Deforestation of Shri Bharat Shatrughan etc. including Ayodhya

Deforestation of Shri Bharat Shatrughan etc. including Ayodhya-May that property, house, happiness, friend, mother, father, brother be burnt who do not help by laughing (happily) in front of the feet of Shri Ramji. People are decorating many types of rides from house to house. There is a (big) joy in the heart that you have to walk in the morning. Bharatji went home and considered that the city horses, elephants, palaces, treasures, etc.

All the property belongs to Shri Raghunathji. If I leave him like this without arranging for him (protection), then it is not good for me, because the malignity of the lord is the best in all sins.
The servant is the one who does the benefit of the master, no matter how many crores of blame. Bharatji, thinking like this, called such faithful servants, who had never fallen out of their religion even in a dream.
After explaining all the differences to him, Bharatji showed the best religion and appointed him who was worthy, on the same work. After making all arrangements, keeping the guards, Bharatji went to Ram Mata Kausalyaji.
Surajan (who knows the element of love) of affection, Bharatji told all the mothers to prepare palanquins for them, and to decorate Sukhasana Yana (Sukhpal).
Like the male and female Chakve and Chakvi of the city, they want to be very hot in the heart in the morning. Stayed awake all night. Then Bharatji summoned clever ministers.
And said- Take all the items of tilak. In the forest itself, Muni Vashistha will give the kingdom to Shri Ramchandraji, come soon. Hearing this, the ministers worshiped and immediately decorated horses, chariots and elephants.
First, Muniraj Vasishthaji rode the chariot with all the contents of Arundhati and Agnihotra. Then the groups of Brahmins, all of whom were the repositories of tapasya and fast, climbed on many riders.
All the people of the city decorated the chariots and proceeded to Chitrakoot. All the queens went on climbing such beautiful palanquins, which cannot be described.
By handing over the city to the faithful servants and leaving everyone respectfully, then remembering the feet of Shri Sita-Ramji, both brothers went to Bharata-Shatrughan.
All of the men and women, who were under the control of Shri Ram Chandraji’s darshan (with the unique longing of the darshan), walked as if thirsty elephants and elephants were going to takkar (very fast). Shri Sitaji-Ramji (excluding all happiness) is in the forest, considering this in his mind, along with younger brother Shatrughanji, Bharatji is walking on foot.
Seeing their affection, people became engrossed in love and all the horses, elephants, except the chariots, got down from them and started walking. Then Kausalyaji, mother of Shri Ramachandraji, went to Bharata and placed his palanquin near him and spoke with a soft voice.
Hey son! Mother takes the bull, you climb on the chariot. Otherwise, the whole family will be sad. Everyone will walk by your walk. All are getting thin due to mourning, they are not worthy of walking (walking).
By raising the head of the mother’s command and with the head at their feet, the two brothers started climbing on the chariot. On the first day, on Tamsa, the second place was done on the arrow of Gomti.
Some drink milk, some do fruit and some people eat only once at night. Except for Bhushan and Bhoga-Vilas, everyone rules and fasts for Shri Ramchandraji.

Vashistha Bharat Dialogue, Preparing to go to Chitrakoot to bring Shri Ramji

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