Dasharatha-Kaikeyi dialogue and Dasharatha mourning, Sumantra’s going to the palace and returning from there to send Shri Ramji to the palace

Dasharatha-Kaikeyi dialogue and Dasharatha mourning, Sumantra’s going to the palace and returning from there to send Shri Ramji to the palace

‘O Queen! Why are you angry? Saying this, when the king touches her hand, she removes his hand (by jerking) and looks as if a serpent in anger is looking at him with cruel eyesight. Both (of boons) lusts are two tongues of that serpent and both boons are teeth, she is watching the mamas than to cut. Tulsidas Ji says that King Dasaratha is considering it as Kamadeva’s sport (thus waving hands and looking like a serpent) under the control of a promising.

Oh, dear! Who has offended you? Who has two heads? Whom does Yamraj want to take (to take his people)? Say, which pauper should I make a king or who should I expel from the country?

If your enemy is immortal (deity), then I can kill him too. What are the same things as poor insects and man-woman? Hey beauty You know my nature that my heart is always the face of the moon like your face.

Oh, dear! My subjects, kutambi, Sarva Seva (wealth), son, even my soul, are all under your control. If I say something fraudulently to you, then O Bamini! I love Ram for a hundred times.

You laugh and (cheerfully) ask for anything you want and decorate your favorite parts with  Look at the opportunity without thinking about it. Hey honey Quickly abandon this evil dress
Sense: After hearing this and thinking of Ramji’s big sound in mind, the retarded Kaikeyi got up laughing and started wearing jewelry, as if a Bhilani was preparing a noose after seeing the deer!

Knowing Kaikeyi in his heart, King Dasarathaji was moved by love and spoke again with a soft and beautiful voice – O Bamini! You have become interested Bliss of the house is ringing in the city
I am giving the post of crown prince to Rama tomorrow only, so O Sunayani! You are beautiful Hearing this, his hard heart broke (burst). As if the ripened boil has touched.

He smiled and hid even such great pain, as if the woman of the thief does not appear and cry (in which her secret is not revealed). The king is not taking his deceitfully, because he has studied millions of crooked Shiromani Guru Manthara.

Although the king is adept at policy, but the transcendental is a vast sea. Then she increased the hypocritical love (by showing love from above), turning her eyes and face and laughing and bidding –
Meaning: Oh dear! You say demand and demand, but never give and take nothing. You asked to give two boons, there is doubt in their meeting too.

Raja laughed and said that now I understood your heart. Believe you are very dear. You never asked for those vars with this (heritage) again and I do not remember that incident because of my forgetting nature.

Do not blame me falsely. Whether you ask for four instead of two. There has always been a tradition in Raghukul that even if the life is gone, the promise does not go.

There is not a group of sins similar to imperfection. Can crores of twists together be like a mountain somewhere? ‘Truth’ is the root of all good virtues. This thing is famous in Vedas and Puranas and Manuji has said the same.

She came to take the oath of Shri Ramji (I came out of her mouth). Sri Raghunathji is the limit of my Sukrit (virtue) and affection. I

After making sure of this, the impudent Kaikeyi laughed and said, as if he opened the Kulahi (hat on his eyes) of the evil bird (eagle) (Kamat) of Kumat (evil thoughts).

Raja has a beautiful forest, happiness is a community of beautiful birds. Like Bhilai, Kaikeyi wants to leave a terrible eagle as his word.

( She said-) O dear, dear! Listen, give me a bridesmaid that suits my heart, coronation to Bharat and O Nath! The second groom also asks for me with folded hands, complete my wish –

With special indifference in the guise of ascetics (like indifferent monks, being completely indifferent towards the state and family, etc.) Ram should live in the forest for fourteen years. Hearing the soft (gracious) words of Kaikeyi, the heart of the king felt as if the touch of the moon’s rays made the chakra become.

Raja was stunned, did not say anything to them as if the eagle had a quarrel in the forest. The color of the king was blown away, as if a palm tree had been struck by lightning (as lightning falls on a palm tree, it gets scorched, the same situation happened to the king) ॥3॥

Meaning: Putting hands on the forehead, with both eyes closed, the king started thinking like, thinking as if he was thinking while wearing a body. (They think- Hi!) My manure-like Kalpavriksha had blossomed, but while growing up Kaikeyi uprooted it with a root-like an elephant and destroyed it.

Kaikeyi devastated Ayodhya and laid the immovable (strong) foundation of the disaster.

On what occasion? Believing the woman, I was killed, just as the attainment of the fruit of the accomplishment of yoga destroys the ignorant of the yogi.

