Coronation of Vibhishan

Religious story

Coronation of Vibhishan

After doing all the rituals, Vibhishan came and gave him head again. Then Shri Ramji, the sea of grace, called younger brother Lakshmanji. Shri Raghunathji said that you, Vanararaj Sugriva, Angad, Nal, Neel Jambwan, and Maruti, all the moral people, go together with Vibhishan and crown them. I cannot come to the city because of my father’s words. But I send the same monkey and younger brother like me.

Hearing the word of the Lord, the monkey immediately went and made all the arrangements for the coronation. With respect, Vibhishan was crowned and crowned and praised.

Best way to success

Everyone folded their hands and made the head. Subsequently, everyone including Vibhishanji came to God. Then Shri Raghuveer summoned the apes and made everyone happy by saying dear words.
God made everyone happy by saying this voice like nectar that this powerful enemy was killed by your force and Vibhishan got the kingdom. Because of this, your fame will always be new in all three worlds. Those who sing my auspicious occasion with me with the utmost love, they will be able to overcome this immense world without hard work.
The group of apes is not satisfied after hearing the words of the Lord with their ears. They all repeatedly give heads and hold the feet.


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