buddha Jayanti 2021: 10 sermons of Lord Buddha, read here

buddha Jayanti 2021 –The Buddha God has condemned and condemned animal violence in many ways. He has said that no skin should be worn. A man should not be angry.

buddha Jayanti 2021:  Know here 10 teachings of Lord Buddha, which we should always remember-


* They are just as I am, and ‘I am as they are. In this way, do not kill everyone by treating them as your own, nor inspire them to kill.
* It is better to win thousands of battles in life than to conquer yourself. Then the victory will always be yours, no one can snatch it from you.
* Where the mind turns from violence, grief must be calmed down.
* Do not deliberately kill any creature for your life.

  •  More important than reaching any objective or goal in life is to complete that journey well.

* Evil never ends evil. Hatred can only be eliminated by love, it is an unbreakable truth.

* Man thinks that I want to live, not to die, to desire happiness, not to sorrow. If I kill a person who desires happiness in my own way, will he like it? That is why a man should get rid of zoology himself. He should also try to keep others from violence.

* Being disinterested towards haters, aha! What a joyful life we ​​are having, we are being impersonal among the very humans, and are enjoying the journey

* The first three diseases were – desire, apps and old age. They became eighty-nine with increasing animal violence. These priests, these priests, slaughter innocent animals, destroy religion. This animal violence done in the name of Yajna is definitely condemned and despicable. Ancient priests have condemned such priests.

* God said – ‘Monks! Great people should not wear the skin of lions, tigers and leopards. Whoever wears, is guilty of dukkat (misdeed).

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