Durga Saptashati Chapter Ninth

                 (Nishumb slaughter)


Jai ma Durga Teri Sadha hi Jai ho

In the eighth chapter, how did Mother Durga kill the raktbij the king said – O Rishiraj! You told me a story related to the slaughter of blood seeds. Now I want to hear the deeds of Shumbha and Nishumbh, filled with anger after the death of blood bears. Maharishi Medha said – Shumbha and Nishumbha got very angry after the killing of blood by and seeing their huge army being destroyed in this way, they ran to attack Nishumbha (Durga) Devi, along with her to kill many big Asura (Durga), Devi. Ran and Mahaprakrami Shumbha along with their army rose to kill Chandika, then Shumbha and Nishumbha started a fierce battle with the goddess and both the demons were thus Getting rain clouds like arrows cast,(Durga) Devi arrows to run both of them put off their arrows and hurt those two monsters of rain armaments, Nishumb the sharp swords and flashing shield of Devi Singh Upon attacking, seeing that his vehicle was hurt, Devi cut both the sword and shield of Nishumbh with an arrow called Kshupra.

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When the sword and shield were cut, Nishumbha attacked the goddess with power. The goddess cut her into two pieces with her chakra. Then what was the demon roasted in the water of anger and he threw a shool towards him to kill the goddess, but the goddess crushed him with his box, then he hit the goddess with mace, the goddess hit the mace with trident Devoured, after that he took the ax in his hand and caught it towards the goddess. The goddess put her to sleep on the earth with her sharp arms. When his mighty brother Nishumbh died in this way, Shumbha ran into the rage to kill the goddess. He was sitting in the chariot with his eight big arms adorned with the best weapons, covering the whole sky. On seeing Shumbha coming, the goddess blew her conch and uttered the bow of the bow also very audacious, along with the word of her bell which was about to destroy the glory of the entire demon army.

After this, Devi’s lion too, with its roar, which used to get crushed by the strong men, filled the sky, earth, and ten directions, then after jumping in the sky, Kali banged his teeth and hands on the earth. , His doing this led to such a word, so that all the words before him were silenced, after this, Shivduti made a fear-mongering hymn for the Asuras which the demons trembled and sh. Mb grew angry again Ambika him damn wicked! STAND UP !!, STAND UP !!! Said all the gods’ hail from the sky, were Jay Ho’bol. Shumbha came there and left a very fierce force with flames which Goddess cut off with her power called Maholka.

Hey Rajan! Then became three worlds permeates the battle cry of Sumb and such a deep voice from its resonance, which won all the words before. Shiva’s left arrows were cut by the goddess and Shiva’s left arrows were cut from his arrows into hundreds and thousands of pieces. After this, when Chandika hit Shumbha with a trident in anger, he fainted and fell on the earth, when his idol was corrected, he brought a bow and with his arrows he injured the goddess Kali and the lion, then that monster Wearing ten thousand arms and covered the goddess with chakradi armaments, then Bhagwati Durga got angry and cut those chakras and arrows from her arrows, seeing this in her hands She ran to kill Chandika with a mace, as soon as the goddess cut her mace from the sharpened section.

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He then took the trident in his hand, seeing the nemesis Trishul, who was grieving the Gods, came in his hand, Chandika hit his chest with his prick and ripped his chest, one of his chests when the prick disintegrated. going great stay mighty monster! Wait !! Came out saying. On seeing her, the goddess shouted loudly. Now she radiated was found not what put his head cut off with his sword. With the head cut off, he fell to the earth. Subsequently, the lion roared and started devouring the Asuras and Kali Shivduti also started drinking the blood of the demons. Many Mahadityas were destroyed by the power of the virgin. Many demons were eliminated from the water of Brahmaji’s corpus.

Many demons fell on the earth after being dismembered by the trident of Maheshwari and collapsed by the blows of Barahi and collapsed. Vaishnavi also removed the great heroes from his cycle and sent them to Yamlok, and how many Mahabali demons have broken into pieces from Andri. Many demons were killed, many fled, how many black Shivduti and lion devoured them.

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