Shri Ramgun

Glory to Shri Ramgun and Shri Ramcharit

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Glory to Shri Ramgun-

Glory to Shri Ramgun and Shri Ramcharit

Shri Ramgun-They (Shri Ramji) will improve me (spoiled) in every way, whose kindness does not stop from doing grace. Best master than Rama and a bad servant like me! Even so, those Dayanidhi have followed me looking forward.

In the folk and Vedas also, the practice of good masters is famous that he recognizes love as soon as he hears it. Rich-poor, resident-city dwellers, pundits-fools, infamy-fame.

Sukavi-kukavi, all men and women appreciate the king according to their intelligence and the sage, intelligent, gentle, compassionate king arising out of the share of God.

listening to everyone and recognizing their speech, devotion, humility, and chal, they respect everyone with a beautiful (sweet) voice. This nature is of the worldly kings, Kosalnath Sri Ramachandraji is a Chatur Shiromani.

Shri Ramji only behaves with pure love, but who else would be more foolish and dirty in the world than me?

However kindly Sri Ramachandraji will surely keep the kindness and interest of the evil servant, who has made the stones ship and the monkey-bearers a wise minister.

Everybody calls me a servant of Shri Ramji and I am also (without shame and shyness) (do not resist those who say), kindly Shri Ramji tolerates the blasphemy that Shri Sitanathji, like Swami’s Tulsidas is a servant.

This is my great audacity and fault, hell has also shrunk my nose (ie, hell doesn’t even support me). Realizing this, I am scared of my own imagined fear, but Lord Ramachandraji did not pay attention to this (my impudence and fault) even in my dream.

But my lord Shri Ramchandraji, on hearing this, seeing it and inspecting it with his well-informed eyes, appreciated my devotion and wisdom (inversely), because no matter what I say, I want to be called a servant of God. Stay), but there should be good in the heart. (In the heart, considering myself unworthy to be his servant, I consider myself sinful and humble, this is good.) Shri Ramchandraji is also impressed by knowing the (good) position of Das’s heart.

The Lord’s mind does not remember the errors and omissions of his devotees (they forget him) and remembers his heart (the goodness of goodness) a hundred times. Because of the sin that he killed Bali like a hunter, Sugriva went on the same path again.

Glory to Shri Ramgun and Shri Ramcharit

The same was done by Vibhishan, but Shri Ramchandraji did not even consider it in his mind even in his dream. On the contrary, while meeting Bharatji, Shri Raghunathji respected him and also spoke about his qualities in the Rajya Sabha.

Prabhu (Shri Ramachandraji) then under the tree and on the monkey cast (ie where Maryada Purushottam Sachchidanandaghan Paramatma Shri Ramji and where the monkeys jumping on the branches of the trees), but they also made such monkeys as themselves. Tulsidasji says that Shilnidhan Swami like Shri Ramchandraji is nowhere.

Hey Sri Ramji! It is good for everyone with your goodness (that is, your welfare nature is good for everyone). If this is true, then Tulsidas will also always have welfare.

In this way, by saying my merits and demerits and then making everyone head again, I describe the pure fame of Shri Raghunathji, whose hearing kills the sins of the Kali Yuga.

Muni Yajnavalkyaji told the beautiful story of Munishreshtha Bhardwajji, I will tell you the same dialogue, all gentlemen should feel happy and listen to it.

Shivji first created this pleasant character, then kindly narrated it to Parvatiji. Shivaji gave the same character to Kakabhusundi Ji as a devotee and officer.

Yajnavalkyaji found him again from Kakabhusundiji and he again sang it to Bharadwajaji. Both the speaker and the listener (Yajnavalkya and Bhardwaj) are equally modesty and observant and know Sri Hari’s Leela.

With their knowledge, they know the things of the three Kalas (like) amla placed on the palm. Even those sujans (who know the secret of God’s pastimes) are Hari devotees, they say, hear and understand this character in many ways.

Then I heard the same story from my Guru in Varah region, but at that time I was very unaware because of my boyhood, it did not explain him that way (well).

Both the speaker (the speaker) and the listener (the listener) of

Shri Ramji’s esoteric story are treasures of knowledge (the whole knowledgeable). How could I understand the great root of Jeeva, who was suffering from the sins of Kali Yuga?

Even then when Guruji told the story again and again, then according to the intellect, something was understood. The same will now be created in the language by me so that my mind will be satisfied.

