Ravana as Mandodari

Explaining Ravana as Mandodari, Ravana-Handed Dialogue

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Explaining Ravana as Mandodari, Ravana-Handed Dialogue

Have you really tied Vannidhi, Neeranidhi, Jaladhi, Indus, Varish, Toynidhi, Kampati, Udadhi, Payodhi, Nadeesh?

Realizing his distraction and laughing (from above), forgetting the fear, Ravana went to the palace. (When) Mandodari heard that Lord Shree Ramji has come and he has tied the sea in the game itself.
(Then) she held her hand, bringing her husband to her palace and uttered a supreme voice. He turned his head in feet and said – O dear one! Listen to my word with anger.
Hey Nath! It should be done with the same, so that it can win by wisdom and force. What a difference there is between you and Shri Raghunathji, as between firefly and sun!
Who killed (Vishnu) the very powerful Madhu and Kaitabh (demon) and (Varah and Narsingh form) killed the sons (Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu) of the great knight Diti, who (vamana) tied the sacrifice and (Parashurama form) From) killed Sahasrabahu, He (God) has incarnated (appeared) to lift the weight of the earth!
Hey Nath! Do not oppose them, in whose hands Kaal, Karma and Jiva are all.
After giving head in the lotus feet of (Shri Ramji) (going to his shelter), hand him the Jankiji and give the kingdom to his son and go to the forest to worship Bhagwan Raghunathji.
Hey Nath! Shri Raghunathji is going to have mercy on the poor. Even a tiger does not eat when going to the front (refuge). You should have done everything you should have done. You have conquered all the gods, demons and demons.
Hey Dashmukh! Santjan says such a policy that in the fourth (old age) the king should go into the forest. Hey master! There (in the forest) you worship those who are the creators, nurturers and destroyers of the universe.
Hey Nath! Leaving all the affection of your subjects and worship the God who loves you at the same refuge. For whom the best monks do the means and the king leaves the kingdom and becomes a recluse.
The same Kosaladhish, Mr. Raghunathji has come to pity you. Hey dear If you accept my learning, then your very holy and beautiful fame will spread in all the three worlds.

Explaining Ravana to Vibhishan and insulting Vibhishan

Having said this, Mandodari said to the trembling body by filling the eyes (of compassion) with water and holding her husband’s feet – O Nath! Praise Shri Raghunathji, so that my honey will become immovable.
Then Ravana raised Mandodari and the wicked began to say his sovereignty to him – Oh dear! Listen, you have feared in vain. Tell who is a warrior like me in the world?
Varun, Kubera, Pawan, Yamraj etc. I have conquered all the dikpalas and also Kaal with the help of my arms. Gods, demons and humans are all under my control. Then why did you get this fear?
Mandodari explained to him very well and said (but Ravana did not listen to him at all) and he again went to the meeting. Mandodari knows in his heart that due to the subjugation of Kaal, husband has become proud.
Coming to the meeting, he asked the ministers how to fight the enemy? The minister said – O the demons! Oh God! Listen, what do you ask again and again?॥
Say, what is the (big) fear, to be considered? (What is the matter of fear?) Humans and apes are bears of our food.
Hearing the words of everyone with ears (Ravana’s son) folded hands and started saying – Lord! Do not do anything against the policy, there is very little intelligence among the ministers.
All these foolish (happy) mantras are saying thakursuhati (mouthdeck). Hey Nath! These types of things will not be fulfilled. The same monkey came over the sea. His character is still sung by everyone (remember).
At that time none of you people were hungry? (The monkey is your food, then) Why didn’t you catch it and eat while burning the city? These ministers have given such a consent to Swami (you), which is good to hear, but which will have to be saddened later.
Who took the sea in the game-and-game and who has come to Mount Subel with the army. Hey brother! Say that he is a man who says that we will eat? All the cheeks are swearing (like crazy) saying the word!
Hey Tat Listen to my words very respectfully (very carefully). I will not consider myself cowardly. In the world there are (very) bunch of people who listen and say the lovely (sweet-looking) thing.
Oh, Lord! Hard to hear but (in consequence) the most beneficial words that people hear and say are very few. Listen to the policy, (accordingly) send the messenger first, and (then) give Sita and make love to Shriram.
If they find the woman and return, then do not escalate the (vain) quarrel. Otherwise (if not then) O Tat! In front of the battlefield, stubbornly (firmly) kill them.
Oh, Lord! If you follow my opinion, then in the world both of you will be happy. Ravana angrily said to the son – Hey fool! Who taught you such wisdom?
There is doubt (fear) in the heart from now on? Hey son You roamed at the root of the bamboo (you did not adapt or conform to my lineage). Hearing the very loud and harsh speech of the father, the expert went to the house saying these strong words.
How do you not feel the advice of interest (how does not affect you), like the patient (patient) who is under death does not take medicine. Knowing the time of evening, Ravana saw his twenty arms and walked to the palace.
There was a very strange palace on the peak of Lanka. There was an arena of dancing and singing. Ravana went and sat in that palace. Shemales started singing to her quality groups.
Taal (Kartal), Pakhawaj (Mridang) and Beena are playing. Apsaras who are proficient in dance are dancing.
He continues to indulge like hundreds of Indras. Although (Sriramji-like) is the most powerful enemy on his head, yet he neither worries nor fears.

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