Durga Saptashati Chapter Thirteen


      (Goddess’s boon to King Surath and Vaishya)



Jai Maa Durga Teri Sadha Hi Jai Ho

  In the twelfth chapter of Maa Durga Saptashati, it was read that the significance of the recitation of the characters of the goddessMaharishi Medha said – O Rajan! In this way, I told you about the great beauty of the Goddess. This goddess who holds the world has the same effect, she is the one who imparts knowledge and by the influence of this illusion of Lord Vishnu, you and this Vaishya and other prudent are fascinated and will be fascinated in future. Hey Rajan! You go to the shelter of this God. This Bhagwati offers enjoyment, heaven, and salvation to a man on worship. Markandeji said- Hearing this talk of Maharishi Medha, King Surath paid obeisance to the sage with that fierce fast and due to the loss of the kingdom, he felt very guilty and he went to the forest for the penance of the king and the Vaishya and the banks of the river. But by applying his posture, he started doing penance for darshan of Bhagwati.

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Both of them made an idol of the goddess on the banks of the river and started worshiping her with flowers, incense, lamps, and havan. At first, they reduced their diet. Then, being completely unharmed, he began to worship Bhagwati with concentration. Both of them continued to worship Bhagwati continuously for three years, sacrificing the goddess with the blood of her body. After three years, Chandika, who followed the world, gave her a direct vision and said, Goddess Boli – O Rajan! And the Vaishya who pleases his family! Ask for the groom you desire, I will give it to you because I am very happy with you.

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Markandey Ji says – Hearing this, the king asked for a boon from Bhagwati to regain his kingdom after destroying his enemies in the next birth, and forcefully destroy his enemies in this birth, and Vaishya whose mind also made the world Was disgusted from the side, asked Bhagwati to give knowledge that destroys her affection and ego form attachment. Devi said – O Rajan! You will soon regain your kingdom by killing your enemies, your kingdom will be stable and then after death, you will be born on the part of Suryadev and gain fame on this earth in the name of Savarnik Manu.

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Hey Vaishya! In the total, I give you the best you have asked for my groom, you will get the knowledge to give salvation. Markandeya Ji says – Thus, by giving both of them the desired groom and hearing their praise from them, Bhagwati became infuriated and thus the King Surtha, the best among the Kshatriyas, was born on this earth and became famous as Savarnik Manu on this earth.

 forgive prayer

Parmeshwari I have thousands of crimes every night. Understanding ‘this is my slave’, please forgive those crimes of mine kindly. Parmeshwari, I do not know the call, do not know to immerse and do not even know how to worship, Mother forgive me. Devi Sureshwari! All the mantras, actionless and devotional worship I have done, may all be completed by your grace. Even after committing hundreds of crimes, one who calls you ‘Jagdamb’ in your refuge, he gets the speed, which is not accessible even to the Brahma gods. Jagdambike! I am a criminal But I have come to your shelter. At this time, I deserve mercy. Do as you wish ... Devi! Parmeshwari Forgive me all the shortcomings or excesses which I have made due to ignorance, mistake or misunderstanding of intellect, and be happy. Sachchidananda Swaroop Parmeshwari! Jaganmata Kameshwari!


You accept this worship with love and be happy with me. Devi Sureshwari! You are also going to protect the secretive architecture from the secret .. Take this chanting at my request. By your grace, I can achieve my mother. Jai Mata Di Ji Mother please all.

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