Go to Sati’s Daksha Yagya

Go to Sati’s Daksha Yagya – Daksha called all the sages and they started a big sacrifice. The deity who received part of the yagna, Daksha invited them all with respect.

(Having received the invitation of Daksha) Kinnar, Naga, Siddha, Gandharva and all the gods walked with their respective women. All the gods, except Vishnu, Brahma and Mahadevji, decorated their respective planes and left.

Satiji saw, many different types of beautiful planes are going up in the sky, the god-beauties are singing melodious, listening to which the monks get noticed.

Satiji asked (the reason for the departure of the gods in the planes), then Shivji told everything. Sati was happy to hear of the father’s yagya and started thinking that if Mahadevji gives me orders, then I should go to the father’s house for a few days on the same pretext.

Shiva’s sacrifice of Sati, Shiva’s tomb

Because there was a lot of grief in her heart for her husband to leave, but considering her guilt, she would not say anything. After all, Satiji spoke to Manohar Vani, soaked in fear, hesitance and love.

Oh, Lord! My father’s house is a big celebration. If you are command, O mercy! I go to see him with respect

Shivji said- You said it well, even my mind liked it, but they did not send the invitation, it is unfair. Daksha has called all his girls, but they have forgotten you because of our hatred.

Once he was unhappy with us in the meeting of Brahma, he still insults us. Hey Bhavani! If you are called without calling, there will be neither modesty and affection nor dignity.

Although there is no doubt that the house of friends, masters, fathers and gurus should be called without calling, even if someone agrees, going to his house does not lead to welfare.

Shivji explained in many ways, but Sati did not realize in his heart. Then Shivji said that if called without calling, it will not be a good thing in our understanding.

Shivji saw it saying very kindly, but when Sati did not stop in any way, then Tripurari Mahadevji with his main ganas left him.

When Bhavani reached the father’s (Daksha’s) house, no one welcomed him due to Daksha’s fear, only one mother even met him with respect. Sisters got very smiling.

Daksha did not even ask some of his skills, on seeing Satiji, all his parts got burn. When Sati went and saw the yajna, there was no visible part of Shiva there.

Then he understood what Shivji had said. Sati’s heart burned as an insult to Swami. The previous (husband abandonment) sorrow did not spread as much in his heart as the great sorrow this time (due to husband humiliation).

Though there are many types of Darun miseries in the world, caste humiliation is the most difficult. Realizing this Satiji became very angry. Mother explained and extinguished him in many ways.

This is the story Go to Sati’s Daksha Yagya

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