pulastya, they all became sinful due to the curse of the Brahmins.

The three brothers performed many kinds of very difficult austerities, which cannot be described. (His fiery) Seeing the tenacity, Brahmaji went to him and said – O Tat! I am happy, ask for it.

Ravana humbly and holding the stage said – O Jagadishwar! Listen, apes, and humans – except these two nations, we should not die for anyone else. (Give this bridesmaid).

(Shiva says that-) I and Brahma together gave him a boon that this should be so, you have done great penance. Then Brahmaji went to Kumbhakarna. Seeing him, he was very surprised.

If this wicked diet continues, the whole world will become desolate. (Thinking so), Brahmaji changed Saraswati’s mind by inspiring him. (From which) he asked for six months of sleep.

Then Brahmaji went to Vibhishana and said- O son! Ask for the groom. He asked for the serene (pure and unique) love in the feet of the Lord.

Brahma left for him and he (the three brothers) returned to his home with a joyful hacker. The girl named Mandodari of Maya Demon was the supreme beauty and the woman was the Shiromani.

Maya brought it to Ravana. He knew that it would be the king of demons. Ravan was pleased to find a good woman and then he went and married the two brothers.

In the middle of the sea, there was a huge fort built of Brahma on the mountain called Trikuta. (The great elusive and accomplished artisan) Maya demon punished him again. There were countless palaces of gold studded with jewels in it.

Just as Nagkul’s residence (in Hades) is Bhogavati Puri and Indra’s living (in Swargalok) is Amaravati Puri, more beautiful than that and it was fortified. His name Lanka became famous in the world.

It is surrounded by a very deep moat of the sea. There is a strong gold plate studded with the beads of that (fortification), whose workmanship cannot be described.

Due to the inspiration of God, the one who is the king of demons (Ravana), the same Shur, the majestic, the incomparable strongman, resides in Puri with his army.

(Earlier) there used to be great warrior demons. The gods killed them all in the war. Now, with the inspiration of Indra, there are one crore guards (Yakshas) of Kubera.

Ravana got such news somewhere, then he decorated the army and surrounded the fort. Seeing that great warrior and his large army, Yaksha fled with his life.

Then Ravana wandered and saw the whole city. His (locational) anxiety was erased and he felt very happy. Ravana established his capital thereby estimating that Puri as naturally beautiful and inaccessible (to those outside).

Ravana made all the demons happy by dividing the houses according to merit. Once he ran over Kubera and brought Pushpak Vimana by winning it.

Then he went (once) in the mess and lifted the Mount Kailas and as if weighed the strength of his arms, he went away from there after getting great pleasure.

Happiness, wealth, sons, army, helpers, Jai, Pratap, force, wisdom, and bravery – all these new ones (like that) kept on growing, as greed increases on every profit.

His brother-like Kumbhakarna was very strong, whose warrior was not born in the world. He used to drink alcohol and used to sleep for six months. As soon as he woke up, there was panic in all the three worlds.

If he used to eat every day, then the whole world would soon collapse. Randhir was such that cannot be described. (In Lanka) He had such many powerful heroes.

Meghnad was the elder boy of Ravana, the number one among the warriors of the world. No one could face him in Ran. There was a daily stampede (in fear of him) in heaven.

(Apart from these) there were many warriors like Gurmukh, Akampan, Vajradanta, Comet, and Atikayya, etc., who alone could conquer the whole world.

All the demons could create arbitrary forms and knew (Asuri) Maya. His mercy-religion was not even in the dream. Once while sitting in the assembly, Ravana saw his uncountable family.

Son and grandson, Kutumbi, and servants were heaps of heaps. Who could have counted the (whole) castes of demons! Seeing his army, Ravana, arrogant by nature, uttered a voice rooted in anger and pride.

O parties of all demons! Listen, the gods are our enemies. They do not fight in front of them. Seeing the powerful enemy, he runs away.

They can be killed by one solution, I say by explaining. Now listen to him. (Those who increase their strength) Brahmin food, Yagya, Havan, and Shraadh – go and interrupt them.

Deceased and powerless with hunger, the gods will come easily to you. Then I will kill them or leave them under my control (completely subjugated).

So Then he summoned Meghnad and by teaching and encouraging his force and enmity towards the gods. (Then said-) O, son! Gods who are cold and strong in battle and who have the pride to fight.

Winning and tying them up in battle. The sun rose up and obeyed the father’s command. Similarly, he gave orders to everyone and you too walked away with mace in your hand.

The earth began to tremble as Ravana walked and the roaring of the devarnis began to happen. Hearing Ravana coming in anger, the Gods held the caves of Sumeru mountain (ran away and took shelter of the caves of Sumeru).

Ravana found all the beautiful realms of the dikpalas deserted. He used to repeatedly humiliate the deities by humming heavy lions.

He drunkenly ran around the world searching for the warrior of his pair, but he could not find such a warrior. All officials like Sun, Moon, Air, Varuna, Kubera, Agni, Kaal, and Yama, etc.

Kinnar, Siddha, man, deity, and snake – he stubbornly fell behind (he did not let anyone sit peacefully). As far as the men and women were in the creation of Brahmaji, all were subjected to Ravana.

All of them obeyed his orders in fear and always came and humbly bowed their heads at his feet.

He subdued the whole world with the help of arms, he did not let anyone remain independent. (Thus) Ravana, the Shiromani (universal emperor) of the Mandalika kings, reigned as he wished.

He conquered the gods, Yakshas, Gandharvas, human beings, eunuchs and serpents, and many other beautiful and noblewomen by the strength of his arms and got married.

He (Meghnad) had already done what he said to Meghnad (as if it was too late for Ravana to say, he did not delay at all in obedience.) Whom (Ravana told Meghnad) had already commanded He had given, listen to the misdeeds he did.

All the groups of demons were very terrible to see, sinners, and grieving gods. They used to cause trouble to groups of asuras and took many forms from Maya.

Just as the root of religion was cut off, they all did the same work against the Vedas. Wherever they used to find Go and Brahmins, they set fire to the same city, village, and east.

There was no auspicious behavior (Brahmin food, yagna, shradh, etc.) anywhere (due to their fear). Nobody believed the deity, Brahmin, and Guru. There was neither hallucination nor sacrifice, penance, and knowledge. The Vedas and Puranas were not even heard in the dream.

If Ravana could hear the ears of (Gods) participating in chanting, yoga, asceticism, penance, and yajna, he would get up at the same time. Nothing could remain, he would capture everyone and destroy it. Such corrupt conduct spread in the world that religion was not heard in the ears, whoever used to say Vedas and Puranas, would give him a lot of tragedy and throw him out of the country.

The terrible atrocities that the demons committed, cannot be described. Whose love is on violence, what is the location of their sins?

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