Dasharatha Sumantra Dialogues, Dasharatha Maran

Dasharatha Sumantra Dialogues, Dasharatha Maran -Seeing the minister, he offered obeisance by saying ‘Jayeev’. On hearing this, the king got confused and said – Sumantra! Say, where is Rama?

The king took Sumantra to heart. As if the drowning man had some support. Sitting near the minister with affection, filling the eyes with water, the king asked –
Hey my lover friend! Say Shri Ram’s skillful. Tell, where are Shri Ram, Laxman and Janaki? Have you brought them back to the forest? On hearing this, the minister’s eyes filled with water.
Distraught with mourning, the king again asked – Tell the message of Sita, Ram and Lakshmana. Remembering the form, quality, modesty and nature of Shri Ramchandraji, the king thinks in the heart.
(And say-) I gave exile after hearing about being king, even after hearing that the son (Rama) who did not have joy and sadness, did not lose my life even after the separation of such son, then who will be a great sinner like me? ?
Hey friend! Where Shri Ram, Janaki and Laxman are, deliver me there too. Otherwise, I say in the true sense that my life now wants to go.
The king repeatedly asks the minister – tell the message of my favorite sons. Hey friend! Immediately you take the same measures that show me the eyes of Shri Ram, Lakshmana and Sita.
Minister Dhiraj Dharkar said with a soft voice- Maharaj! You are learned and learned. Hey, God! You are superior to the brave and good-tempered men. You have always served the society of sadhus.
Birth and death, enjoyment of happiness and sorrow, loss and gain, separation of love, all these masters! They are like night and day, subject to time and action.
People are happy in happiness and weep in sorrow, but cold-blooded men consider both of them in their mind. Hey everyone! Consider your patience and be patient and abandon mourning.
Sri Ramji’s first abode (Mukam) took place on the banks of Tamsa, the second on Gangatir. Both the brothers, including Sitaji, bathed that day and continued to drink water.
Kewat (Nishadraj) did much service. She spent the night at Singraur (Shringverpur). On the second day, as soon as dawn, we got the milk of the elder and from that Shri Ram-Lakshman made crowns of jata on his head.
Then Nishadraj, Sakha of Shri Ramchandraji, called for a boat. Priya first offered Sitaji to him and then Shri Raghunathji. Then Laxmanji decorated the bow and arrow and climbed himself after getting the permission of Lord Shri Ramchandraji.
Seeing me distraught, Shri Ramchandraji endured and said sweet words – O Tat! Say my salute to my father and hold his lotus feet on my behalf again and again.
Then, holding his feet and pleading, O father! Don’t worry about me With your grace, grace and virtue, we will be efficient in the forest and on the way.
Hey daddy By your grace, I will get all kinds of happiness while going to forest. After following the order well, I will return to see the steps efficiently. After solving the feet of all mothers and pleading with them, Tulsidas says – You should try the same, in which Kosalpati father should be efficient.
Repeatedly hold the step lotus and tell my message to Guru Vashistha that he should give the same sermon so that Avadhpati father should not think of me.
Hey Tat By requesting Nihora (request) from all the ancestors and family members, to tell my plea that the same person is beneficial to me in all respects, with whose efforts the Maharaj will be happy
On coming to Bharat, my message to them is to not give up the policy when you get the post of king, obey the people with deeds, words and mind and serve all mothers with equal knowledge.
And hey brother! Serving father, mother and relatives end brotherhood to the end. Hey Tat Keep the king (father) in such a way that they never (somehow) think of me.
Laxmanji uttered some harsh words, but Shri Ramji requested him again by refusing them and got his gift again and again (and said) O Tat! Don’t say Laxman’s boyhood there
Greeting, Sitaji also started saying something, but with affection, she became relaxed. His voice stopped, the eyes filled with water and the body was filled with excitement.
At the same time, Kewat, after getting the attitude of Shri Ramchandraji, drove the boat to cross. So In this way Raghuvansh Tilak Shri Ramchandraji walked and I kept standing and watching the thunderbolt on the chest.
Because How do I tell my affliction, who returned to live with this message from Shri Ramji! Saying this, the minister’s speech stopped (he became silent) and he became guilty of loss and thinking.
On hearing the words of the charioteer Sumantra, the king fell on the earth, his heart began to be jealous. He started to suffer, his mind became distraught with fierce fascination. It is as if the fish has spread its vigor (the first rainwater has taken place).
All queens are crying mournfully. How to describe that great disaster? Hearing the lament of that time, the grief felt sad and the endurance of patience ran away!
Hearing the noise of (crying) in the king’s Rawale (Ranivas), there was a huge panic across Ayodhya! (It seemed like) as if a hard thunderbolt fell in the vast forest of birds at night.
The king’s soul got into the throat. As if the snake has become distraught (deathly) without the gem. The senses all became very perplexed, as if the lotus forest had wilted in the pond without water.
Kausalji, seeing the king very sad, knew in his heart that now the sun of the sun had set. Then Shri Kausalya, mother of Shri Ramchandraji, endured in the heart and spoke the words favorable to time-
Hey Nath! Think in your mind that the disconnection of Shri Ram Chandra is a vast sea. Ayodhya is a ship and you are its Karnadhar (seer). All the loved ones (kutumbi and subjects) are the society of the passengers, which is boarded on this ship.
If you are patient, you will reach beyond. Otherwise, the whole family will be drowned. Because Oh, dear master! If I take my request in my heart, then Shri Ram, Lakshman, and Sita will come again.
Hearing the tender words of dear wife Kausalya, the king opened his eyes! As if some cold water is being sprinkled on a tortured deer.
With patience, the king sat up and said – Sumantra! Say, where is the compassionate Shri Rama? Where is Laxman? Where is Snehi Ram? And where is my sweet daughter-in-law Janaki?
The king is mourning in a variety of ways. That night became as big as the ages, not even passed. The king remembered the curse of the blind ascetic (Shravanakumar’s father). They told the story to Kausalya.
While describing that history, the king became distraught and said that the hope of living without Shri Rama is damned. So What will I do with the body that did not love my love?
Because My dear dear Rama who gives joy to Raghukul! Because  Many days passed without you living without me. SO Yes Janaki, Laxman! So Oh Raghuveer! Because  Z Yes, clouds in the interest of the father’s mind!
 Because My dear dear Rama who gives joy to Raghukul! So Many days passed without you living without me. So Yes Janaki, Laxman! Because Oh Raghuveer!So  Yes, clouds in the interest of the father’s mind!
So It was only Dasharathaji who lived and died, whose pure fame was covered in many universes. When you won, you saw the face like the moon of Shri Ram Chandraji, and made an improvement in your death by making the object of Shri Ram.
Because All the queens are crying mournful and weeping. She has been mourning in various ways, So repeatedly declaring the form, modesty, strength, and glory of the king.
So The slaves and maids are crying mournfully and the residents of the city are crying from house to house. So It is said that today the sun of the Suryakul, the storehouse of the limits, properties, and forms of religion, has set?
because Everyone abuses Kaikeyi, who blinded the whole world without eyes! Thus passed the night mourning. So In the morning, all the great learned sages came.

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