Calling Sita-Anasuya Milan and Shri Sitaji the husband’s religious religion

Calling Sita-Anasuya Milan and Shri Sitaji the husband’s religious religion

The story of Calling Sita-Anasuya Milan and Shri Sitaji the husband’s religious religion

Then Param Sheelwati and the humble Sri Sitaji met Anasuya (wife of Atriji), holding her feet. There was great happiness in the mind of the sage wife. He blessed Sita and seated him nearby.

And wear them with such divine clothes and ornaments, which are always new and clean. Then the sage wife started telling them some religions of women with sweet and soft speech.
Hey princess! Listen- Mother, father, brother are all interested, but all of them are going to give (happiness) only to a limit, but O Janaki! The husband is the (Moksha Rupa) giver of boundless (happiness). The woman is unhappy, who does not serve such a husband.
Patience, religion, friends and women – all four are tempted at the time of calamity. Old, sick, stupid, poor, blind, deaf, angry and extremely humble.
In such a way, the woman gets misery in Yampur due to insulting her husband. For a woman to love at the feet of her husband with body, words and mind, it is just one religion, one fast and one rule.
The story of Calling Sita-Anasuya Milan and Shri Sitaji the husband’s religious religion
There are four types of fondness in the world. The Vedas, the Puranas and the saints all say that in the mind of the best-class husbandry, there is such a feeling that no other male in the world (except my husband) is even in the dream.
How does middle-class virtuosity see a husband, as if he is a real brother, father, or son (that is, he sees an equal person as a brother, the elder as a father, and the younger as a son? .) One who survives after thinking about religion and considering the dignity of her family is a poor (low-class) woman, it is called Vedas.
And if a woman who does not get a chance or is afraid of persecution, to know her as a woman in the world. For a woman who betrays her husband, who is engaged in a second husband, she remains in the hell of hell for a hundred years.
For a moment’s happiness, who does not understand the sorrow of a hundred crore (innumerable) births, who will be like a wicked one. A woman who leaves deceit and accepts husband husband religion, she attains the ultimate speed without hard work.
But the one who walks against her husband, wherever she goes and takes birth, gets widowed (in her youth) when she is young.
A woman is unholy from birth, but by serving her husband she involuntarily gains good speed. (Due to Pativrat Dharma) Even today, ‘Tulsi’ is dear to God and the four Vedas sing his glory.
Hey Sita! Listen, women will follow husband husband religion by taking your name only. I love you like Shri Ramji Pran, I have told this story (of Pativrat Dharma) for the benefit of the world.
Janaki Ji, on hearing this, found absolute happiness and reverently beheaded him. Then Shri Ramji, the mine of grace, said to the sage if you want to go to another forest.
Continue to be kind to me and knowing your servant will not leave affection. Hearing the words of Lord Shree Ramji, a religious scholar, the wise sage said affectionately -॥
Brahma, Shiva and Sanakadi are all Paramarthvadis (philanthropists) whose blessings are desired, O Ramji! You are also the beloved of innocent men and the bonded lord of the poor, who are speaking soft words like this.
Now I understood the cleverness of Lakshmiji, who worshiped himself except all the gods. Whosoever (in all things) is very big and nobody is good, his modesty is good, why would it not happen?
How can I say, O Lord! you go now? Hey Nath! You are the transgender, you say the same. Saying this, Dhir Muni started looking at Prabhu. Water is flowing from the eyes of the monk (of the Prematru) and the body is pulsed.
The sage is very full of love, his body is pulsed and the eyes are placed in the face of Shri Ramji. (There have been thoughts in my mind that) I did such chanting and meditation, because of which I could see God beyond my mind, knowledge, virtues and senses. Through chanting, yoga and religion group man attains immense devotion. Tulsidas sings night and day to the holy character of Shri Raghuveer.
The beautiful fame of Shri Ramchandraji is the destroyer of the sins of Kali Yuga.
the suppressor of the mind and the root of happiness, Shri Ramji is pleased with those who listen to it with respect.
This difficult Kali period is a treasure of sins, it has neither religion, nor knowledge nor yoga and chanting. In this, those who leave all the devotees and worship Shri Ramji, they are the smart ones.
so this is the story of Calling Sita-Anasuya Milan and Shri Sitaji the husband’s

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