Durga Saptashati – Second  Chapter

            Durga Saptashati – Second  Chapter


Durga Saptashati

(The birth of the goddess with the glory of gods and slaying of Mahishasura’s army)

In the first chapter of Durga Saptasati, Lord Vishnu killed Madhu and Catabh with the help of Yogmaya. Maharishi Medha said – In ancient times, there was a great war between gods and asuras for a hundred years and Devraj Indra was the hero of the gods. In this war, the army of the gods was defeated and thus the entire gods were conquered and Mahishasura became Indra. After the war, the defeated deity Prajapati reached the place with Sri Brahma, Where Lord Shankar was seated. The gods told the whole story of their defeat to Lord Shree Vishnu and Shankarji. He said – Lord! Mahishasura has seized the authority of everyone by taking away all the rights of Sun, Moon, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Yama, Varuna, and other deities.

He has cast out all the gods from heaven. They are wandering on the earth like humans. We have told you all the acts of the demons and have come to your shelter because you think of some way of killing them. Lord Srivishnu and Shankarji got very angry at the demons after hearing the things of the gods. His eyebrows were tanned and his eyes turned red. Anger filled with the face of Lord Vishnu, a huge sharp light came out and the same type of light appeared from the mouth of other gods like Shankar, Brahma, and Indra. Then he got all the sharp one into one, and he looked like a bright mountain like a bright mountain.

The gods saw that the flame of that mountain was spread all around and the Tej appearing from the body of the gods could not be compared to any other Tej. When gathered in one place, he became sharp as a goddess and with his light, he was spread in all the three worlds. He was the glory of Lord Shankar, Devi’s face was revealed by that. The glory of Yamaraja made the hair of his head, the glory of Lord Shri Vishnu made his arms, the moon made both the breast and Indra the thigh and the shin, and the sharp part of the earth made the sharp part, both the feet of Brahma and His fingers were born from the Sun’s glory.

The sharp fingers of the Vasus made the nostrils with the fingers of the hands and the nose of the Kuber, the teeth of Prajapati made his eyes and the eyes of fire sharp, his eyebrows were sharp and his ears were revealed by the sharpness of the wind. Thus the goddess was born.

Deity defeated by Mahishasura was very happy to see that goddess. Lord Shankar took a trident out of his trident and gave it to that goddess, and Lord Vishnu took one of his chakras and gave it to that goddess, Varun took one of his chakras and gave it to that goddess, Varuna presented the conch to the goddess, Agni gave it strength, Vayu gave him a bow and arrow, Sridevaraj Indra with a thousand eyes gave it to the thunderbolt by offering it with his own thunderbolt and presented an hour of ऎrawat elephant and offered it to the goddess, Yamraj He was punished by one of Kalandaand, Varun looped him.

Prajapati gave the garland of crystal to that goddess and Brahmaji gave her the commandment, the sun-filled the rays of the goddess with its radiance, Kaal gave her a shining shield and sword and presented her with a bright necklace and divine clothes and At the same time he gave the divine chudamani, two coils, LankanHe gave her beautiful rings for the neck and rings made of gemstones for the fingers, Vishwakarma gave him the ax and with it a variety of weapons and impregnable armor and in addition, he offered garlands of never-withering beautiful lotuses, the sea Presented a beautiful lotus flower, bright crescent, armlets for arms, Nupur for feet,

The Himalayas presented lions and a variety of gems to the goddess for the ride, Yaksharaj Kubera presented a pot full of honey and Sheshnag presented them with prized priests. Similarly, other gods also honored him by giving him jewelry and weapons. The goddess then roared with a loud voice sky erupted from this terrible sound of him. That high-pitched battle of the goddess could not be completed, Akash appeared to be small in front of him. It echoed with great emphasis, which caused a stir in the whole world and the sea shook, the earth began to shake and all the mountains started moving.

The gods were pleased with that time, Singh Vahini said to Jagatmayi Devi – Devi! Hail you With this the Maharishis praised him by being humble with devotion. On seeing the whole Triloki mourning, the demons stood up with their armies and decorated weapons, etc. Mahishasura’s wrath knew no bounds. He exclaimed in anger, “What is all this trouble, then he ran with his army to the side from which the sound of fierce sound was heard and reaching forward, he saw the Goddess, who with her brilliance gave the three worlds Was publishing

The earth was being buried under the weight of its feet. A line was forming in the sky with the crown of the forehead and everyone was getting angry with the bow of her bow, the goddess was standing with her arms stretched in all directions. After this, war broke out with the demons and all the directions started to be expressed with many weapons. The commander of Mahishasura’s army was a great asura named Chakshur, he went ahead to battle with the goddess and with the Chaturangini army of other demons, Chamara also foughtLaga and along with sixty thousand maharishis, the Mahadantya named Udagra came to fight and the Asura named Mahahanu started to fight with one crore chariots, the Asuras named Asiloma with five crore soldiers, the Asura named Vashkal went into battle with sixty lakh Asuras. , Asura named Vidal was ready to fight with one crore chariots, in addition to all these thousands more Asuras started fighting with elephants and horsemen and after all this Shasur fought with millions of chariots, elephants and there came the goddess including horses.

All the Asuras went to war with the goddess in the battlefield with Tomar, Bhindipal, Shakti, Muslims, Khandas, Furs, Stripes. Many powers began to be thrown and some other weapon, after which all the demons took their own swords in the hands and ran towards the Goddess and started the industry to kill her. But in a fit of rage, Devi cut off all her weapons and weapons. After this, the sages and deities started praising Goddess Kaki and she was happy to show weapons and weapons on the bodies of the Asuras.

The goddess’s vehicle also raged in anger in the monster army as if the forest was spreading in the forest. All the breaths that the warring goddess released in anger, she instantly transformed into hundreds of thousands of Ganas. Fars, Bhindipal, Kharag, and Parrish, etc. started fighting with the demons with weapons, they were playing drums, conch and mridang, destroying the demons, increased by the power of the goddess., Subsequently, the goddess killed thousands of Asuras with a trident, mace, power, sword, etc., how many of them reached Yamlok with the fierce voice of the bell, how many Asuras tied her to the earth and dragged her to pieces with her sword. -2 and put some to sleep on the earth with the injury of mace, many demons were injured by the pestle and began to vomit blood, and due to the bursting of the chest, many lay on the earth and some Waist not the arrow went down

The demons who tormented the gods began to die bitterly. How many arms were separated, some cervix were cut, some heads were cut and rolled away to the ground, some bodies were cut in the middle and some of the thighs were cut and they fell on the earth. Regardless of how many ends and legs are cutThey stood up from the ground and started fighting with the goddess with arms in their hands, and many demons were dancing in the ground with the sound of eagles, many asuras whose heads were cut off, fighting without arms in their hands. Were the demons to stay on their own! Wait! Saying that the goddess was daring for war.

The land where this fierce battle took place was filled with the corpses of chariots, elephants, horses, and asuras and due to the bloodshed in the middle of the Asura army, the rivers of blood were flowing and thus the Goddess gave a huge army of Asuras for a moment. Destroyed in this way, like a large group of trunk woodThe fire destroys the goddess and the lion of the goddess is also shaking the neck hair and making big words from the bodies of the asuras as if seeking her life when the gods of the goddess fought with the demons, the gods delighted Rain fell on them from the sky.

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