Fourth Chapter Durga Saptashati

              Durga Saptashati- Chapter Fourth


   (Recognition of Goddess by Indra gods)

 Durga Saptashati- Chapter Fourth

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In the third chapter of Durga Saptashati, the Goddess ended the evil Mahishasura demon. When Maharishi Medha said – Goddess murdered the strong malice evil presence Mahishasura and slaughtered the military of Asuras, at that point all the divine forces of Indradi bowed their heads and bodies to adulate Bhagwati – the Goddess who has spread this world with her capacity and who is finished Gods and Maharishis are adored, we pay our aware welcome to that Ambika, she will do well for us all, the monstrous impact and power depicted by God and Even Vishnu, Shankar and Brahmaji proved unable, the equivalent Chandika Devi ought to follow this whole world and crush the unfavorable dread.

In the places of the holy people, you yourself are the Lakshmi structure and in the places of heathens you are the Alakshmi structure and for the individuals who are conceived in Satkul, you live in disgrace in their homes, we salute Durga Bhagwati. O Goddess, follow this world, O Goddess! In what manner would it be advisable for us to portray your indestructible structure? The individuals who are your blessed character about the extraordinary valor and all the divine beings and evil spirits who decimate the AsurasHow do we depict it? O, Goddess! Regardless of whether there is Trigunatmika, you are the explanation behind the source of the entire world. O, Goddess! No god, Lord Vishnu, Shankar, and so on have crossed you, you are the safe house of everybody, this entire world is a piece of you since all of you have an early-stage nature.

O, Goddess! With the way to express your name, in all the yagyas, all the divine beings appreciate satisfaction, that is you. Aside from this, you are the reason for the satiety of fathers, subsequently, everybody calls you ‘Swadha’. O, Goddess! The information which is to give salvation, which is the unfathomable incredible information, the structure, the repressing of the substance of the components, the person who expels all the deficiencies, the person who wants salvation, the person who rehearses Munijan is you, You are the voice and as the safe house of the Rig and Yajurvedas without issue and the Samaveda with the recitation of songs and delightful sections, you are Bhagwati. You have shown up as talk for the creation and childhood of this world and you are going to crush the enduring of the entire world, O Goddess! With which all the sacred writings are known, you are the person who has the force and you are likewise the pontoon crossing the difficult to reach Bhavnagar.

You are the Gauri Devi who lives in the core of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi and regarded by Lord Mahadev, Mahishasura was loaded up with outrage significantly in the wake of seeing your face with a delicate grin, similar to an ideal and immaculate Nirmal Purnachand Bimb, It is an exceptionally astounding and gracious goddess! At the point when this face of yours was loaded up with outrage, it became red like the moon of Udayakal and the eyebrows got worn out because of the extended eyebrows, seeing that Mahishasura’s speedy life didn’t leave, It is astonishing. Who can make due by observing your chafed face, O Goddess! You are cheerful for our government assistance! Your joy offers to ascend to this world and when you become furious, numerous groups are decimated. We have recently discovered that when you see Mahishasura’s enormous armed force, you have slaughtered 2.

O, Goddess! The individuals who consistently give abhyudaya (wonder) are upbeat on which they are regarded in the nation, their riches and notoriety increment. Their religion is rarely loose and they have more children and little girls and hirelings. O, Goddess! By your effortlessness, a faithful man plays out a conciliatory penance day by day and leads strictly and through his impact, enters paradise since you are wanted in every one of the three universes you are going to give organic products. O Mother Durga! At the point when you recall, you decimate the dread of every living being and give them more force when they are pondering the individuals who are of a steady brain. O Daridradukh Nashini Devi! Who else is there other than you, your brain consistently remains for other people?

 Fourth Chapter Durga Saptashati

O, Goddess! You murder foes since they slaughter others. He may have been erring for the long time to push off, however, go to paradise legitimately by battling with you, that is the reason you kill him, O Goddess! Can you not expend all the asuras by minor sight? You can do it! However, to murder your adversaries with weapons is on the grounds that by kicking the bucket with weapons, they go to paradise. Along these lines, O Goddess! Your disposition towards those adversaries is additionally acceptable.

O, Goddess! The eyes of the Asuras didn’t eject with the gleam of your red hot column and the beams of the span of the tip of the trident. The explanation behind that was that they were taking a gander at the wonderful face which gave delight like your moon, gleaming with beams. O, Goddess! Your humility is going to expel awful records and above all else, your structure, which can neither come into thought nor whoseIt must be contrasted with others. Your quality and might will decimate adversaries. Thusly, you have given the grace to adversaries. O, Goddess! With whom can your power be approached and who else is of such a wonderful structure offering apprehension to adversaries?

Consideration in heart and heartlessness in war, both of these things have been seen distinctly in you in the three universes. Hello mother By murdering the foes in the war zone, you have carried them to paradise. Along these lines, you have ensured all the three universes and you have likewise defeated those unglued asuras which we feared, we welcome you. O, Goddess! You shield us from shools and straps and from the sound of chimes and the bow of the bowProtect us as well. Hello Chandike! You pivot your body and ensure us in the east, west, north, and south heading. In the three universes, your kindhearted structures and degraded structures, shield us from them and secure this world. Hello Ambika! Shield us from weapons like khadi, shul, and mace, which are found in your citizens.

Maharishi said that when all the Gods adulated Jagat Mata Bhagwati and adored them with blossoms and smell of Nandavan and afterward when they all argued for them with fragrant and divine incense, the Goddess was satisfied and said – O Gods! All of you request my ideal lucky man. God said – O God! You have accomplished all our work, presently nothing remains for us since you have slaughtered our adversary Mahishasura. Hello Maheshwari! Regardless of whether you need to give us a bridesmaid, simply give this aid so that at whatever point we recall you, at that point you give us the vision to murder our sicknesses. Hello Ambika! Whoever adulates you, alongside giving them funds, flourishing and quality, increment their riches and riches, and so forth and consistently be upbeat on us.

Maharishi said – O Rajan! At the point when the Gods addressed for the world and for themselves thusly, the goddess was imprisoned essentially by saying “Aastu”. Hello Bhoop! I have revealed to you the entire story of how the Goddess who needed the enthusiasm of the three universes was conceived from the body of the Gods, and after this, to slaughter the shrewd evil presences and Shumbha Nishumbh and secure all the universes, similar to Gauri, Devi The entire pledge was conceived from the assortment of I, I depict for what it’s worth.


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