Brahmin Saint Vandana Ram Charit Manas

Brahmin Saint Vandana


Brahmin Saint Vandana- First I worship the feet of the Gods of the earth, who are about to defeat all doubts arising out of ignorance. Then I salute the Khan community of all virtues with love and beautiful speech.

The character of saints is as auspicious as the character (life) of cotton, whose fruit is dull, vivid, and virtuous. (Cotton’s dodgy is monotonous, the saint character is not sensationalism, it is also monotonous, the cotton is bright, the saint’s heart is also devoid of ignorance and the darkness of sin.

so it is vivid and the quality in cotton ( Filaments), similarly the character of the saint is also a repository of virtues, so it is virtuous.) (Like a cotton thread covering the needle pierced with its own body, or like cotton being loosened, cut, and Even after suffering the weft, it transforms into the secret places of others, in the form of cloth, similarly) the saint himself covers the holes (doshas) of others by suffering, due to which he has attained pious fame in the world.

The society of saints is blissful and well-being, which is the pilgrimage (Prayag) in the world. Where (in Prayagraj as that saint community) there is a stream of Ganga in the form of Ram Bhakti and the propagation of Brahmavichar is Saraswati.

Guru Vandana Shri Ram Charitra Manas

The story of deeds in the form of law and prohibition (do it and not do It) is Suryatanya Yamunaji who defeats the sins of the Kali Yuga and the stories of Lord Vishnu and Shankaraji are beautifully decorated in three-dimensional form, which will give all joy and well-being on hearing.

(In Prayag in the form of that saintly society) The unwavering belief in his religion is the Akshayavat and the auspicious act is the society (paprika) of that pilgrimage. He (Prayagraj in the form of a saintly society) can get it easily in all the countries, all the time and is going to destroy the tribulations by consuming it respectfully.

That pilgrimage is supernatural and inexplicable and gives immediate results, its effect is obvious.

Those people who hear and understand the impact of this saint-like tirtharaj with a happy heart and then dwell in it with great love.

they get the fruits of religion, meaning, work, salvation – all while living in this body.

In this Tirtharaj, the fruits of bathing are immediately seen that the crows become cuckoos and herons goose. Do not be surprised to hear this, because the glory of Satsang is not hidden.

Shri Ramcharitmanas Balkand know in detail

Valmikiji, Naradji, and Agastya Ji have stated their Honya (the account of life) with their mouths.

There are many types of roots and conscious creatures living in the water, walking on the ground, and wandering in the sky.

Among them, whoever has attained intelligence, fame, harmony, vibhuti (opulence), and goodness, wherever and wherever.

should understand the effect of all Satsang.

There is no other way to achieve them in the Vedas and in the people.

Without Satsang, there is no conscience and without the grace of Shri Ramji.

he does not get Satsang easily. Satsang is the root of bliss and well-being.

The accomplishment of Satsang is the fruit and all means are flowers.

The wicked also get reformed by getting Satsang.

as iron becomes pleasant by the touch of Paras (becomes beautiful gold)

but if ever, gentlemen fall into disarray.

they too are there in the form of a gem of a snake. Only follow.

(That is, just as the gem does not accept its venom even after getting the snake’s connection and does not give up its innate quality of light, similarly. the sage men stay in the company of the wicked and give light to others, the wicked have no effect on them. .)

Glory to the names of Lord Shiva Shankar

The utterances of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, poets, and pundits are also reluctant to describe the saint’s glory, how is it not said to me.

as the seller of greens cannot be Knows a bunch of jewels.

I bow to the saints, who have the same mind, who have no friend nor enemy! Just like the beautiful flowers placed in Anjali (the hand that broke the flowers and those who kept them).

both hands are equally fragrant (in the same way saints take care of both enemies and friends equally).

The saints are simple-heart and beneficial to the world.

knowing their nature and affection, I humble them, after listening.

to my child’s kindness and kindly please me at the feet of Shri Ramji.

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