Curse Of Karna Story From Mahabharata In Hindi | Story of curse to Karna ~ Mahabharata

Curse Of Karna Story From Mahabharata In Hindi | Story of curse to Karna ~ Mahabharata

From his Kumar age, Karna was more interested in warfare than in chariot like his father Adhiratha. Karna and his father Adhirath Acharya met Dronacharya, who was one of the executing masters of warfare at that time. Dronacharya had taught the Kuru Karmakars at that time. He refused to teach Karna, because Karna was the son of a charioteer and Dronacharya only taught the Kshatriyas.

After Dronacharya’s dissent, Karna approached Parasurama, who taught only Brahmins. Karna, calling himself a Brahmin, requested Parasurama for education. Parshuram accepted Karna’s request and mastered Karna in the same manner as his art of warfare and archery.

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Karna was cursed by his guru Parashurama and Prithvi Mata. Karna’s education was in its final stages. One afternoon, Guru Parshuram was resting on Karna’s thigh. After some time a scorpion came from somewhere and cut the other thigh of Karna and started making wounds. Karna did not want any hindrance in his Guru’s rest at all. That is why he did not remove the scorpion and threw it away. The scorpion continued to torment Karna with his sting, but Karna did not let his master’s rest stop.

After some time, Guru Parashurama’s sleep broke and he saw a lot of blood flowing from Karna’s thigh. He said that only a Kshatriya could have such a tolerance to bear the sting of a scorpion and not a Brahmin, and Parashurama cursed him because of his false speech- “Whenever Karna got the most of his education It will be needed that day.

Karna, who himself did not even know from which clan he was, apologized to his guru and said that if he had another disciple in his place, he would have done the same. Though Parashurama felt very guilty for cursing Karna with anger, he could not take back his curse. He then gave Karna his bow called ‘Vijay’ and also blessed him that he would get what he wanted most – “indelible fame”.

In some folklore, it is also believed that Devraj Indra himself, as a scorpion, had tormented Karna, as he wanted to reveal his true Kshatriya identity to Parasurama. Karna wandered for some time after Parashurama left the ashram. During this time he was learning ‘Shabdhedi’. During the practice, he considered the calf of a cow to be an endemic animal and fired a wrenching arrow at it and the calf was killed. Then the Brahmin, the lord of that cow, cursed Karna that- “Just as he has killed a helpless animal, so one day he will also be killed, when he will be most helpless and when all his attention is different from his enemy. And will be at work. ”

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