Farewell of apes and nishad

Farewell of apes and nishad

All the monkeys are engrossed in Brahmananda. Everyone has love at the feet of God. He did not let the days go by and (in talk of) six months passed.

Those people forgot their houses. (What about the awakening?) He does not even remember (remember) the house even in the dream, just as the saints never talk about maliciousness in others. Then Shri Raghunathji called all the Sakhas. Everyone came and honored him with respect.

With great love, Shri Ramji made him sit with himself and said soft words that give happiness to the devotees – you guys have done my great service. How to praise you on the face?

For my benefit, you gave up homes and all kinds of comforts. You make me look very dear with this. Younger brother, state, property, Janaki, own body, house, family and friends -॥

I love all these, but not like you. I do not lie, it is my nature. The servants are loved by everyone, this is the policy (rule). (But) I have a special love for the slave.

Hey hard work Now everybody go home, keep me there with firm rules. Love me very much, knowing that I am always universal and benevolent.

Hearing the word of God, all of them fell in love. Who are we and where are we? This body also forgot its improvement. They stopped looking at the Lord with folded hands. Because of utmost love, you cannot say anything.

Ram coronation, Vedastuti, Shivastuti

The Lord saw their great love, (then) preached them special knowledge in many ways. They cannot say anything before God. Again and again we see the feet of the Lord.

Then the Lord asked for unique and beautiful jewels and clothes of many colors. First of all Bharatha decorated with his hand and put Subriva in clothes.

Then, with the inspiration of God, Lakshmanji dressed Vibhishanji with jewels and clothes, which Shri Raghunathji felt very good. Angad remained seated, he did not move from his place. Seeing their fervent love, God did not call them.

Mr. Raghunathji himself wore Bhushan-clothes to all of Jambwan and Neel etc. They all took the form of Shri Ramchandraji in their hearts and walked at their feet.

Then Angad got up and raised his head, filled his eyes with water and folded his hands, saying very polite and as if immersed in the juice of love (sweet).

Hey omniscient O sea of grace and happiness! O compassionate ones! O brothers of arto! Listen! Hey Nath! While dying, my father Bali put me in your lap

Therefore, hey devotees! Do not abandon me by remembering your Asharan-Sharan Virad (Bana). You are my master, guru, father and mother. Where do I go except for your stepkams?

Hey chef! Think and say, what is my job at home except God (you)? Hey Nath! With this knowledge, intelligence and strength, keep inferior children and humble servants in the shelter.

I will do all the service from the bottom of the house and after seeing your feet, I will get wet from Bhavsagar. Having said this, he fell at the feet of Shri Ramji (and said- O Lord! Protect me Hey Nath! Now do not say that you go home.

Hearing Angad’s humble words, Lord Shri Raghunathji raised the limits of compassion and took him to heart. Water filled the eyes (of the Gods) in the lotus of the Lord.

Then the Lord bid farewell to his heart by wearing the garland, cloth and mani (ornaments of jewels) to his son Angad, and explaining it in many ways.

Remembering the deeds of the devotee, Bharatji along with younger brothers Shatrughanji and Lakshmanji went to deliver them. Angad has little love in his heart (ie there is too much love). They look at Shri Ramji again and again.

And do obeisance repeatedly. It comes to my mind that Shri Ramji should tell me to stay. They think (remembering) the manner of seeing, speaking, walking and laughing at Shri Ramji.

But seeing the attitude of the Lord, saying many humble words and keeping the steps in the heart, he went on. Bharatji returned with full respect to all the monkeys and returned with his brothers.

Then Hanumanji held Sugriva’s feet and pleaded in many ways and said – O God! Ten (few) days after doing the service of Shri Raghunathji, then I will come and see your feet.

Welcome to Sri Ramji, Bharat Milap, everyone’s union

(Sugriva said-) O Pawan Kumar! You are the sign of virtue (God has kept you in his service). Go and serve Kripa Dham Shri Ramji. Saying this, all the apes started immediately. Angad said- Hey Hanuman!

I ask you to fold my hands, say my obeisance to the Lord and keep reminding me of Shri Raghunathji again and again.

After saying this, Baliputra went to Angad, then Hanumanji returned and came and described his love to the Lord. God was in love after listening to him.

(Kakbhushundiji says-) O Garuda! Shri Ramji’s mind is very hard than the thunderbolt and also very tender than the flower. Then say, who can he understand?

Then kindly Shri Ramji called Nishadraj and gave him Bhushan, clothes in prasad (then said-) Now you too go home, keep remembering me there and walk according to religion with mind, words and deeds

You are my friend and brother like Bharata. Always keep going in Ayodhya. As soon as he heard this promise, he became very happy. Filling water in his eyes (tears of joy and love), he fell at the feet.

Then he came home keeping the feet of God in his heart and came and told the nature of God to his family members. Seeing this character of Shri Raghunathji, the Awadhpurians repeatedly say that Shri Ramchandraji is blessed.

All the people were delighted when Shri Ramachandraji became prominent on the kingdom, all his mourning continued. Nobody hates anyone. Everyone’s dissimilarity (internal discrimination) was erased by the glory of Shri Ramchandraji.

Everybody, being ready in their religion and ashram-friendly religion, always walk on the Veda path and find happiness. They do not fear anything, do not grieve nor suffer any disease.

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