Dream of Shri Sitaji, notice of arrival of Bharatji by coal tariffs to Shri Ramji, mourning of Ramji, anger of Laxmanji

Dream of Shri Sitaji, notice of arrival of Bharatji by coal tariffs to Shri Ramji, mourning of Ramji, anger of Laxmanji –On the other hand, Shri Ramchandraji woke up at night. In the night, Sitaji dreamed such a dream (which she started narrating to Shri Ramchandraji) as if Bharatji has come here along with the society. His body is battered by the fire of separation from God.

All the people are sad, humbled and sad. Saw the mothers-in-law in the same way. Hearing the dream of Sitaji, the water filled the eyes of Shri Ramchandraji and the God who freed everyone from thinking (by Leela) got subdued.

(And said-) Laxman! This dream is not good. Any horrific Kusamachar (very bad news) will be heard. Having said this, he took a bath with his brother and worshiped Tripurari Mahadevji and honored the sadhus.

After honoring the gods and worshiping the sages, Shri Ramchandraji sat down and looked towards the north. There is dust in the sky, many birds and animals are disturbed and are coming to the runaway Lord’s ashram. Tulsidasji says that Lord Shri Ramchandraji woke up on seeing this and started thinking what is the reason? He was surprised in the mind. At the same time, the Kol-Bhils came and told all the news.

Tulsidasji says that Shri Ramachandraji had great joy in hearing the beautiful words of Mars. Pulkavali was enveloped in the body and like the lotus of autumn, the eyes were filled with love spirits.

Sitapati Shri Ramchandraji again fell under the thought that what is the reason for Bharata’s arrival? Then one came and said that he has a very heavy Chaturangini army with him.

Hearing this, Shri Ramchandraji thought highly. Here the father’s word and brother Bharati hesitate. After understanding the nature of Bharatji in mind, Lord Ramachandraji does not find any place to settle the mind.

Then it was resolved knowing that Bharata is a monk and an observer and is (obedient) in my saying. Laxmanji saw that there is a concern in Lord Shri Ramji’s heart, then he started to say his thoughtful thoughts according to time.

Hey master! I say something without asking you, the servant is not considered to be insolent by being judged on time (ie, if you ask, then I say, there is not such an opportunity, so it would not be bad to say that) Hey master! You are the Shiromani among the omniscient (everyone knows). I, the servant, speak of my understanding.

Hey Nath! You are the supreme heart (the ultimate benefactor without reason), the simple heart and the store of modesty and affection, you have love and faith in all, and know everyone in your heart as yourself.

But foolish creatures get fascination and reveal their true nature. Bharata is ethical, sane and clever and he has love at the feet of God (you), who knows the whole world.

Today, Bharatji has gone to the rank (throne or authority) of Shri Ramji (AAP) and eradicated the dignity of religion. Seeing crooked Khote brother Bharat Kusmay and knowing that Ramji (you) is alone (helpless) in exile,

They have come here to demolish the states by adding bad society in their mind. Having created crores of crores (many) kinds of evil, both the brothers have come together by gathering army.

If they did not have treachery and mischief in their hearts, then who would have liked the chariots, the queues of horses and elephants (at such times)? But who should blame Bharat in vain? The whole world becomes mad (drunk) after attaining the kingdom.

Moon Gurupatni subsided, King Nahush ascended the palanquin of Brahmins and there would be no one like King Ven, who was alienated from both folk and Vedas.

To whom did the Rajamad not taint Sahasrabahu, Devraj Indra and Trishanku etc.? Bharata has justified this measure, because the enemy and the debt should never be left at all.

Yes, Bharat did not do one thing good, who disrespected Ramji (AAP) for being helpless! But today, seeing this wrathful face of Shri Ramji (you) in the war, this thing will also come to his understanding especially (that is, he will get the fruits of this humiliation too well).

As soon as he said this, Lakshmanji forgot Neetiras and the tree like war rose flower under the pretext of Pulkavali (ie, while talking about the policy, heroic sap occurred in his body). He worshiped the feet of Lord Shri Ramchandraji and kept the Charan Raja on his head and said it as a true and natural force.

Hey Nath! Do not consider me unfair. Bharat has not made us any less (has not tampered less with us). After all, how far can we be endured and killed when Swami is with us and the bow is in our hands!

Kshatriya caste, born in Raghukul and then I am a follower (servant) of Shri Ramji (you), knows this world. (Then how can we help?) Who is as low as dust, but she also climbs on her head.

Saying this, Laxmanji got up and folded his hands and asked for the order. As if Veer Ras woke up from sleep. Tighten the quiver in the waist by tying it on the head and garnishing the bow and taking the arrow in the hand said-

Today, I should enjoy being a servant of Shri Ram (you) and teach Bharat in the struggle. After receiving the fruit of the humiliation of Shri Ramchandraji (you), both brothers (Bharata-Shatrughna) slept on the battle bed.

It was good that the whole society came and gathered. Today I will express all previous anger. Like a lion crushes a herd of elephants and takes an eagle-like lava under wraps.

In the same way, I will beat Bharat with the army and despise him along with his younger brother. Even if Shankar ji comes and helps him, even then, I have the courage of Ramji, I will (surely) kill him in battle (I will not leave).

Seeing Lakshmanji with great anger and hearing his authentic truth, everybody gets scared and wants to run away with the Lokpal.

The whole world was drowned in fear. Then there was a voice praising Lakshmanji’s immense muscle – O Tat! Who can say your majesty and influence and who can know?

But whatever work is done, if it is done improperly and appropriately, then everyone says it is good. The Vedas and scholars say that those who repent without doing any work in a hurry without thinking, are not intelligent.

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On the way to Bharatji Chitrakoot

On the way to Bharatji Chitrakoot

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