Dron Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Dron Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Dron Parv –The arrival and warfare of Karna when Bhishma collapses in Drona festival, Dronacharya’s consecration to the rank of commander, Dronacharya’s fierce war, Arjuna’s war with the revolvers, Dronacharya building Chakravyuh, Abhimanyu’s might and fear alone Arms Abhimanyu’s slaughter by the Kaurava nobles, mourning in the Pandavas from the Shodashrajakya narrative, Abhimanyu’s slaughter, Jayadrathavadha’s pledge by Arjuna returning from battle with the victors, Krishna’s assurance of cooperation, Arjuna’s terrible war with Dronacharya and the Kaurava army The killing of Jayadratha by Arjuna, the fierce battle between the valiant warriors on both sides, the slaughter of Ghatotkacha by Karna, the slaughter of Dronacharya by Dhritadhyumna.

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The decision for the next five days of war under the command of Dronacharya

When Pitamah Bhishma was hurt, Acharya Drona was made the general. After becoming the general, Drona vowed that I would protect the Kaurava-army and kill the Pandava-army like Bhishma. I only worry about Dhrishtadyumna, because she was born to my death. Duryodhana prayed to Dronacharya that if you only hold Yudhishthira. So the war will stop and massacre will not happen.

Conspiracy to capture Yudhishthira

Dronacharya promised that I will try to capture Yudhishthira with full power, but for this Arjuna has to be removed from Yudhishthira. At this, King Susarma and the sorcerers of the country of Trigarta assured them that they would challenge Arjuna for war and take Arjuna away while fighting. On the other hand, Krishna told the Pandavas that tomorrow Karna will also participate in the war. Therefore, now war will be deceitful, so there should be complete management of Yudhishthira’s defense. In this way, both the armies came face to face in the morning on the eleventh day.

Battle on the eleventh day

In today’s war, Acharya Dronacharya was the commander. Along with them were Duryodhana, Dushasana, Jayadratha, Kritavarma, Kripacharya, Ashwatthama, and Karna. Arjuna was at the forefront of the Pandava-army. Seeing Arjuna, Trigartaraja Susarma proceeded. Arjuna called Satyaki and said that Acharya Drona’s earlier creation was done to capture Yudhishthira. You be careful Our military commanders are doing dhristadumun, Acharya Drona is scared of this.

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Susharma and Sangeetha challenge Arjun by moving quickly. Arjuna released two arrows to greet Acharya Drona. Acharya blessed his disciple. Sharma took Arjuna far and wide while fighting. Shalya stops Bhima, Karna struggled with Satyaki and Shakuni challenged Sahadeva. Only Nakula remained with Yudhishthira. Then the rumor flew that Yudhishthira was caught. Hearing the news of Dharmaraja being caught, Arjun rushed to Yudhishthira, Arjun saw that Yudhishthira was safe. As soon as Arjuna arrived, Acharya Drona gave up hope to capture Yudhishthira.

Twelfth-day war

Today again the triangles challenged Arjuna and took him away while fighting. When Arjuna fought, he took them away. When Arjuna started returning to Yudhishthira, on the way, King Bhagadatta rode on an elephant and stopped Arjuna’s way and even uttered abuses. Killed Bhagadatta. Here Dronacharya tried hard to capture Yudhishthira. Satyajit was the protector of Yudhishthira. Satyajit killed Dronacharya’s horses and cut off the chariot wheels. Dronacharya beheaded Satyajit with a half-moon arrow. On the death of Satyajit, Yudhishthira returned from the battlefield. At night, Duryodhana told Drona that your pledge was not fulfilled. You seem to have affection for the Pandavas, otherwise, it is not a big deal for you to catch Yudhishthira.

Design of cycle

Dronacharya was filled with anger at Duryodhana’s talk. He said that we did not take any chances, but Arjun is invincible. Tomorrow we will create the Chakravyuh. If Arjuna is taken away, Yudhishthira can be captured, because only Arjuna knows the secret of Chakravyuh.

Thirteenth-day war, the slaughter of Abhimanyu

Today again the triangles and the damsel challenged Arjuna. Arjuna went too far chasing them. At the same time, the messenger of the Kauravas gave Yudhishthira the message of the war of Chakravyuh. Yudhishthira became worried. At the same time, Abhimanyu came and bowed to Yudhishthira and told me that while I was in my mother’s womb, my father had described the war of Chakravyuh. I was listening to the womb. I heard the narration of the war up to six gates. Hearing the war of the seventh gate, the mother fell asleep. I am ready for this war. Yudhishthira accepted Chakravyuh’s invitation to penetrate. Mata Subhadra herself decorated her son with weapons, but Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara forbade him to enter the battlefield. Abhimanyu explained to his wife Uttara and went to the door of Chakravyuh. Jayadratha was at the first gate of the Chakravyuh. Abhimanyu shot an arrow at Jayadratha and penetrated the array and reached inside. Bhima and other Pandava heroes could not go inside. Abhimanyu removed Dronacharya at the second gate, Karna at the third, and Ashwatthama at the fourth gate and rose to the fifth gate. On the advice of Karna, seven chariots surrounded Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu staged a fierce battle, but he was injured when he was hit from all sides, his charioteer was killed, the horses also fell injured.

