Explaining Ravana to Vibhishan and insulting Vibhishan

Explaining Ravana to Vibhishan and insulting Vibhishan

Ministers, Vaidyas and Gurus- If these three speak dearly (not speaking of interest) with fear (of unhappiness) or (of profit) hope (Thakur starts to say sweetness), then (respectively) state, body and religion-in Three soon perish.

The same help (coincidence) has come for Ravana. The minister praises him (mouth over). (At the same time) Vibhishanji came to know about the opportunity. He raised his head at the feet of elder brother.

Having sat down again, he sat on his seat and after getting orders, said these words – O Kripal, when you have already asked me (opinion), O Tat! According to my intelligence, I speak of your interest.

Shri Ramji walks with the army of monkeys to reach the beach.

The man who wants his welfare, beautiful fame, wisdom, good speed and many other types of happiness, he is lord! Renounce the forehead of the lady as the moon of Chauth (ie, like people do not see the moon of Chauth, similarly do not see the face of the woman).

There is only one lord of fourteen Bhuvanas, he also cannot stop (gets destroyed) by hating the creatures, which is a sea of qualities and smart, no matter how much he is tempted, no one says good.

Hey Nath! Kama, anger, item and greed – these are all the way to hell, leave all these and go to Shri Ramchandraji, whom the saint (Satpurush) sends.

Hey Tat Rama is not the king of men. He is the lord of all the worlds and also the period of time. He is the God of (complete opulence, fame, glory, religion, disinterest and knowledge), He is Niramaya (disorderly), unborn, comprehensive, invincible, eternal and infinite Brahman.

Lord of the sea of those grace has taken a human body only for the benefit of the earth, Brahmin, Go and the gods. Hey brother! Listen, they are the ones who give pleasure to the servants, destroy the group of the wicked and protect the Vedas and Dharma.

Hanuman-Ravana dialogue


Gave them a head after giving up their hats. He is the destroyer of Shri Raghunathji’s refuge. Hey Nath! Give that lord (Sarveshwar) life to you and send it to Shri Ramji who loves you without any reason.

Whosoever has felt the sin of maligning the whole world, God does not even abandon him when he goes to refuge. Those whose name is the destroyer of the three temperatures, they have appeared in the form of lord (God). Hey Ravan! Understand this in the heart.

Hey Dashish! I take your steps again and again and pray that after sacrificing honor, attachment and item, you should worship Bhagwan Ramji.

Muni Pulastyaji has sent this thing to his disciple. Hey Tat On getting a beautiful opportunity, I immediately said that to God (you).

There was a very intelligent minister named Mallyavan. Hearing the words of him (Vibhishana), he felt great pleasure (and said-) O Tat! Your younger brother is Niti Vibhushan (one who holds the policy in Bhushan form, ie Niti Manam). Take whatever Vibhishan is saying in your heart.

(Ravan said-) Both these fools are telling the glory of the enemy. Anyone here? Do not remove them! Then Malyavan returned home and Vibhishanji folded his hands and said again.

Hey Nath! The Puranas and Vedas say that Subudhi (good intelligence) and Kubuddhi (lost intelligence) reside in everyone’s heart, where there is Subuddhi, there are many types of wealth (state of happiness) and where there is misunderstanding there is a result of misery (misery) ) Lives॥

Inverse heart has settled in your heart. With this, you are considering interest as harm and enemy as friend. Your great love for Sita who is Kalratri (similar to) the demon clan.

Hey Tat I hold the stage and beg (beg) you. That you should cherish me (accept the request of my child affectionately) give Sita ji to Shri Ramji, in which you are not hurt.

Shree Sita-Hanuman Dialogue

Vibhishan stated the policy with a voice (approved) by the Pandits, Puranas and Vedas. But on hearing this, Ravana woke up in anger and said that you are evil! Now death has come near you!

Hey idiot! You have won, I have always been raised (ie, I am growing from my own food), but you foolish! You like the enemy only. Hey wicked! Don’t tell, who is there in the world whom I have not won with the help of my arms?

Staying in my city, loves ascetics. idiot! Go and meet them and tell them the policy. Ravana kicked him by saying this, but younger brother Vibhishan (even when killed) repeatedly caught his feet.

(Shiva says-) O Uma! This is the greatness (glory) of the saint that he does good to (the evil-doer) even when he is doing evil. (Vibhishanji said-) You are like my father, hit me, I did well, but O Nath! Your only good is in worshiping Shri Ramji.

(Saying so) Vibhishan took his ministers with him in the sky and after telling everyone, he started saying –

Hanuman-Vibhishana Dialogue

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