Thus, the king is mind-boggling. On seeing such a bad condition of the king, the evil Kaikeyi became badly angry in his mind. (And bid-) Isn’t Bharat your son? Have you bought me a price? (Am I not your married wife?).

When you hear my word, you feel like an arrow, then why don’t you say it thoughtfully? Answer – Yes, do it or not. You are (famous) the true pledge in Raghuvansh!

You only asked to give the bride, even if you don’t give it now. Leave the truth and take revenge in the world. He was asked to give the bride with great appreciation of the truth. It was understood that this chew will only demand!

Whatever Raja Shibi, Dadhichi and Bali sacrificed, even after sacrificing body and money, they kept the promise of their promise. Kaikeyi is uttering very bitter words, as if sprinkling salt on the burn.

King Dasaratha, holding the axis of religion, opened his eyes with patience and bowed his head and took a long breath, and said in a way that it hit me with a big ax (created such a difficult situation, which made it difficult to escape).

A burning cake with fierce rage appeared in front of it, as if a sword of anger stood naked (out of sheath). Qubudhi is the hilt of that sword, the razor blade is sharp and it is sharpened by holding on the body of Kubri (Manthara).

Raja saw that this (sword) is very terrible and harsh (and thought-) Will it really take my life? The king tightened his chest and spoke very fondly to him (Kaikeyi), saying –
Oh, dear! Hey there How are you saying such bad words by destroying faith and love? I have two eyes (ie from one) Bharata and Ramchandra, I tell the truth by giving witness to Shankarji.

I will definitely send messengers in the morning. Both brothers (Bharata-Shatrughna) will immediately come on hearing. Good day (auspicious time) by researching, after making all the preparations, I will give the kingdom to Bharata

Ram does not have the greed of the state and he has a great love for Bharata. I was following politics with the idea of ​​big and small in my mind (I was going to give royalty to the elder) ॥31॥

After eating a hundred times of Ram, I say by nature that Rama’s mother (Kausalya) never said anything to me (in this matter). Of course, I did all this without asking you. This left my desire empty

Now leave the anger and decorate the Mars. After a few days, Bharat will be crowned. I felt sad about the same thing that you asked for another boon of great hurdle

My heart is still burning from its flame. Is it true in publicity, anger, or really (really)? Renounce the crime of Rama after giving up anger. Everyone says that Ram is a very sage.

You yourself used to appreciate and love Rama. Now I am skeptical to hear (that your praise and affection were false at all?) Why should the person whose nature is untouchable behave against mother?  Oh, dear! Let go of laughter and anger and ask for the bride after thinking of conscience (proper and improper), so that now I can see the coronation of Bharat with eyes.

The fish may live without water and the snake may live without grief without pity, but I say by nature, do not keep my mind (even a little) tricky that my life is not without.

O, clever darling! Seeing understanding, my life is under the vision of Shri Ram. Hearing the gentle words of the king, the evil Kaikeyi is very burning. It is as if ghee is being consumed in the fire

(Kaikeyi says-) Why don’t you take crores of remedies, your Maya (trickery) will not be here. Either give me what I have asked for, or do it by doing ‘no’. I don’t like a lot of pranks (Bakhede).

Ram is a sadhu, you are a strict monk and Ram’s mother is also good, I have recognized everyone. Kausalya has desired me as well, I will also give them the same fruit by sacrificing (remember) If you do not go to the forest after wearing a monkey as soon as you wake up, then you, O king, understand (definitely) in the mind that I will die and your waste!

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Saying this, the crooked Kaikeyi stood up, as if the river of anger rose. That river has appeared from the mountain of sin and is filled with water of anger, (so terrible that) is not seen!

Both boons are two banks of that river, Kaikeyi’s difficult persistence is his (rapid) stream and the inspiration of the words of Kubri (Manthara) is the whirlpool. (That river of rage) The tree of King Dasaratha has gone from the root-root to the sea of ​​disaster-like disaster,

Raja understood that the matter is really (really) true, my death is dancing on the head on the pretext of a woman. (Subsequently, the king took the step of Kaikeyi) and seated him, beseeching him that you should not become an ax for Suryakul (tree of form).

You ask for my head, I will give it to you now. But don’t kill me against Ram. In any way, you keep Rama. Otherwise, your chest will burn after birth

Raja got distraught, his whole body was relaxed, as if Hathini had overthrown Kalpavriksha. The throat is dry, the mouth does not come out, as if a fish named without water is suffering.

