Glory to the names of Lord Shiva Shankar

 the names of the Lord Shiva Shankar

Lord Shiva Shankar has many names.
But no name is meaningless.
The name’s properties, purposes, and facts are fill with everyone.
All names are meaningful.
If their meaning is thought and its origin is thought, then all the names are illusions, retirement, destruction, and good fortune.
These are some of the names of which we can remember in the Shravanamas.

The devotees are always capable of destroying all the sins and tritaap and those who are full of all welfare are knowing as “Shiva”.

Those who see everyone in a very special form are also knowing as animals.
All animals are considered in the state of non-knowledge ‘Gyanenan Heena: Pashubhisammana:’ So from Brahma onwards all animals can be considered and Shiva is the one who gives knowledge and protects them from ignorance, hence it is called “Pashupati”.

It is certain that no one can win death.
Brahma himself also merges into Brahma through Yogyakarta by death.
Shiva has a rhythm in Nirguna once he is absorbed many times.
Many times death is defeated, that’s why they are knows “Mrityunjaya”.

This is the sacred story of Mahakaleshwar, know how long Lord Mahakal is enthroned in Ujjain.


Once Bhagavan was sitting quietly.
Himadritanaya Bhagwati Parvati humiliated and took both her eyes from behind, but that eye was the moon sun of Shirupa Trailokya. As soon as the eyes closed, there was darkness all over the world. The world started talking.


Then the third eye appeared from the forehead of Shiva.
Ten directions were published as soon as he appeari. Darkness was removed but mountains like the Himalayas started burning.
Seeing this, Parvati Ji started panicking and folded her hands.
Then Shiva was pleased and made the state of the world as it was.
Since then, he started to be called “Chandrakaagnivilochan” i.e. “Trinetra”.

The question arises in the mind that what was the need for Shiva to wear Gajacharm clothes? those wearing such clothes are knowing as “Kritivasa”.
Its story is find in Skanda Purana.

It states that at the time when Mahadev was narrating the great significance of Ratneshwar to Parvati, at that time, the son of Mahishasura, Gajasura, who was frantic under his force, reaching near Shiva hurting the people.
He had the blessing of Brahma that he would not die from anyone under the control of Kandarpa.
Shiva had destroyed the tail of Kandarp.

So they hung his body in the trident and hung it in the sky.
He started praising Bhole from there.
Shiva was happy and ask to ask for the groom.
On this, Gajasur pleaded that, O Digambara, please wear my skin and keep your name “Kritivasa” and Bhole called ‘Evamastu’.

Once Lord Vishnu did a very adorable form of adolescence.
To see him, many gods like Brahma, like the Chaturmukh and Anant, came and they enjoyed a lot more than those with one face.

Shiva was very angry at Ekamukhi.
He felt that if I had many faces and eyes, I would have enjoyed myself.
Used to see more
He became panchmukh as soon as this idea emerged.
Every mouth has three eyes, since then naive people have become “Panchavaktras”.

Once upon a time, Nara-Narayana was doing penance in Badrikashram.
At the same time, after destroying the Daksha Yajna, Shiva pierced the chest of Trishul Narayan and returned to Shiva.
When Shiva went near Narayana by sky route, he strangled Shiva and from then on he became known as “Shitikanth”.

On the same occasion, the male also obliged a trunk-shaped trunk with Ishikastra and left it on Shiva.
Shiva fragmented it with his greatness.
Since then Shiva has been knowing “Khandparashu”.

It is inscriptive in the Kalikapurana that 36 categories of devotees live in Shiva service.

Of these, 13 thousand Bhogas are devoid of alienation, yogi, and envy.
Help in the rest of the sensual and playful subject.
Even if there is no harm to anyone in his manifestation, people are frighten by his perplexity, so Shiva has been called “Pramathadhip”.

For the benefit of the world, Tribhuvan Vyapini Ganga was put on his Jatamandal by Bhagiratha’s prayer and hence he was called “Gangadhar”.

This Shiva is know by the name of Shiva “Maheshwar”, being the head of all the Devas, who are considering to be omnisciently in the Vedas and in the Vedanta.

He is also know as “Rudra” by destroying grief and all its causes and taking cruel forms in Sanhradi.

In which Panch Mahabhutta is always inhabiting, it is know Vishnu.
This same quality always prevails in Lord Shiva, hence Gangadhar also knows “Vishnu”.

Aryama is famous for being the father of ancestors and of the Gods of Indra, for being a worshiper of Brahma, the name “Pitamah”.
Just as Vaidya, who knows about diagnosis and medicine, removes all physical diseases with the best types of Mahasodhi and sensible use, in the same way, the naive people liberate the world from their natural kindness.

It is also prove in the Vedadi scriptures that Shiva is the master and master of many wonderful, supernatural, and miraculous medicines.
That is why they are knows as “Samsara Vaidya”.

By the way, the devotees have connected themselves with the infinite names of imperishable, ajar, and immortal Shiva.
The spirit with which you will call them with love and reverence, they will show their grace.

Shiva naive by name, naive even by karma
Huh. All that is need is to worship him with love, with a pure heart, in which the whole faith resides. That Gangadhar pours his blessings on all the creatures of the universe equally.

this is the Glory to the names of Lord Shiva Shankar

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