Durga Saptashati – Chapter Seventh

(dhumrlochan Slaughter )

 Durga Saptashati - Chapter Seventh

You read this in the sixth chapter (Durga) Devi killed Dhumalochan and the whole army and Shumbha ordered Chand Mund to bring Devi.  Maharishi Medha said – After getting the authorization of the evil spirit ruler, Chand and Mund went with the Chaturangini armed force to battle the goddess (Durga ) with arms. On arriving at the Himalayan mountain, he saw the grinning goddess who was perched on the lion, when Asuras moved towards him with blades to catch them, Ambika got extremely furious on them and her face turned dark out of resentment, her homeless people ascended. Also, out of his temple seemed a savage and wide-confronted, red-peered toward dark who grasped a blade and circle, that weird column Rann had been made and wore a festoon of saris and Nrmundon a panther skin. Her substance was dry and the body was just a structure of bones and the wild word which was finishing the bearings, she separated on the Asura armed force and began eating up the evil presences.

She was holding the elephants, including horizontal gatekeepers, Ankushdhari Mahavatas, warriors riding on elephants and chimes, with one hand and placing them in her face, and similarly, she was in horrible structure by putting officers sitting in ponies, chariots, charioteers and chariots. She was biting on it, getting somebody’s hair, squeezing somebody with her feet and slapping a beast from the chest, she was holding the beast’s enormous two weapons in her mouth. Su and hesitantly crushed them in the teeth, he ate up some huge 2 Asuras, stomped on a few and pursued away slaughtering them, some he executed them with the blade, some with his teeth. Also, in this way, the goddess demolished the whole beast armed force in a second.

 Durga Saptashati - Chapter Seventh

Seeing this, the powerful Chand woke up to Kali Devi and the Mund additionally began showering his horrible bolts on the Goddess and left a large number of his chakras on it, around then he entered the essence of the sparkling bolt and Chakra Devi. Maybe numerous suns are entering the billows of mists, after this Kali, with a wild word, loaded up with extraordinary excitement and woke up with incredible anguish. His furious face was not seen, the line of white teeth was sparkling from his face, at that point he assaulted the Chand by saying “I” in the hand and snatched his hair and remove his head, and murdered Chand. Seeing Mund snatched towards the goddess ( Durga ), however, the goddess, loaded up with outrage, additionally carried her to Yamlok with her blade.

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Seeing Chand and Mund dead, the remainder of his military fled from that point. After this, Kali went to Chandika with the cut off parts of the bargains Mund and Prachanda began to state with bewilderment – O Goddess! Chand and Mund have slaughtered two incredible devils and introduced you, presently you need to execute Shumbha and Nishumbh yourself.

Maharishi Medha said – Kalyanakayi Chandi, taking a gander at the parts of the bargains and the mund brought there, said in a sweet voice to Kali – O Goddess! Since you have brought Chand and Mund to me, you will have acclaim for the sake of Chamunda on the planet.


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