Draupadi Chiraharan ~ Mahabharata

Draupadi Chiraharan ~ Mahabharata

Draupadi Chiraharan –Vidur was ordered by Duryodhana to bring Draupadi. Vidur said on this – “Yudhishthira Draupadi is no longer able to stake himself after losing himself at stake.” But Dhritarashtra sent a servant named Pratami to bring Draupadi there.

Draupadi questioned him, “Which bet has Dharmaputra lost first, his own or that of Draupadi.” Duryodhan got angry and told the government that he brought Draupadi to the synagogue.

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Yudhishthira secretly sent a trusted servant to Draupadi saying that although he is a menstruator and in a robe, he got up and left. His arrival in front of the revered class in the gathering in that condition would be sufficient to express the sins of Duryodhana etc.

When Draupadi reached the assembly, the misery did not let her go towards the female class and pulled her hair and said – “We have won you in gambling. Therefore, will keep you in your maids.”

Draupadi defied the valor, religion and policy of all the Kuruvanshis and prayed to Krishna to save his shame after remembering him. All remained silent, but Duryodhana’s younger brother Vikarna took the side of Draupadi, saying that “The defeated Yudhishthira could not keep him at stake.”

But nobody listened to him. Due to Karna’s instigation, the misgovernance tried to strip Draupadi. While Draupadi looked at the Pandavas while mourning, Bhima told Yudhishthira that “he wants to burn his hands with whom he gambled.” Arjuna pacified him. Bhima swore that he would drink the chest of sorrow and destroy Duryodhana’s thigh with his mace.

Draupadi remembered Sri Krishna in this terrible calamity. By the grace of Sri Krishna, many clothes appeared there, which kept Draupadi covered, consequently, while pulling her clothes off, the misery did not make her naked.

In the assembly, there were frequent disputes over the impropriety or justification of the work. Duryodhana left the decision to Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva to see the Pandavas silently, ‘Draupadi being at stake’, fair or unfair. Arjuna and Bhima said that- “The person who has lost himself in the stakes, he could not keep any other thing at stake.”

Dhritarashtra, recognizing the essence of the gathering, rebuked Duryodhana and asked Draupadi to ask for three brides. Draupadi first sought liberation from Yudhishthira’s slavery from the groom so that in future his son would not be called Pratibindhya Das son.

Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadev from the second groom, with weapons and chariot, sought freedom from slavery. She was not ready to ask for a third groom, because according to her, Kshatriya women are entitled to ask for two brides.

Dhritarashtra asked him to forget his entire past and maintain his affection. At the same time, he was allowed to enjoy his kingdom by going to Khandav forest. Dhritarashtra once again ordered him to gamble before he left for Khandav Forest, inspired by Duryodhana. It was decided that only one stake would be kept. Whoever loses among the sons of Pandava or Dhritarashtra, they will wear deer for twelve years and remain in exile for one year. If he is recognized in that one year, he will again take twelve years of exile.

At the stop of Bhishma, Vidur, Dronacharya etc., there was also a mutiny, in which the Pandavas were defeated. The Kauravas were victorious by Shakuni playing fraudulently. Before the exodus, the Pandavas took an oath that they would breathe peace by destroying all enemies.

Under the leadership of Sridhaumya, the Pandavas took Draupadi and left for the forest. Sridhaumya proceeded further singing the mantras. He went on to say that the priests would sing the same way after the Kauravas were killed in the war. Yudhishthira covered his mouth. Bhima was looking at his arm. Arjun was spreading the sand. Sahadev rubbed mud on the mouth. Nakula had put mud on his body. Draupadi was covering her mouth and mourning with them.(Draupadi Chiraharan)

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