As I have the power of wisdom and wisdom, I will say according to the same with the inspiration of Hari in the heart. I create a story to defeat my doubts, ignorance, and confusion, which is a boat to cross the river like the world.

Ramakatha is going to give rest to the Pandits, to please all human beings and to destroy the sins of Kali Yuga. Ramakatha is a peacock for a snake in the form of Kali Yuga and arani (churning wood) to reveal fire in the form of a vivek, (that is, knowledge is derived from this legend).

Ramkatha is the Kamadhenu cow that fulfills all desires in Kali Yuga and is a beautiful Sanjivani herd for gentlemen. This is the river of nectar on earth, destroying the fear of

birth and death and eating the frogs that are illusory.

This Ramkatha is Parvati (Durga), destroying the hells like the army of Asuras and benefiting the family of the monk. It is like Lakshmiji for the saintly sea in the form of a

saint-society and is like immovable earth in carrying the weight of the whole world.

Even so, It is similar to Yamunaji in the world for soot on the face of Yamdoots and it is as if Kashi is to liberate the living beings. It is as dear to Shri Ramji as the holy Tulsi and is as good for Tulsidas as the heart of Hulasi (mother of Tulsidas).

This Ramkatha is as beloved as Narmadaji to Shivji, it is the sum of all siddhis and pleasures. Mata is similar to Aditi to generate and nurture deities in virtue. The ultimate limit of devotion and love of Shri Raghunathji is

Tulsidasji says that the Ramakatha is the Mandakini river, the beautiful (serene) Chitta Chitrakoot and the beautiful affection is the forest, in which Shri Sitaramji Vihar.

The character of Shri Ramchandraji is a beautiful chintamani and the beautiful decoration of a woman like the saint of saints. The virtues of Shri Ramchandraji are the welfare of the world and the liberator of wealth, religion, and the supreme abode.

There are Sadhguru for knowledge, renunciation, and yoga and are similar to the Vaidya (Ashvinikumar) of the gods to destroy the terrible disease of the world. They are the parents to generate the love of Shri Sitaramji and are the seeds of complete fast, religion, and rules.

The destroyer of sin, sorrow, and mourning and the beloved follower of this world and the hereafter. The knight of the king of thoughts (knowledge) and

the greed is the Agastya muni to soak up the vast ocean.

The lions have children of lions to kill elephants in the form of deeds, anger, and Kali Yuga settling in the forest of the devotees. He is the revered and beloved guest of Shiva and the cloud that fulfills the wish to extinguish the impoverishment of poverty.

Subjects are mantras and maharanis to poison the snake. These are going to erase the bad articles (slow destiny) that are written on the frontal. To remove the darkness of

ignorance, the sun is like rays and the servant is like a cloud to follow the paddy.

Many are like the best Kalpavriksha in giving desireing things and in serving,

they are as accessible and pleasing as Hari-Har. In order to beautify the sky in the form of Sukavi, like

the stars and the devotees of Shri Ramji, life is wealth.

The fruits of all virtues are like great pleasures. The saints are like saints in doing the best (real) interest of the world. For the Manasarovar like the mind of the servants, like

swan and in purifying it are like the waves of Gangaji.

Shri Ramji’s group of virtues is the same for burning the

hypocrisy, arrogance, and hypocrisy of Kumaar, Kutark, Kuchal, and Kali Yuga, like the fiery fire for fuel.

Like the rays of the moon on the full moon day of Ramcharitra, we are going to

give happiness to everyone, but Kumudini, a gentleman, is especially beneficial and great for the mind of Chakor.

The way Shri Parvatiji questioned Shri Shivji and the way

Shri Shivji replied to him in detail, I will sing all the reasons for creating a strange story.

Those who have not heard this story before, do not be surprised to hear it. The wise men who listen to this bizarre story are not surprised to know that Ramkatha has no

boundaries in the world (Ramkatha is infinite). He has such confidence in his mind. There are many incarnations of Shri Ramchandraji in many ways and there are a hundred crores and immense Ramayan.

According to Kalpabheda, the beautiful characters of Shri Hari have been portrayed in many ways. Do not doubt in your heart and listen to this story with love with respect.

Shri Ramchandraji is everlasting, his qualities are also infinite and the extent of his stories is also infinite. Therefore, those whose thoughts are pure, they will not be surprising to hear this story.

Thus removing all doubts and holding the head of the feet of Shri Guruji on my head,

I again plead with folded hands, so as not to touch any flaw in the creation of the story.

Glory to Shri Ramgun and Shri Ramcharit


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