Durga Saptashati – Chapter Eighth

Eighth Chapter – Chapter Eighth – Durga Saptashati


         (Bloodbase slaughter)

Durga Saptashati - Chapter Eighth

Jai ma Durga Teri sdha hai Jai ho

In the seventh chapter, we read how Maa Durga killed chnad mund Maharishi Medha said – Due to the killing of Asuras named Chand and Mund and the destruction of many armies, the king of Asuras, the majestic Shambhu, enraged and ordered his entire army to prepare for war. He said- Now the eighty-six Asura commander named Udayudh should go to war with his armies and the eighty-four commander named Kambu also go to war and leave fifty generals named Koti Semen and hundred commanders named Dharamkul, Kalk, Dauhrid, Maurya and Kalakeya. The demons also come to war with my permission, the lord of the Asuras who ruled the terrible, thus giving war with a large army by giving orders The run. Seeing her army coming towards her,(Devi Durga) Chandika made the part between earth and sky with the bow of her bow.

Hey Rajan! After this, Devi’s lion started to roar, the words of Diya and Ambika’s hour further amplified that sound, the bow of the bow, the roar of the lion and the sound of the bell echoed between the earth and the sky and with it Devi made her face even more terrible. Hearing such a terrible word, the demonic army surrounded Devi and Singh from all around. Hey Rajan! At that time the powers of the gods of Brahma, Shiva, Kartikeya, Vishnu, and Indra, who were full of great valor and strength, came out of their bodies and went to Chandika Devi in ​​the same form for the destruction of the demons and for the benefit of the gods. The God who had the form, the jewelry, and the vehicle, the form, the jewelry, and the vehicle, the powers of those gods came to fight with the demons.

The power of Brahmaji came by sitting in a plane with a swan and wearing a rosary of Rudraksha and a kamandalu, riding on Taurus, wearing a trident in his hand, wearing a Kangana of Mahanag and afflicted with moonlight, Lord Shankar’s power came to Maheshwari and mounted on the peacock. , To fight the demons with power in hand, Kartikeya’s power came in the form of him. The power of Lord Vishnu came riding on Garuda with Shankha, Chakra, Shrung mace, bow, and Khandag in his hand. The power of Shrihari came by holding the body of Varahi, Varaha, and his power like Narasimha also came in his power Narasimha, the stars of the sky were broken by the shaking of his neck and similarly, the power of Devaraja Indra also came riding on the Ravrat. After that, Lord Shankar, surrounded by these God powers, said to Chandika – To my delight, you kill these asuras soon.

After this, Chandika Shakti with very fierce form and hundreds of jackal-like sounds appeared from the body of the goddess, that Aparajita Devi said to Lord Shrishankar with a clouded voice – Oh God! As a messenger on my behalf, go to Shumbha and Nishumbh and tell those extremely proud demons and in addition to those monsters who are present there for the war, also tell them – if you wish to be alive, then the kingdom of Triloki Indra. Give it to the Gods, start getting their sacrificial part and you return to Hades, but if you have the desire to fight with the pride of force, then come back, your My yogins will be satisfied with meat, since that goddess appointed Lord Shankar as the messenger, so she became famous in the world as Shivduti.

After receiving the message of the Goddess from Lord Shankar, there was no crossing of the anger of those demons and she reached the place where the Goddess was seated, and as she went, she began to show arrows and powers. The goddess cut off her thrown arrows, powers, tridents, and furs from her arms and Kali Devi stood next to that goddess to dislodge the enemies with the trident and crush Khatwang, the Brahmin ran on her side. By spraying the water of kamandalu, they used to destroy the semen and force of the demons and similarly with Maheshwari Trishul, Vaishnavi Chakra, and very fierce kowali virgin power. Upon was killed and rivers hundreds of monster blood hit the side of ऎndrai sleep to shed all the earth.

Varahi killed many demons with his snout, ripped the chests of the beards from the forehead, and dislodged some of the chakras and threw them to the earth. Narasimha was devouring the big demons with his fingernails and was wandering in the battlefield, traversing the four directions from the battle cry, how many demons fell on the earth frightened by the rampant attire of Shivduti and devouring them as soon as they fell. She has done it.

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In this way, the demonic army ran away after seeing the big asuras dying due to various measures by the mothers who were filled with anger and seeing them running like this, the great mighty demon named Raktabija, filled in anger and proceeded to battle. As soon as the drops of blood from his body fell on the earth, immediately the body and the same strong monster were produced from the earth. With blood bug mace in hand, he started fighting with the earth, when the superpower struck him with his thunderbolt, due to the injuries a lot of blood flowed from his body and from each drop of it, many strong and mighty like him fiercely many monsters Appeared, all of them were strong brute like the monster seed, they also started fighting with the ladies with fierce weapons. When the thunderbolt of the body hit his forehead and blood started flowing, thousands of men were born from it.


Vaishnavi started the cycle and Andri hurt the bloodbeds from the mace, and the blood that flowed from his body when he was injured by the Chakra of Vaishnavi produced thousands of Maha Asuras, through whom this world pervaded, with the power of the Kaumari, by the Varahi from the pillar and Maheshwari injured him with a trident. Thus, in anger, that Mahaditya attacked all the maternal powers with different mace, and the mothers repeatedly injured him with power and shul, etc., it produced hundreds of months of Mahadatya and thus the blood of that Rakbij was born. The whole world was pervaded by asuras which scared the gods, seeing the gods frightened, Chandika said to Kali – O Chamundi! Enlarge your face and keep devouring the blood points generated by my weapon and the great demons born from the blood points with your mouth. In this way, you devour the battlefield while devouring the Mahadatyas arising from blood points. In this way, this monster will be destroyed due to blood loss, there will be no other monster due to your eating.

After saying this to Kali, Chandika Devi hit her trident with blood bus and Kali Devi took her blood in her mouth, then she hit Chandika with mace, the attack did not hurt Chandika at all, but the body of Raktabeej A lot of blood started flowing from him, but with his fall, Kali took him into her mouth. She devoured the asuras that arose from the blood in Kali’s face and drank the blood, after which the goddess gave the blood to the blood that Kali had drunk, Chandika gave that monster with bajra, arrow, sword, and rishti, etc. killed. Hey Rajan! Killed with various weapons and deprived of blood, the Mahaditya blood bear fell on the earth. Hey Rajan! The gods were very happy with his fall and the mothers began to dance in fear after drinking the blood of those asuras.