Ramcharitmanas-Glory to hear and sing Shri Ramcharitmanas

Religious story

Glory to hear and sing Shri Ramcharitmanas –

The moon Vishwamitraji of Gadhikul appreciates with great joy the form of Sri Ramachandraji, devotion to King Dasarathaji, marriage of (all four brothers), and (everyone’s) enthusiasm and joy.
Vamdevji and Raghukul’s guru Giani Vasisthaji again told the story of Vishwamitraji. Hearing the beautiful glory of the monarch, the king started to express the influence of his virtues.
Then everyone returns (to their respective homes) as command. King Dasarathaji also went to the palace with his sons. Everywhere, everyone is singing songs of Shri Ram Chandraji’s marriage. The holy Suyyash of Shri Ram Chandraji prevailed in all the three worlds.
Ever since Shri Ramchandraji came home after getting married, all kinds of enjoyment started coming to Ayodhya. There was joy and excitement in the marriage of the Lord, he cannot even be called Saraswati and King of Serpents Sheshji.
Knowing the fame of Shri Sitaramji, who sanctified the life of Kavikul and the mine of the mungs, I have said something (a little) to sanctify my speech.
To make her speech sacred, Tulsi has called the fame of Rama. (Otherwise) Shri Raghunathji’s character is an immense sea, which the poet has crossed it? Those who will listen with respect to the description of Yajnopavit and the auspicious occasion of marriage will always enjoy happiness by the grace of Shri Jankiji and Shri Ramji.
For those who will sing and listen with love to the marriage of Shri Sitaji and Shri Raghunathji, there is always enthusiasm (Anand), because Shri Ramchandraji’s fame is the abode of Mars.
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