Go and consume kamdev for devakarya

The gods told all their plight to Kamdev. Hearing this, Kamdev thought in his mind and laughed and said to the gods that I am not skilled in opposing with Shiva.

However, I will do your work because the Vedas call the benevolence of others the ultimate religion. The saint always praises him who gives up his body for the benefit of another.

Saying this and after giving everyone ahead, Cupid took the bow of his flower in his hand and went with the helpers. While walking, Kamdev think in my heart that my death is certain by opposing with Shiva.

Then he spread his influence and subdued the entire world. At the time when Kamadev, who had the flag of that fish symbol, was angry, at that time all the dignity of the Vedas was erased.

Brahmacharya, Niyam, many kinds of restraint, endurance, religion, knowledge, science, virtue, chanting, yoga, disinterest, etc. All the army of conscience ran away fearfully.

Vivek ran away with his assistants, his warriors turned back from the battlefield. At that time, all of them hid in the temples of the mountain of Sadgrantha (that is, knowledge, disinterest, restraint, rules, Sadacharadi remained written in the scriptures, their conduct was missed). There was chaos in the whole world (and everyone started saying) O Creator! What is going to happen now? Who will protect us? Who is the one with two heads, for which Rati’s husband Kamadeva has raised a bow and arrow in his hand?

In the world, all the non-living beings with male and female nouns, they all left their dignity and became in control of the work.

Everyone has a desire for work. Seeing the vines (vines), the branches of trees started bending. The rivers ran up and down towards the sea and the pools also started to converge.

When this condition of the root (tree, river, etc.) is said, then who can say the deeds of conscious beings? All the birds and birds (of their coincidence) that have wandered on the sky, water, and earth, have forgotten the time and are in control of the work.

All the people became distraught after becoming humble. Chakra and Chakvi do not watch day and night. Gods, demons, humans, eunuchs, snakes, ghosts, vampires, ghosts,betal.

Realizing that they are always slaves of work, I did not describe their condition. Siddha, Virakta, Mahamuni, and Mahan Yogi also became uninterested or against women due to work.

When Yogishwar and the ascetic were also subjugate, what would Palmer say about humans? Those who used to see all the grazing world as divine now started seeing it as feminine. Women began to see the whole world masculine and men started seeing her as feminine. For two hours, this Kautuk (spectacle) of Kamdev was creates inside the whole universe.

Nobody had patience in heart, Cupid took everyone’s mind. Only those who were save by Mr. Raghunathji survived.

It was such a spectacle for two hours until Kamadeva reached Shivji. Kamadev was scare after seeing Shiva, then the whole world became stable again.

Immediately all the creatures became happy, just as the drunk (drunk) people become happy when the item (intoxication) comes down. Duradharsha (who is very difficult to defeat) and inaccessible (those who are difficult to overcome) God (full of the six divine qualities as complete opulence, religion, fame, Shri, knowledge, and disinterest) Rudra (Mahabharikara) Kamadeva is frighten by seeing Shiva. Gone.

It seems ashamed to return and do nothing. After finally deciding to die in mind, he devised a solution. Immediately he revealed the beautiful Rituraja Vasant. The rows of bloated new trees became beautiful.

The forest-groves, baoli-ponds, and divisions of all directions became the most beautiful. As if love is overflowing everywhere, seeing that Cupid woke up in the dead minds.

Kamdev started waking up in the dead mind, the beauty of the forest cannot be said. The true friend of Kamarupi Agni, the cool-slow-fragrant wind started moving. Many lotuses blossomed in the lake, on which groups of beautiful eyebrows started humming. Flamingos, cuckoos, and parrots started speaking rasili and the apsaras started singing and dancing.

Kamadev, along with his army, lost crores of all kinds of arts (measures), but Shivji’s immovable mausoleum would not be lost. Then Cupid got angry.

Seeing a beautiful branch of the mango tree, Cupid, filled with anger in mind, climbed on it. He put his (five) arrows on the flower bow, and with extreme anger (towards the target) stared them to the ear.

Kamadev left sharp five arrows, which hit Shivji’s heart. Then his tomb broke and he woke up. There was a lot of anger in the mind of Ishwar (Shivji). He opened his eyes and looked everywhere.

When he saw Kamadev (hidden) in the mango leaves, he got very angry, which caused the three folks to tremble. Then Shivji opened the third eye, on seeing him, Kamadev was burnt to ashes.

There was a big cry in the world. The gods were afraid, the demons were happy. People started worrying after remembering Kamasukh and the seeker Yogi became dead.

Yogi became dead, and Rama, the woman of Cupid, became unconscious as soon as she heard this condition of her husband. She went to Shivji crying and screaming compassionately. With immense love, she begged in many ways and stood in front with folded hands. Seeing the soon-to-be please Shivji Abala (helpless woman), uttered beautiful (consoling) words.

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