He moved forward with a sword, but his sword was cut. Now he broke with the chariot cycle. Then Duryodhana- son of Lakshman threw the mace on Abhimanyu’s head and killed it. Abhimanyu was injured, but he threw the same mace towards Laxman. The lives of both Abhimanyu and Laxman left together. The Kauravas mourned the killing of Abhimanyu and mourned the death of Laxman. The Pandavas drowned in mourning after Abhimanyu’s death. Subhadra and Uttara mourning this news reached the seventh gate of Chakravyuh. Subhadra wept bitterly with her son’s head in her lap. Uttara wishes to get Sati but Subhadra refuses because she is pregnant.

When Arjuna returned by completely destroying the war triangles and the saints of that day, there was news of Abhimanyu being killed in the battle of Chakravyuh. He became very distraught. Shri Krishna consoled Arjuna and said that the cause of Abhimanyu’s death is Jayadratha because he has got a boon from Shankar that except Arjuna, the other four Pandavas cannot win you. That is why he was placed at the first gate so that Bhima Adi could not enter the Chakravyuh. Then Arjuna vowed that if I could not kill Jayadratha before sunset tomorrow, I would also surrender my body to Agni. Hearing Arjuna’s promise, Jayadratha trembled. Dronacharya assured that he would create such an array that Arjuna would not be able to see Jayadratha. He himself will continue to fight Arjuna and will himself be at the door of the array.

Battle of the fourteenth day, slaying of Jayadratha

On this day, Dronacharya created a shakat array and placed Jayadratha in the middle. Arjun was in a tizzy today. He fought fiercely with Dronacharya, but not seeing the hope of victory, entered the arsenal from his side. Yudhishthira sent Satyaki and Bhima to protect Arjuna. At the same time, Bhurishrava attacked Satyaki. He wanted to kill Satyaki when Arjun’s arrows cut his hands. He fell and Satyaki cut off his head. The sun sank upon sight. Arjun took off his Gandiva. Duryodhana was very happy. The pyre was made to consume Arjuna. Duryodhana also summoned Jayadratha to watch the scene of Arjuna burning in the pyre. When Arjuna started climbing the pyre without arms, Krishna said that the Kshatriyas climb on the pyre with their weapons. As soon as Arjuna took his bow after tying the Akash-tunir, Krishna said – The enemy is in front, he is hiding in the clouds. As soon as Krishna said, Arjun’s arrow dropped and took Jayadratha’s head into the sky. There was deep mourning among the Kauravas and happiness in the Pandavas. Now the idea of ​​the next day’s war started coming in the Pandavas. Krishna said that tomorrow, Karna may use the power of Indraj from Arjuna.

Death of Ghatotkacha

Krishna proposed that Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha is demonic in nature. He can wage a fierce war even in the dark. If he attacks the Kauravas last night, Karna will have to exert power on him. Ghatotkacha attacked the Kauravas in the dark of night. The dust-covered the sky. It started raining, pebbles and stones started falling from the sky. Duryodhana panicked and went to Karna. Karna postponed at first, but seeing Duryodhana extremely distraught, he came out with immense power and he used immense power on Ghatotkacha. Ghatotkacha was killed, but Karna was worried that he no longer had any power to kill Arjuna.

Fifteenth-day war Dronacharya dies

The Kauravas were very angry with the night’s invasion. Today Dronacharya was also very angry. He killed thousands of Pandava-soldiers and killed both Drupada and Virat standing in defense of Yudhishthira. Krishna also got worried after seeing this form of Dronacharya. He thought that Dronacharya’s death was necessary for the victory of the Pandavas. He told Arjuna to inform Acharya that Ashwatthama had passed away. Arjuna refuses to tell such a lie. Shri Krishna said that the elephant name of Avantiraja is Ashwatthama, which Bhima has just killed. Krishna took the chariot to Yudhishthira and said that if Dronacharya asks about Ashwatthama’s death, then you will say yes. Bhima has killed the Ashwatthama elephant. Then there was noise from all around that Ashwatthama was killed. Dronacharya asked Yudhishthira who said yes. But not a male, but a virgin.

As soon as the male said Krishna, he rang the conch aloud, Dronacharya could not hear the words ahead. Drona threw away weapons and sat on the chariot. Then Drupada-son Dhrishtadyumna cut Dronacharya’s head from the Khadga. The death of Dronacharya caused a ruckus in the Kauravas and Ashwatthama, in a fit of rage, fought a fierce battle, in front of which no one except Arjuna could stand. It was evening, so the fight stopped.

Drona festival has 8 (sub) festivals and 202 chapters. The names of these eight (sub) festivals are-

Dronabhishek festival,
Modified festival,
Abhimanyudhva festival,
Pledge festival
Jayadrathavadh festival,
Festival festival
Dronavadh festival,
Narayanastramoksha festival.

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