Famous 10 things from Shrimad Bhagwadgita Katha

Shrimad Bhagwadgita Katha –The essence of the Vedas is knowledge, the Upanishads, and the essence of the Upanishads is the Gita. The knowledge that Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna during the Mahabharata battle in the Kurukshetra field became known as Gita. There is a solution to all the problems of life in the Gita. There are all kinds of knowledge in Gita, but let’s know 10 famous things about Gita knowledge.

Famous 10 things from Shrimad Bhagwadgita Katha


1. ‘Nobody dies nor does anyone kill, all are mere instruments … All beings were born without a body, after death they will become without the body. These people are seen in the middle of the body, then why do you grieve them. ‘

2. The soul can neither cut its arms, nor fire can burn it. Neither water can soak it, nor air can dry it.

3. O Arjuna! Thou mourn not for mournful men and say the words of the wise men, but for those whose souls have gone, and for those whose souls have not gone, mourners do not grieve.

One day everyone will be killed. If someone is dying today, someone will die tomorrow. This is the deathbed and death is the biggest disease. Think of nectar except for death.

4. You have authority over karma, but never in the fruits of karma… So do not do karma for fruits nor do you have an attachment to work. Whose mind is under its control, which is spirit-conscious and pure conscience

the soul of the whole being, whose soul is the soul, does not even indulge in doing such karma yogi deeds. Efficiency in deeds is called yoga.

5. Human anger is killed by anger, that is, it becomes foolish due to which memory gets confused. Due to memory illusion, human intelligence is destroyed and when intelligence is destroyed, the man himself destroys his own.

6. O Arjuna! Abandon all religions, that is, abandon every shelter and only come to my shelter, I will liberate you from all sins, so do not grieve … Maya whose knowledge has been defeated, bear such a noble nature. Oh, the foolish people who do bad deeds in humans, do not worship me. I only receive them

7. Kama, anger, and greed – these three types of hell (the origin of all sins and being in the attainment of hell, here Kama, anger, and greed are called ‘gates of hell’) that destroy the soul, that is, Are about to be taken into degradation. Therefore, all three should be discarded.

8. Shri Bhagavan said- I am a great Mahakala, destroyer of the realms. At this time I have tended to destroy these worlds. Therefore, the warriors who are in the army of the opposition will not live without you, that is, they will be destroyed even if you do not fight.

9. These two types of the world – Shukla and Krishna i.e. Devayana and Pitriyan Marg are considered eternal. In these, the one who has gone (attained to death) does not have to return, he attains the ultimate speed, and the one who has gone through the other then comes back, that is, the birth-death is attained.

10. Now read the essence of Gita: –
• Why are you wasting time by thinking? Who are you afraid of in vain? Who can kill you The soul is neither born nor dies.

• Whatever has happened, it has been good, what is happening, it is getting good, whatever will happen will also be good. Do not repent of the past. Do not worry about the future. The current is going on.

• What did you lose that makes you cry? what did you bring, which you lost? What did you produce, which was destroyed? Neither did you bring anything that you took from here only. Whatever given, given here only.  Because Whatever I took, I took from this (God). Whatever you gave, gave it to you.

• Come empty-handed and go empty-handed. Whatever is yours today, belonged to someone else, it will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are fascinated about thinking that it is yours. This happiness is the reason for your sorrow.

• Change is the rule of nature. What you think of as death, that is life itself. In one moment you become the owner of crores, in the second you become impoverished. Erase mine – your, small and big, your alien, from the mind, then all is yours, you belong to everyone.

• Neither this body belongs to you nor you belong to the body. It is made of fire, water, air, earth, sky and will be found in it, but the soul is stable – what are you then?

• You offer yourself to God. this is the best support. He who knows its support is always free from fear, worry, and grief.

• Whatever you do, offer it to God. By doing this, you will always feel the joy of liberating your life. (Shrimad Bhagwadgita Katha)

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