Empty mind devil’s house So do not

The popular saying in the world is quite right that “an empty mind is the house of the devil”

that is misconduct comes in the minds of children or elders who are sitting idle.

And misbehavior makes a person’s behavior bad. Therefore, the scriptures dictate –

“Karma kuru”, O men, be constantly involved in doing karma.

A weak man is a burden on family and society.

So lonely on the mind.

This is why criminals are sentenced to solitary imprisonment for committing a crime.

Only the habit of doing karma can remove a whole lot of inaction and isolation, Karma only leads man, karma protects the mind from the wrong path.

Stubbornness takes a man on the path of decline.

The poor man will either move around the house or become a victim of mishaps.

We can understand this through an event.

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Was a farmer. He would go to the dark field in the morning, return home in the evening.

Through hard work throughout the day.

he used to ride his fields and get good crops.

Every crop in the house would bring a lot of money.

The whole family was a good man and father, well dressed, and lived in peace.

The neighbors were envious of him.

They used to work, neither was it pleasant to do the work of others, because misbehavior always leads to misconduct.

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He prayed to Satan to take away the happiness of this farmer.

Satanraj heard the prayers of the downright devils and said, ‘Ok, I will fulfill your wish’.

The devil sent his messenger to take away the happiness of the farmer.

The messenger flooded.

There was a lot of damage to the crop of the farmer.

The farmer did not give up. He then worked hard and compensated for the loss.

This trick was not successful, seeing that the messenger dried the following years.

There was a lot of famine.

The farmer did not lose courage and worked hard.

Saved more damage.

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Satanraj was very angry to see that messenger unsuccessful in his goal.

He called him back and handed over the task to another clever messenger and sent it to the farmer.

The envoy took another route with much consideration.

He increased the yield of the farmer several times.

The farmer worked a little hard, the income would have multiplied.

Thus also happened for the second year.

The farmer became illicit. Now he remained empty-

languid all day. He was not short of money.

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Now So he started sitting in the loafing circle of playing cards to spend time.

Then he started gambling with a bet.

The habit of drinking liquor, cannabis, opium, sulfa, etc.

perished with the gamblers.

Now So the group of gamblers and addicts started to settle in his house. All-day the cup used to be tinkling, the claims of gambling.

Gradually the accumulated funds ran out. Because The house became empty.

Every day there was a fight with wife and children in the house. He turned into beatings in a growing melee.

 The farmer plagued the husband and wife in anger.

lathi stabbed the wife’s head, which caused the wife to die.

The police caught him and put him in jail.

He kept rotting in jail after receiving a life sentence.

Education – Thus nostalgia or emptiness ruined the life of a hardworking farmer.

His heavenly house became hell.

In the same way, the lives of the students or young people who remain vacant are also misguided.

Because They should never remain empty-hearted.

Because They should always be busy in studies, earning, or household chores.

There will be some advancement due to busyness at work, while there will be some downfall due to stubbornness.

So Do not empty your mind Because the Empty mind devil’s house

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