Dressing Jaymala, Parashuram’s arrival and anger

Dressing Jaymala, Parashuram’s arrival and anger –People with slow intellect, Bhat, Magadha, and Soot are narrating Virudavali (Kirti). Everybody is throwing away horses, elephants, money, jewels, and clothes.

Jhanjha, mridang, conch, shehnai, bheri, dhol, and beautiful drums are playing a variety of beautiful instruments. Everywhere, young women are singing a song of Mars.
The queen, including her friends, was overjoyed, as if the paddy had fallen on the water. Janaki gave up thinking and got happiness. It is as if a tired man has got fathom while swimming.
When the bow broke, the king became like Shreehin (languishing), as the lamp continues to grace the day. How to describe the happiness of Sitaji, as if the water of Chatki Swati has been attained.
How is Laxmanji looking at Shri Ramji, as if the child of the moon is watching the moon? Then Shatanandji gave the order and Sitaji went to Sri Ramji.
Along with Sundar Chatur Sakhiya singing the songs of Mangalachara, Sitaji followed Balhansini’s trick. There is immense beauty in their organs.
How Sita is being admired in the midst of a friend, like a great image in the midst of many images. There is beautiful Jayamala in Karakamal, which has the glory of world victory.
Sita ji’s body is hesitant, but there is absolute enthusiasm in the mind. His secret love is not known to anyone. Going near, seeing the beauty of Shri Ramji, the princess was left as written in the picture like Sitaji.
Seeing this condition, the clever Sakhi explained and said – Wear a beautiful Jayamala. Hearing this, Sitaji lifted the garland with both hands, but it is not worn because of being forced in love.
(At that time, their hands are being decorated in such a way) as if two lotuses with sticks are giving Jayamala in fear to the moon. Seeing this image, Sakhiya started singing. Then Sitaji put Jayamala on Sri Ramji’s neck.
Seeing Jayamala on the heart of Shri Raghunathji, the gods started showering flowers. All the kingdoms were compelled in such a way as if the group of lilies had shrunk by looking at the sun.
The instruments started ringing in the city and sky. The wicked became depressed and the gentlemen all rejoiced. Gods, eunuchs, humans, serpents, and munisvars are cheering and cheering.
The women of the gods dance and sing. Repeatedly, flowers are missing from hands. Everywhere Brahm is performing Vedhan and Bhat people are saying Virudavali (Kulakirti).
Earth, Hades, and Heaven spread fame in all the three worlds, that Shri Ramchandraji broke the bow and killed Sita. The male and female Aarti of the city are performing aarti and forgetting their capital (status) (leaving much of the power).
Shri Sita-Ramji’s pair is embellishing as if beauty and makeup juices have gathered. Sayings are saying – Sita! Touch the feet of Swami, but Sita Ji is very scared and does not touch her feet.
Remembering the motion of Gautamji’s woman Ahalya, Sitaji is not touching the feet of Shri Ramji with his hands. Knowing the supernatural love of Sitaji, Raghukul Mani Shri Ramchandraji laughed in his mind.
At that time, some kings were template by seeing Sitaji. That evil, lewd and foolish kings have a lot of heart. They woke up unfortunate, wearing armor, and started cheering everywhere.
Some say, snatch Sita and hold both the princes and bind them. Willing will not be done by breaking the bow (will be fulfilled). Who can marry our live-in princess?
If the father gives some help, then win it along with both the brothers in the war. Hearing these words, the Sadhu Raja said – Seeing this (shameless) Raj Samaj, I was ashamed too.
Hey! Your strength, majesty, bravery, brag, and nose (prestige) went away with the bow. Was that the same valor that now I got from somewhere? Such is the wicked intellect, that is why the creator has put a soot on your faces.
Leaving jealousy, arrogance and anger, fill the eyes and look at Shri Ramji (the image). Knowing Laxman’s anger to be strong fire, do not become moths in it.
Like whether the part of Garuda is a crow, the part of the lion is a rabbit, for whatever reason the rage wants its skill, the one who opposes Shivji wants all kinds of property.
Whether the greedy-greedy beautiful Kirti, what can a human person get (if he wants) flawlessly? And just as a man alienated from the feet of Shri Hari wishes for Paramgati (salvation), O kings! Your greed for Sita is also meaningless.
Sitaji became suspicious after hearing the noise. Then Sakhi took them to where Rani (mother of Sitaji) was. Shri Ramchandraji, while expressing the love of Sitaji in his mind, went to Guruji by natural tricks.
Sitaji, along with the queens (hearing the rascals of the evil kings), are in control of what the creators are going to do now. Hearing the words of the kings, Laxmanji stares here and there, but cannot speak anything for fear of Shri Ramchandraji.
Their eyes were red and their eyebrows twisted and they looked with anger at the kings, as if the lion’s child was excited after seeing a herd of drunken elephants.
Seeing the commotion, the women of Janakpuri became distraught and all started abusing the kings. On the same occasion, hearing the break of Shiva’s bow, Surya Parashuramji of the lotus form of Bhrigukul came.
Seeing them, all the king shrugged, as if he had gone to the quail look (hide) at the halt of the eagle. Vibhuti (Bhasma) is full on the white body and Tripundra is adorning the huge forehead.
On the head, the beautiful mukchandra has turned red due to anger. Eyebrows are crooked and eyes are red with anger. It is easy to see, even if it looks like it is anger.
He has shoulders (high and athletic) like ox, chest and arms are huge. Wearing beautiful yajnopavit, wearing garlands, and wearing antelope. There is a saint’s dress (Valkal) and two Tarkas at the waist. We have a bow and arrow in my hand and a beautiful ax on my shoulder.
There is a calm impulse, but actions are very harsh, the form cannot be described. It is as if having the body of a heroic monkey, where all the kings are, has come there.
Parshuram, who considers it easy even after considering his interests, understands that as if he has completed his life. Then Janakji came and gave him a head and called Sitaji and bowed.
Parshuramji blessed Sita. Sakhis were delightful and (not thinking it better to stay there longer), those Sayani Sakhis took them into their circle. Then Vishwamitra came and met and he dropped the two brothers on their feet.
(Vishwamitraji said-) He is the son of Rama and Lakshmana King Dasaratha. Seeing their beautiful pair, Parashuramji blessed. from the immense form of Shri Ram Chandraji who rescues the item of Kamadev, his eyes are getting tired (stunned).
Seeing it all, like knowing it, like an unknown, ask Janakji, say, how is this huge crowd? There was anger in his body.
Because of which all the kings came, King Janak told them all the news. After hearing Janaka’s words, Parashuramji turned around and looked at the other side, and the pieces of bow appeared on the earth.
Filled with extreme anger, he spoke harsh words – O foolish father! Tell, who broke the bow? Show him soon, otherwise hey fool! Today I will reverse the earth as far as your kingdom is.
The king was very afraid, due to which he did not answer. The devious king was very happy to see this. Gods, sages, nagas, and men and women of the city all started thinking, they all have great fear in their hearts.
Sitaji’s mother is regretting that hi! The creator now spoiled the made-up. Hearing the nature of Parashuramji, even half a moment began to sit for Sita like a cycle.
Then Shri Ramchandraji, seeing all the people frightened and knowing that Sita was scared, said – There was no joy or sadness in his heart.

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Durga Saptashati Chapter Fifth






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