Kaikeyi then spoke bitter and harsh words, as if poison was being carried in the wound. (Says-) Which was to be done in the end, on what strength did you say ‘demand, demand’?

O king! Laughing and laughing – can these two be together? Saying charity and even skipping. Can Rajpooti also be efficient? (Show bravery in battle and don’t get hurt!)

Leave the word (vows) or be patient. Like this, don’t cry like a helpless woman. For Satyavrati, body, woman, son, house, money, and earth are all said to be equal to straw.

Hearing the heartbreaking words of Kaikeyi, the king said that whatever you say, you have nothing to blame. My time is like you have become a vampire, he is saying this to you.

Bharata does not even want to forget the kingship. Hopefully, there was a lack of hope in your life. All of this is the result of my sins, which led to the opposite of the creator in Kusmay (Bemouke)

(Thy desolation) This beautiful Ayodhya will again be settled well and all the virtues will be the sovereignty of Shri Ram. All the brothers will serve him and Shri Ram will be praised in all the three worlds

Only your stigma and my remorse will not die, it will not go away in any way. Now do what you like. Sit down with my eyes hidden (that you turn away from me, don’t show me your mouth)

I fold my hand and say nothing till I live (that is, do not speak to me). Dear lady! Then you will regret in the end that you are killing the cow for Naharu (tooth).

Raja fell into the earth by explaining (in many ways) crores (and saying) why are you doing the apocalypse. But the clever Kaikeyi does not say anything in fraud, as if (by silence) he is awakening (sitting in a crematorium and proving his good conduct)

Raja is crying ‘Ram-Ram’ and is distraught as if a bird is suffering without a feather. They celebrate in their heart that there is no morning and no one should go and say this to Shri Ramchandraji.

O Lord of Raghukul (elder, native) Sun God! You do not rise. Seeing Ayodhya (suffering) will cause great pain in your heart. Brahma created both the love of the king and the ruthlessness of Kaikeyi to the limit (ie the king is the limit of love and Kaikeyi is the limit of ruthlessness)

The king got down as soon as he was talking. The sound of veena, flute, and conch was started at the royal gate. Bhat people are reading Virudavali and singing the singing qualities. On hearing, they look like arrows to the king.

How is Raja not having all these beautiful instruments, like jewelry to a woman who is being sati with her husband! Due to the longing and enthusiasm of Shri Ramchandraji’s vision, no one could sleep that night.

There is a crowd of ministers and servants at the gateway. They all see the sunrise and say that what is the special reason that Avadhapati Dashrathji will not leave yet? ॥37॥

Raja always wakes up at night, but today we are surprised. Hey Sumantra! Go and wake up the king. We all do our work after getting His permission

Then Sumantra went to Rawale (Rajmahal), but seeing the palace terrible, they are afraid to leave. (It seems) that as if running and eating a bite, it is not even seen. As if disaster and depression have encamped there

No one answers when asked. He went to the palace, where the king and Kaikeyi were, saying ‘Jai Jeeva’, sat down with his head bowed (worshiped), and seeing the condition of the king, he dried up.

(Saw that-) The king is distraught with thinking, the color of the face has gone away. It is lying on the ground, as if the lotus has left the root (uprooted) (withering). Minister killed due to fearCan not ask anything. Then Kaikeyi, filled with inauspicious and devoid of auspicious, bid –

Raja did not sleep overnight, only Jagdishwar should know the reason for this. He beat ‘Rama Rama’ and made it down, but the king does not tell anything about it.

You should call Rama early. Then come and ask for the news. Knowing the attitude of the king, Sumantra walked away, understood that the queen had done something wrong

Sumantra is distraught with thinking, does not step on the path (does not move forward), (think-) What would the king call Ramji? Somehow, with endurance in his heart, he went to the gate. Everybody looking at them (sad) started asking

After resolving all the people (somehow understood and extinguished) Sumantra went to where Shri Ramchandraji, the tilak of Suryakul, was. When Shri Ramchandraji saw Sumantra coming, he treated him like a father and respected him.

Seeing the face of Shri Ramchandraji and hearing the king’s orders, he went to take the lamp of Raghukul Shri Ramchandraji (with him). Seeing that Shri Ramchandraji is going badly (without any shame) with the minister, people are feeling sad everywhere

Raghuvanshmani Shri Ramchandraji went and saw that the king was in a very bad condition, as if an old Gajraj had fallen down after seeing the lioness.

Sense: Raja’s lips are drying up and the whole body is burning, as if the snake is grieving without the gem. Nearly saw Kaikeyi full of anger, as if death was sitting (the last of the king’s life).

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