Gods pray for marriage to Shiva, the Saptarshi go to Parvati

Gods pray for marriage to Shiva, the Saptarshi go to Parvati – Hey Shankar! There is such absolute enthusiasm in the minds of all the gods, O Nath! They want to see your marriage with their eyes.

O stealer of Cupid’s item! You should do something that makes everyone see this festival with an eye. O ocean of grace! The boon that you gave to Rati by devouring Kamdev, did very well.

Hey Nath! It is the instinctive nature of the best masters that they punish first and then bless them. Parvati has done immense penance, now accept her.

Hearing the prayer of Brahmaji and remembering the words of Lord Shri Ramchandraji, Shivji says happily – ‘Let it be so.’ Then the gods play drums and after showering flowers, ‘Hail! Jai Ho, the lord of the gods, started saying so.

Seeing the appropriate opportunity, Saptarshi came and Brahma ji immediately sent him to Himachal’s house. He first went to where Parvati was and spoke to him with deceptive sweet (humorous, pleasurable) words.

You did not listen to us at that time by Naradji’s sermon. Now your pledge has become false because Mahadevji has consuming the work itself.

Hearing this, Parvati ji smiled and said – O Scientist Muniver! You justified it. In your understanding, Shivji has burn Kamadeva now, till now he has remained disorderly (Kami)!

But from our understanding, Shivji has always been a yogi, unborn, indescribable, workless and without any pleasure, and if I have considered him like this, he has served him with love with mind, speech and deeds.

So hey Munishvaro! Listen, those gracious God will make my promise come true. What you said that Lord Shiva has consumed Kamdev, this is your great indiscretion.

Hey Tat It is the natural nature of fire that frost can never go near it and it will surely perish on its departure. Regarding Mahadevji and Kamdev, the same justice (thing) should be understood.

Hearing the words of Parvati and seeing her love and faith, Muni was very happy in her heart. He turned his head to Bhavani and went to Himachal.

Shri Ramji’s request for marriage with Shivji

He narrated everything to Parvatraj Himachal. Himachal was sadden to hear of Kamdev being consume. Then the sages speak of Rati’s boon, listening to him, Himwan felt great happiness.

Considering the influence of Shivji in mind, Himachal respectfully called the best sages and after asking them to research the auspicious day, auspicious constellation and the auspicious clock, they got the Ascendant determined according to the method of Veda.

Himachal then give the Lagnapatrika to the Saptaris and held his feet and begged them. So He went and gave the ascendant magazine to Brahma. There was no love in his heart while reading him.

Brahma read the lagna and narrated it to everyone, and listening to it, the whole community of all sages and deities was delights. Flowers started to rain from the sky, instruments starts ringing and Mars Kalash was decorates in ten directions.

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