Durga Saptashati Chapter Twelfth

(The significance of the recitation of the goddess’s characters)


Jai Maa Durga Teri Sadha HI Jai Ho

We read this in the Eleventh Adhyay (Deity praising the Goddess and Goddess blessing the Gods). Goddess (Durga) Boli – O Gods! The man who will be concentrated by these hymns and praise me will undoubtedly take all his sufferings. Those who will tell the story of Madhukatabh’s destruction, the slaughter of Mahishasura and the slaughter of Shumbha and Nishumbh, will listen to my greatness devotionally with a concentration on the day of Ashtami, Chaturdashi, and Navami, they will never have any sin, they will not be persecuted by sin. , There will be no poverty in their house, nor will they be separated from loved ones, they will not have any kind of fear. That is why every human should always devoutly read and listen to this welfare of my welfare. This greatness of mine calms down all the disturbances caused by the epidemic and three types of incidents. The house and temple or place where my hymn is recited lawfully, I never renounce the place and I always live there.

This character of mine should be pronounced and heard in sacrifice, worship, home, and festivals. Such a havan or a worshiper, knowing or leaving without knowing it, I accept it immediately and in the autumn, every year, which is worshiped every year, the man is devoutly listening to my greatness and gets rid of all the plagues and is rich in wealth, grain and daughterhood. Becomes and after listening to my greatness and stories etc., man becomes fearless and the enemies of those who listen to greatness are destroyed. And gets the receipt of welfare and rejoice their membership, are all suffering are down and see terrible dreams and domestic grief so all erased. This is my great comfort to the children of Balagrahas who are in Bulgaria. This is going to be a good friendship when it breaks in humans.

This great significance of mine is going to make humans attain the same strength as me. Worshiping the Brahmin by offering food to the Brahmin every day by offering food to the Brahmin, offering various types of blog, and donating every year, etc. I am happy with this and as happy as I am, I am happy to hear this character. On hearing this greatness, it takes away sins and provides healing, the kirtan of my presence is the protector from evil beings, the wicked demons are killed in battle. On hearing this, man does not have the fear of enemies.

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Oh, meu Deus! Whatever you have praised me or Brahma Ji has praised me, he is going to provide welfare to humans. In fear of being killed when the king is enraged, when he is in a wilderness or surrounded by a forest, surrounded by thieves in the forest, or caught by enemies, in the forest by lions, animals or wild elephants, Trapped in a fierce battle at the wavering of the boat in the sea, a man suffering from any kind of pain, grieved by extreme obstacles, freed from the crisis by remembering this character of mine it happens.

Under my influence, lions, thieves or enemies, etc. run away and do not come near. The Maharshi said – After saying this, the Goddess (Durga)with great power, after seeing all the Gods, there was a disturbance in the sight of all the gods and the whole God began to consume the yagna portion as before when his enemies were killed and they regained their rights and The remaining Rakshas went to Hades after being killed by the Goddesses of Shumbh and Nishumbh, enemies of the Gods in the war. Hey Rajan! In this way, Bhagwati Ambika, despite her continual appearance, repeatedly follows this world, captivates it, gives birth, and provides prosperity when she prays.

Hey Rajan! It is Bhagwati who takes the form of the pandemic at the time of Mahapralaya and it is spread in the whole universe and the same Bhagwati periodically forms the form of Mahakali and pandemic and manifests itself in the form of the unborn, she is the eternal(Durga), Goddess. Obeys and the same becomes situated in the house at the time of human death by making the appearance of Lakshmi and in the absence of poverty, it becomes a cause of destruction. She worships with flowers, incense, and smell, etc. She gives wealth and son and provides good wisdom in religion.


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