Dhanushbhang Sri Ramcharitmanas Balkand

Dhanushbhang Sri Ramcharitmanas Balkand –Shri Ramji looked at all the people and seeing the writing in the picture, then Kripadham Shri Ramji looks at Sitaji and he was particularly distraught.

He saw Janaki Ji very vicious. Every single moment of his was like a cycle. If a thirsty man leaves the body without water, what will the pond of nectar do when he dies?

What did the rain do when all the farming dried up? What is the benefit of regretting the passage of time? In this way, Shri Ramji looked at Jankiji and after feeling his special love, he became overwhelmed.
In his heart, he bowed to the Guru and quickly lifted the bow. When he was takes (in his hand), then the bow shone like lightning and then it became a mandala (circle) in the sky.
While carrying, offering, and pulling vigorously, no one did so (ie, all three works were done so quickly that no one knew when the bow was raised, when it was mounted and when it was drawn), all of them stood (draw the bow) to Shri Ramji. saw. At that moment, Shri Ramji broke the bow from the middle. Fiercely harsh sound filled (all) folk.
So With a loud, harsh word (all) the folk were fill, the horses of the sun left the path and started walking. Giants began to chirp, the earth began to shake, Shesha, Varah and Kachhap Kalamata. Deities, demons, and sages all started thinking with their hands on their ears. Tulsidasji says (when everyone is convinced that) Shri Ramji broke the bow, then everyone starts saying ‘Shri Ramchandra Ki Jai’.

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The bow of Shiva is the ship and the force of the arms of Shri Ramchandraji is the sea. (By breaking the bow), the whole society was drowning, which had boarding this ship earlier. (Described above.)

The Lord put both the pieces of the bow on the earth. Everyone was happy to see this. In the holy sea like Vishwamitra, which is fills with beautiful unfathomable water like love,
Seeing the full moon of Rama, huge waves like Pulkavali started to rise. In the sky, loud drums started to ring and the devangans started singing and dancing.
Because Brahma, Adi Devata, Siddha, and Munishvara people are praising and blessing the Lord. They are showering colorful flowers and garlands. Shemales are singing juicy songs
So There was a sound of cheering in the whole universe, in which the sound of breaking the bow is not knowing. Everywhere, men and women are a delight, saying that Shri Ramchandraji broke Shivaji’s heavy bow.

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