Call of the earth and goddess Shri RamcharitManas

Call of the earth and goddess –The wizards, the thieves, and the gamblers grew up on the money and foreign women. People did not believe in parents and gods and used to serve the sadhus (serving them, on the contrary).

(Shri Shivji says that-) O Bhavani! Those who have such behavior, consider all those creatures as demons. In this way, the earth became very frightened and distraught after seeing excessive guilt (anorexia, anorexia) towards religion (people).

(She started thinking that) I do not find the burden of mountains, rivers, and oceans so heavy, as heavy as I think of a foreigner (the destroyer of others). The earth is seeing the opposite of all religions, but it is afraid of Ravana, she cannot speak anything.

(Finally) Thinking in the heart, taking the form of a cow, went to the earth, where all the gods and sages were (hidden). The earth stopped and told them its grief, but nothing was done to anyone.

Then the gods, munis, and Gandharvas all went to Brahma’s lok (Satyaloka). Poor Earth, very distraught with fear and mourning, was with her holding the body of Go. Brahmaji came to know everything. He guessed in my mind that I would not have anything under control. (Then he said to the earth that-) Whosoever you are, she is the imperishable helper of both you and yours.

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Brahmaji said- O earth! Remember the feet of Shri Hari with patience in your mind. God knows the suffering of his slaves, they will destroy your difficult calamity.

All the gods sat and started thinking about where to reach the Lord so that they would call in front of them. Some used to ask to go to Baikunthpuri and some used to say that the same Lord resides in Kshirasamudra.

Whose devotion and love is in the heart, the Lord always appears there (for him) in the same manner. Hey Parvati! I was also in that society. so  I said one thing after taking the opportunity-

I know that God is equally widespread everywhere, through the love they appear, tell in the country, time, direction, Vidisha, where is a place where there is no God.

They are the most devoid of being characharamaya (permeated in the pasture) and are detached (they have no attachment to them), they appear with love, like fire. (Agni is invariably pervading everywhere, but where the araimanthanadi means are made for it, it appears. Similarly, the pervading God also appears with love.) Everyone loved me. Brahmaji magnified it as ‘Sadhu-Sadhu’.

Brahmaji was very happy to hear me, his body became pulsated and tears started flowing from his eyes (of love). Then he started praising Dheerabuddhi Brahmaji with folded hands.

O Lord of gods, God who pleases servants, God who protects refugees! We salute you! Jai Ho!! O the benefactors of the Go Brahmins, those who destroy So the Asuras, dear lord of the sea girl (Shri Lakshmiji)! We salute you! O deity and follower of the earth! Your Leela is amazing, no one knows its secret. Only those who are kind and compassionate by nature, only they should bless us.

O indestructible, residing in everyone’s heart (the transcendental), omnipresent, supreme bliss, unknowable, beyond the senses, holy character, devoid of illusion, Mukunda (salvation)! We salute you! Jai Ho!! (From this world and all the pleasures of the hereafter) The monkvrind, the devout and the completely omitted from attachment, also become the most devout (lover) whose night and day he meditates and whose group of virtues he praises, Sachchidananda.

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Those who created three kinds of creation alone without any other association or helpers (or by making themselves trigoniform – Brahma, Vishnu, sherpa – or without any causal factor, that is, being an integral cause of creation itself) of sins. God who destroys, visit us. We do not know devotion, nor worship, who are the destroyer of worldly (birth-to-death) fears, the pleasures of the sages, and destroying the group of plagues. We are the refuge of (God), the group of all the gods, leaving the intention of being shrewd with mind, words, and deeds.

Saraswati, Vedas, Seshaji, and all the sages who do not know, who are dear to the people, call this Veda by saying, Shri Lord, have mercy on us. O Mandarachal form of the ocean of the world (churning), beautiful in all ways, the abode of virtues

The zodiac of happiness! In your feet lotus, Muni, Siddha, and all the gods are very distraught with fear and greet.

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