Ekalavya’s Guruship ~ Mahabharata

Ekalavya’s Guruship ~ Mahabharata

Ekalavya’s Guruship –Acharya Dronacharya was duly imparting weapons and weapons to the Pandava and Kaurava princes. Arjuna was a favorite disciple of Dronacharya due to Arjuna being very talented and gurus in those princes. Dronacharya also had a special affection for his son Ashwatthama, so in archery, he was also a pioneer among all the princes, but Arjuna was more talented than Ashwatthama.

One night, when all the disciples were eating in the Guru’s ashram, then suddenly the lamp was extinguished by the breeze. Arjuna saw that even when it is dark, he takes the mouthful of food to his mouth. This incident made him understand that more than light is required to hit the target.

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Now he started practicing to hit targets even in the darkness of night. Guru Drona was very pleased with his practice. He also trained Arjuna in the use of weapons like mace, Tomar, sword, etc. along with archery.

At the same time, Eklavya, the son of Nishad named Hiranyadhanu, also came to Dronacharya’s ashram for the purpose of learning archery, but Dronacharya did not accept to make him his disciple due to being of the following varna like Karna. Frustrated, Eklavya went to the forest.

He made an idol of Dronacharya and started practicing archery by considering that idol as Guru. He became very adept at archery within a short period of time doing spiritual practice. One day all the princes along with Guru Drona went to the same forest for hunting, where Ekalavya was practicing archery by building an ashram. The dog of the princes wandered and reached Eklavya’s ashram. He started screaming on seeing Eklavya. Angered by this, Ekalavya fired his arrow at that dog and filled his mouth with arrows. Eklavya shot arrows with the skill that the dog was not hurt, but his barking stopped due to the arrows being tied. When the dog returned, when Arjun saw that skill of archery, he said to Dronacharya – “O Gurudev! With the skill of which the arrows have been fired in the mouth of this dog, it seems that there is someone bigger than me. is.”

Dronacharya with all his disciples came to Eklavya and asked- “Hey Watts! Have you run this arrow?” On accepting Ekalavya, he again asked – “Who is going to teach you archery?” Ekalavya replied – “Gurudev! I have learned archery by accepting you as my guru.” Saying this, he took Dronacharya in front of his idol and made him stand. Dronacharya did not want anyone to become a big archer than Arjuna. He said to Eklavya – “If I am your guru, you must give me Gurudakshina.” – “Gurudev! I am ready to give whatever you ask for as a Gurudakshina. ” On this, Dronacharya asked Eklavya for his right hand thumb as Gurudakshina. Eklavya gladly cut off his thumb and dedicated it at the feet of Dronacharya. In this way, Eklavya became unable to bow with his hand, then began to practice bow with his feet. (Ekalavya’s Guruship ~ Mahabharata)

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